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9:30 A.M., October 9, 2013
President's Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Akins, Bashaw, Cass, Castille, Cobler, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Ferguson, Lambert, Litton, Mehan, Niroomand, Olukoya, Rice, Smith, Tart, Thomas, and Walyuchow

Absent: Beran, Rutzen, and Salazar

Representatives: Val Walden, Administration & Finance; Elsa Leggett, Faculty Senate; and Charles Alcorn, University Advancement

I. Organization Business

Dr. Akins moved and Dean Tart seconded to approve the minutes of September 25 as written.

II. Business

A. President’s Report—Dr. Phil Castille

  • Spring Student Headcount and Formula Funding
  • Dr. Castille discussed the administration’s continuing concern for spring student headcount and the need to avoid the kind of big drop-off we had last January. He said due to the enrollment drop-off last spring, UHV fell below our state budgeted/funding levels.

    So far this fiscal year we are in good shape with increases this fall in enrollment and the total number semester credit hours. Because of our freshmen and sophomore residential students in Victoria, average student credit load is rising—a very positive trend for us. Dr. Castille encouraged everyone to work to attract new students into our new and existing programs for the spring. He also stressed that student retention is everyone’s job at every level—faculty and staff alike. A student retained at any level—freshman, upperclassman, grad student—is a student who will not have to be replaced through costly additional student recruitment efforts.

    Dr. Castille reminded everyone that funds for a merit and equity 3% raise pool for FY 14 have been set aside in a “lockbox”—that is, in a contingency fund. UHV hopes to release these funds and initiate the merit-raise process in late January 2014, pending a due-diligence review by the Budget Committee of official enrollment figures for the coming spring semester and a determination of budget viability for the remainder of the fiscal year. Current-year cuts to carry- forward budgets and overfunded costs centers have aided this process and improved our budget health substantially.

  • Progress Card
    Dr. Castille announced that the Chancellor’s 2012-13 Progress Card for UHV has been received from the System. Based on our fall figures, UHV is in a very good position, with increases in enrollment, enrollment of minority students and first-generation college students, percentage of online credits, and total number of degrees awarded.

  • Other areas show a need for improvement, including freshman retention and transfer-student retention, percentage of graduates in “critical fields,” and overall percentage of graduate students. Since the baseline year of the Progress Card dates back to 2007-08, some categories are skewed due to downward expansion in 2010. But overall, it’s clear that state appropriations have fallen since the baseline year while student enrollment has risen. The primary conclusion to be drawn is that we are being asked to do more with less in order to be successful in driving the state’s formula-funding process.

  • Faculty Senate Resolution on Academic Technology Support
  • Dr. Castille announced he had received the Faculty Senate resolution on technology services, and the Budget Committee agreed to shift additional dollars through out-of-cycle funding increases to address immediate needs. An initial installment will be made in the range of $150,000 to $175,000 to address priority concerns in IT. Overall cost to address all concerns may range up to $400,000, so the Budget Committee will have to address these costs in stages. He thanked everyone for working collaborative on this Shared Governance issue.

    B. Academic Affairs Updates—Dr. Jeff Cass

  • Houston Community College-Katy
  • Dr. Cass said current plans are to move the School of Education & Human Development from Cinco Ranch to HCC-Katy in January. The other schools will be moved over the next year to this location. He said the IT services will be share with HCC-Katy. UHV signage will be added at the west entrance. Dr. Cass said HCC-Katy has been very gracious in proving space for us.

    Dr. Castille requested that deans make sure their advisors know about the reverse articulation with HCC-Katy.

  • SACS Accreditation
  • Dr. Cass said the SACS QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) is ready and will be sent out for review to the campus. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled to discuss any and all feedback.

  • Lone Star College at The Woodlands
  • Dr. Cass announced he is scheduled to meet at the Lone Star College at The Woodlands where the Master’s of Nursing track, not the entire program, will be discussed.

  • Provost’s Lecture Series
  • Dr. Cass invited everyone to attend the third Provost’s Lecture Series at the Victoria Fine Arts Center on October 13th to preview Texas Before the Alamo, a film about the founding of Texas and the Spanish who established the area. This documentary has been picked up by PBS and will be distributed next year. Free shuttle service will be provided to and from the event for the dorm students.

    C. Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert

    Dr. Lambert said he had no updates to report.

    D. Enrollment Updates—Dr. Denee Thomas

  • Registration/Applications
  • Dr. Thomas said registration opens November 18th for the spring and summer.

    o Spring Applications

    -Arts & Sciences, 198 received/63 accepted
    -Business Administration, 258 received/96 accepted
    -Education & Human Development, 65 received/28 accepted
    -Nursing, 122 received/2 accepted

    o Summer Applications

    -Arts & Sciences, 4 received/1 accepted
    -Business Administration, 4 received/1 accepted
    -Education & Human Development, 4 received/0 accepted
    -Nursing, 2 received/0 accepted

    o Fall Applications

    -Arts & Sciences, 239 received/32 accepted
    -Business Administration, 75 received/13 accepted
    -Education & Human Development, 42 received/6 accepted
    -Nursing, 0 received/0 accepted

    Dr. Thomas said a total of 356 applications have been received for the fall. Of that, 345 of the applications are for freshmen. Of the freshman applicants, with 51 have already been accepted, compared to 300 applications and 13 accepted last year at this time.

    E. University Advancement Updates—Dr. Charles Alcorn

    In Mr. Rutzen’s absence, Dr. Alcorn updated Cabinet members by saying the total new commitments to date, a mere six weeks into the year, are at $749,000. He thanked all four Deans of the respective UHV Schools for their tireless efforts in fundraising, donor cultivation, and stewardship.

  • Announcements
  • o UHV’s School of Business Administration received a $600,000 donation from prominent Chinese businessman Bingxin Wu and his wife, Shuqin Feng to establish a center for international business education. Dr. Alcorn congratulated SBA Dean Farhang Niroomand and SBA Professor Jifu Wang for cultivating the relationship over the course of three years culminating in the second-largest gift ever made to UHV by an individual.

    o UHV received a first-time gift from the Robinson Foundation of $45,500 to begin work on an outdoor track/exercise pavilion behind Jaguar Village. UHV PRAB member and Robinson Foundation Board Chair John Shutt was instrumental in moving this grant forward. Special thanks go to Dr. Margaret Rice for initiating the contact with Mr. Shutt, UHV Grants Coordinator Tracey Moore-Sweeney for her excellent deadline work on the grant proposal, and UHV Facilities Director Kevin Myers for providing wonderful presentation materials and estimates for the board meeting.

    o UHV has received $30,000 from the One for All & All for One campaign from faculty and staff. Overall participation is running ahead of 2011's record pace.

    o The first UHV Annual Giving solicitation letter to UHV Alumni and Friends of the University, mailed on September 13th, has produced close to $10,000 in donations to date. The second of four Annual Giving FY 2013-14 mailings is scheduled to drop October 28th.

    o University Advancement is working with Communications & Marketing to identify the
    2013 Community Partner of the Year and Alumni of the Year for the November 12 Annual
    Report dinner as well as generating guest lists for the event.

    Dr. Alcorn closed by saying that it is great to work with Greg Rutzen, UHV's new Associate Vice-President of University Advancement. He added that Mr. Rutzen is clearly a seasoned Advancement professional who is hard at work instituting "best practices" for the UHV OUA office. Dr. Alcorn ended by commenting that Greg has been well received in the community and quickly establishing his civic identity as UHV's first Chief Advancement Officer since UH System Vice-Chancellor Richard "Dick" Phillips held the position from 2006-2010.

    Dr. Castille thanked Dean Farhang Niroomand and Dr. Jifu Wang for their hard work in soliciting the $600,000 donation from Chairman Wu, the largest the School of Business Administration has ever received. He also thanked Greg Rutzen and Charles Alcorn of the Office of University Advancement, which already has logged in $750,000 in external funding in the new fiscal year and may be on a pace to break last year’s record of $1.8 million in external funding.

    F. Other Items

    Ms. Cobler reminded Cabinet members of the October 19 Victoria Symphony concert event featuring Ji, a 22-year old Korean pianist. UHV and The Victoria Symphony are celebrating their 40th anniversaries by collaborating on this event. Free tickets are available at the University Center kiosk and shuttle service to and from the dorms for this event will be furnished. Dr. Castille said this is a great opportunity for our first-year students to experience a top cultural event in Victoria.

    Dean Litton announced one of UHV’s master’s degree students in the School of Education & Human Development (SoEHD) has been selected to attend the SACS Conference as an intern winner. There will be only be 6 intern student winners, and our student is one of only 2 masters’ students. The education certification reports for state and federal levels for UHV’s SoEHD for FY 2012-13 pass rate at 90%.

    Dean Tart had wonderful responses to the School of Nursing “Coffee with the Dean.” Attendees included colleagues that were interested in becoming UHV students, current students that brought friends, and alumni. The SoN Fall Forum is scheduled for the evening of November 22nd in Sugar Land. The topic will be on “Implications on Nursing Practice with the Affordable Care Act,” followed by the Phi Chi Nursing honor society induction.

    Dean Di Leo discussed the need of larger classrooms due to student enrollment growth. It has become very difficult for Arts & Sciences to find classrooms to meet the class size needs. UHV received a huge boom with the equipment investment received from TimeGate, which is allowing us to set up a motion capture studio on the Victoria campus.

    Dean Niroomand said the guest speaker for the September 25th Willis Group Distinguished Speaker Series was Jim McIngvale. Mr. McIngvale’s presentation was superb and well attended by a crowd of 180 plus. The School of Business Administration’s Awards Banquet took place on October 3rd where the school’s best students were recognized for winning the Case Competition during the MBA and BBA Conferences, and those who were inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma honorary society. The winners of the Bloomberg Teaching and Research Awards were announced and the $2,000 and $2,500 checks were awarded respectively. Three faculty members were named as the 2014 Partnership Professors at the event. Dean Niroomand announced that the School’s Dean Advisory Council has been established, consisting of business executives from greater Houston area and Victoria.

    Mr. Walyuchow announced that UHV’s men and women’s golf teams have won tournaments. He encourage everyone to attend the October 5th Jaguar’s Senior Day soccer games. The October 20th games will have pink uniforms in support of breast cancer awareness.

    Dr. Leggett, representing Dr. Salazar, said she appreciated the quick response on the IT issues. She announced Denise Neill and she will be going to Austin in the next few weeks for a Faculty Senate meeting.

    Mr. Bashaw said the next Staff Council meeting scheduled for October 10th will once again be using Adobe Connect for those staff members that cannot make the meeting in person.

    Mr. Olukoya said the Student Government officers had just returned from the American Student Government Conference. While at the conference, Student Government was able to meet MTVU which is the largest and most comprehensive media network just for college students. They are working with them to try to get them to UHV. The Student Government is also working on a bike program with Rugged Bikes, who is also working with the City of Victoria on a bike program. Since the cafeteria is closed over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, a food pantry for all students, not just those in the dorms, is being developed.

    Dr. Dahlstrom said that due to a power outage caused by a blown transformer, the Library had limited lighting and computer service so it was closed at 7:30 p.m. Also, the starter motor for the third-floor an air handler burned out and has to be replaced. Dr. Dahlstrom thanked Dr. Castille for his participation in the Banned Books Read Out.

    Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

    Submitted by: Kathy Walton