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President's Office

9:30 A.M., May 8, 2013
President’s Conference Room

Members Present: Beran, Cass, Castille, Cobler, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Ferguson, Lambert, Litton, Mehan, Neill, Niroomand, Rice, Smith, Tart, Thomas, Walyuchow, and West

Absent: Lagal

Representatives: Harry Bashaw, Staff Council and Natalia Ruiz, University Advancement

Guest: Angela Hartmann

I. Organization Business

--Mr. Ferguson moved and Dean Niroomand seconded to approve the minutes of April 24, as circulated.

II. Business

A. Commencement—Dr. Margaret Rice

Dr. Rice was asked to bring everyone up-to-date on the upcoming Spring Commencement. She said there will be two ceremonies--the 9:00 a.m. ceremony will be for the Schools of Arts & Sciences and Education & Human Development, and the 1:00 p.m. will be for School of Business Administration and Nursing. A reception will follow each ceremony at the University Center, Multi-Purpose Room. Each school will have someone at the reception early to welcome guests. Following the 1:00 p.m. ceremony the School of Nursing will host their Pinning Ceremony, followed by a reception.

Dr. Castille asked the deans encourage their faculty to attend graduation receptions and the commencement itself. He also thanked Ms. Cobler and Dr. Rice for getting Mr. Ernie Zuniga, a UHV alumnus and co-host of the Fox 29 San Antonio morning news show as our guest speaker for the Spring Commencement. UHS Board of Regents Chair Nelda L. Blair will represent the System at both the morning and afternoon ceremonies, for which we are grateful.

B. HSI (Hispanic-Service Institutions)—Angela Hartmann

Ms. Hartmann, UHV’s Research Administrator, informed Cabinet members that UHV received a letter last month from the US Department of Education Office of Postsecondary Education designating UHV as a HSI institution making us eligible for Title III and Title V funding.

  • Title V (or Hispanic Serving Institutions)
    Title V institutions have to have enrollment of undergraduate full-time equivalent students of at least 25% Hispanic, not less than 50% of its Hispanic students are low-income individuals, and have low education and general expenditures. This program will provide grants to assist HSI institutions to expand educational opportunities for, and improve the attainment of, Hispanic students. And it allows HSIs to expand and enhance their academic offerings, program quality, and institutional stability. Title V funding may be used for scientific or laboratory equipment for teaching; construction or renovation of instructional facilities; faculty development; purchase of educational materials; academic tutoring or counseling programs; distance learning academic instruction; teacher education; and student support services.
  • Title III (or Strengthening Institutions Programs)
    Title III institutions have to have at least 50% of degree students receiving a need-based assistance under Title IV of the Higher Education Act, or have a substantial number of enrolled students receiving Pell Grants, and have low education and general expenditures. Title III funding provides help to institutions of higher education to become self-sufficient and expand their capacity to serve low income students by providing funds to improve and strengthen the academic quality, institutional management, and fiscal stability of eligible institutions. Title III funds supports planning; faculty development; establishing endowment funds; administrative management; the development and improvement of academic programs. Other projects supported by Title III funding includes joint use of instructional facilities, construction, and maintenance; student service programs designed to improve academic success, including innovative, customized, instruction courses designed to help retain students, and move the students rapidly into core courses and through program completion, which may include remedial education and English language instruction.

C. President’s Report—Dr. Phil Castille

  • Enrollment Dr. Castille said that since downward expansion UHV’s Hispanic enrollment is up by about two-thirds, with African American student enrollment up by 50%. The University of Houston System (UHS) is the first higher education system in Texas in which all member institutions are also HSIs.
  • HSI
    Dr. Castille said UHV will be sending representatives, Upphinder Mehan and Macarena Hernandez, to the Texas Hispanic Serving Institutions Consortium Spring Conference at Texas A&M-Kingsville later this month.
  • NCBO (Non-Course Competency-Based Options)
    Dr. Castille said at The Higher Education Coordinating Board meeting last week there was a committee report that discussed evolving options for developmental learning, including NCBOs. This “modularized” intervention program became eligible for formula funding in fall 2010. The state will reimburse universities for modularized assistance for students who are close to the TSI cutoff score so that they can be “mainstreamed” into regular credit-bearing freshman classes. Provost Cass and Dean Di Leo are working on this to allow UHV to admit TSI-incomplete students who are within a narrow range below the cutoff scores, as defined by the THECB.
  • Board of Regents Meeting
    Dr. Castille stated UHV has several items on the upcoming BOR agenda for next week—
    --Approval of Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Degree;
    --Approval of the Master of Science in Biomedical Science a PSM degree (Professional Science Degree);
    --Approval to purchase land and associated improvements for the Casa Del Rio Apartments;
    --Approval to purchase land and associated improvement for the Arlington Apartments; and
    --Approval to purchase and renovation of land and associated improvements for the former Regency Inn Hotel (currently Jaguar Court).

    Dr. Castille said Dr. Carl Carlucci’s and Mr. Beran’s offices have taken the lead on these issues, and UHV has received very effective assistance from UH System on these real estate initiatives in support of our Master Plan.
  • UHS Interim Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
    Dr. Castille thanked everyone who took part in the visit of Dr. Paula Short, Interim Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, last week. Dr. Castille and Dr. Cass have made two trips to Houston to participate in the interview process to find her replacement. The candidate pool started out with four candidates. The two candidates remaining in the pool, Dr. Henry “Hank” Foley, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School at Pennsylvania State University and Dr. Jorge Haddock, Dean of the School of Management, at George Mason University.
  • Victoria Symphony Society
    Dr. Castille announced that the Victoria Symphony is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year as well as UHV. UHV will jointly sponsor a 40th Anniversary symphony performance in October--ticket information will be forthcoming.
  • Posters and Signs
    All UHV marketing materials (including student/faculty/staff flyers, posters, etc.) must be approved by the UHV Marketing/Communication office. All student posters, flyers, etc. also require a “stamped” approval from the Student Affairs department before being posted. There is a UHV policy (UHV Administrative Policies and Procedure Manual, A-42) that should be shared with all faculty and others. This policy will be brought back to Cabinet in the summer for review. Dr. Castille said that he wants Victoria policy to be consistent with policies that we follow at UHSL, where there are multiple institutions present, and all materials must be reviewed and approved by UHV Marketing/Communications. There should be a single review and approval process, whether materials are distributed in Fort Bend County or in Victoria.
  • Two for One Special
    In hopes to improve retention and boost summer enrollment, UHV is offering a “Two for One” special for the summer. Clarification of this offer was discussed. The offer is available for all undergraduates who take at least one freshman- or sophomore-level class face to face. The Two for One Special can be used to cover the CORE (1000 and 2000 level) courses needed by all students, even if they are seniors or juniors.

D. Academic Affairs Update—Dr. Jeff Cass

  • Two + Two Agreements
    Dr. Cass said the 2+2 agreement contracts are moving along. He said he has been working with Dr. Pat Vandervoort, Vice President of Instruction Administration at VC. The ZUST agreement with a China university was returned and will need a few changes.
  • Strategic Plan
    Dr. Cass said Dr. Rice had emailed the draft Strategic Plan for review. He indicated the plan needed some benchmarks and for everyone to look at this document as a guiding document. He said for everyone to feel free to provide positive input.

E. Enrollment Updates—Dr. Denee Thomas

  • Enrollment/Applications
    Dr. Thomas reported that summer numbers are only slightly down from the same date as last year, with fall numbers being up. The summer and fall enrollments of previous freshmen cohorts are going up due to efforts of advisors contacts. For fall, at least 50% of the remaining students in the first freshmen cohorts have enrolled. To date, we have received 2,934 freshman applications for fall, with 1,436 having been accepted.

    A comparison of freshmen applications completed, same date:
    --in fall 2011 there were 38.4%
    --in fall 2012 there were 52%
    --in fall 2013 there were 56.6%
  • Two for One Special
    Dr. Thomas reported that the Two for One Special has been going out on social media. She said she and others are working to assure that UHV is using social media effectively.

    Dr. Cass thanked Dr. Thomas for all her hard work in keeping the Student Affairs office moving forward following the departure of the former Associate Vice President.

F. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

  • Tuition & Fees
    Mr. Beran announced UHV’s Student Fees Advisory Committee met and provided input to Dr. Castille. There was also a Public Hearing on Tuition and Fees on May 9 with nothing negative brought forward. The recommendations for UHV to be taken to the Board of Regents for approval will be an increase of $140 per semester in tuition and fees for undergraduate students (based on 15 semester credit hours per semester) and a 4.99% increase tuition and fees for graduate students (based on 9 semester credit hours per semester).
  • Child Care
    Mr. Beran announced he would be meeting with the YMCA to talk about child care. He said this is a positive initiative by their new director; the YMCA really wants to start a self-sustaining child care facility. UHV needs to partner with someone in this type of facility that would allow all faculty, staff, and students to use. The YMCA program would set their fees and UHV would be allowed to buy down the cost. They are also working with Victoria College on this initiative.
  • Information
    --The Facilities Department has moved to their new facilities in the old Kresta Boat location;
    --The Athletics Department is getting ready to move to the old Facilities site;
    --Thanks to a grant, a new $70,000 Athletics Training Facility for sports medicine and equipment will be located in the Totah Building; and
    --A new larger shuttle bus is ready to be wrapped.
  • Application Fees
    When asked about whether UHV is still visiting about whether to charge a fee for student applications, Mr. Beran and others briefly discussed. The pro side of the conversation was that it would allow UHV to be more focused on those students that are actually interested in coming to UHV; the con side of the conversation was that it could possibly cause a problem for the lower income families. It was decided that was a fragile process and more information was needed on the topic.

G. Other Items

Mr. Walyuchow said the Athletic Department has had a busy couple of weeks. Following the championship games held in Victoria, UHV’s softball team will be traveling to Lubbock to play in the NAIA Championship Opening Round. Vance Edwards won the Association of Independent Institutions Conference Men’s Championships’ individual medalist honor and is the first UHV golfer to earn a berth to the NAIA National Men’s Golf Championship to be held in Salem, Oregon. Mr. Walyuchow announced 450 student athletes and coaches were in town for the Association of Independent Institutions Conference Championship games. He said it was a resounding success and UHV has been asked to host the event again next year. He said UHV Athletic program has received excellent news exposure with three front page new stories and that he had received positive feedback. Mr. Walyuchow announced UHV junior Marley Moehrig and sophomore Vance Edwards were name the 2013 UHV Athletes of the Year during the annual UHV Jaguars athlete awards banquet. Since UHV has never had a student life activity, the Athletic program has been the glue that has supported downward expansion and has been a tremendous benefit to UHV. Our athletes are UHV ambassadors and are active in our community.

Dr. Castille said Mr. Walyuchow has done a great job since 2010 in ensuring that the Athletics Department plays a major role in downward expansion. Dr. Castille is hoping to name an assistant athletic director this summer.

Dean Niroomand said the past two Saturday’s we have had our BBA Conference (on April 27th) and Our MBA Conference (on May 4th) at Sugar Land where about 180 students participated in the Case competitions. We had luncheons and keynote speakers for both events. Recruiters attended both events to interview our graduating students.

Dean Di Leo said CentroVictoria made national news when the Los Angeles Times featured our Huizache magazine. A LA Times book editor interviewed Dr. Dagoberto Gilb, CentroVictoria’s executive director and founding editor, about the significance of the magazine. Dean Di Leo said UHV will host a Chinese delegation from the ZUST University in mid-June.

Dr. Castille said it has been another terrific year for the American Book Review Speakers’ Series; they are one of UHV’s most effective outreach links to the community. Dr. Castille also commended Dr. Cass and Dr. Mehan for their work in launching the Provost’s Speaker’s Series, which potentially can widen our appeal to audiences in Victoria.

Dean Litton said the new graduate-level degree Autism Spectrum Disorder concentration is expected to bring in new students and is part of the Master of Education in special education degree. This new program is also available for nondegree-seeking students looking for professional or personal development. The School of Education & Human Development is also working on 9-hour professional coaching credential that fits into higher education. He believes this will bring in new students that we normally wouldn’t have.

Dean Tart said she would like to wish all nurses a happy Nurses Week; today being Student Nurses Day. She said SoN hosted their Sixth Annual Spring Nursing Forum on May 3. The Houston Chronicle for the fifth-year in a row has awarded a UHV nursing student, Faizmeen Pirali, with a Salute to Nurses Scholarship. Dean Tart reported the students and faculty participated in a Drug Take Back Day. On May 7, the SoN honored their first graduates from The Woodlands with a campus luncheon. Dean Tart concluded by saying she had receive a phone call from the Victoria Chamber of Commerce offering Victoria Health-O-Rama scholarships to UHV nursing students.

Dr. Neill said the Faculty Senate is winding the year down. She said they are looking at the constitution and bylaws and have tried to update everything. She said elections are ongoing.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton