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9:30 A.M., June 13, 2012
President's Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Beran, Cass, Castille, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Mundy, Nelson, Niroomand, Norgard, Rice, Smith, and Walyuchow

Absent: Akins, Bergstrom, Prince, and Tart

Guests: Lindsey Koch and Denee Thomas

Marketing Representative: Paula Cobler

School of Education & Human Development Representative: Jane Fry

School of Nursing & Faculty Senate Representative: Denise Neill

I. Organizational Business

-- Mr. Walyuchow moved and Ms. Norgard seconded to approve the minutes of May 23, 2012 as circulated.

II. Business

A. President’s Report — Dr. Phil Castille

--Dr. Castille said documents brought to Cabinet for approval need to have been reviewed and discussed prior to the meeting

Passport Day

--Dr. Castille reminded everyone that this is a count year and that there is a Passport Day scheduled for tomorrow. Summer enrollments count toward our new academic year total.

--Dr. Castille asked Denee Thomas, Senior Director Enrollment Management, to give an update on tomorrow’s Passport Day. Dr. Thomas said tomorrow is an important day with 130 prospective students scheduled to visit UHV. Passport Days consist of 3 3-hour sessions during the course of the day. Students check in, listen to introductory comments, and advising sessions. From there they go upstairs to the computer labs to register for classes, hear presentations from Financial Aid, Bursar, and Housing & Student Life. There is also a parent orientation to assist the parents. There are additional Passport Days scheduled for July 20 and August 10. Dr. Thomas said recruiters have had good success in contacting students now that school is out.

--Ms. Norgard said it has been a collaborative effort and she thanked the advisors for their assistance.

--Dr. Castille said it’s everyone’s job to work on enrollment growth. He said freshman admission/enrollment is still a work in progress. Although much has been done, UHV still needs to learn to do things better in registering first-time freshmen. The June 14 Passport Day is another learning opportunity for us. He will be present in the morning to address the first group of students. After this Passport Day ends, he wants Dr Cass to debrief with everyone about plusses and minuses. We will look toward making additional improvement for the July 20 Passport Day and beyond. We need continuous improvement to get better in all areas of downward expansion.

--Dr. Cass said the best type of advertisement is word of mouth. We all need to pitch in and to assist with our guests. Customer service is important. We want these students and their parents to go back home and tell others about how much the enjoyed Passport Day.

--Mr. Beran said this is not only a count year but also we are going to use this enrollment for drive facilities expansion for the next 10 years. In order to grow the campus, we have to keep growing enrollment. Our legislative package will be wrapped around downward expansion and the need to meet student enrollment needs.

--Dr. Castille said Dr. Cass is working on a program growth spreadsheet for all our programs, and some programs we would like to offer in the future. He will be bringing this to Cabinet for review in the future.

--Dr. Thomas said Student Affairs recruitment effort is not just for growth, but for continued growth, and retention is crucial to future growth. We need to have a student-success facility for our students to have support, mentoring, student life, and supplemental instruction.

--Mr. Beran said a company out of Georgia will be installing a swimming pool at Jag Hall, and it will be ready by August. Every room in Jaguar Courts will have flat screen TVs. All hands on deck for enrollment growth and utilization of residence hall capacity.

News Conference

--Dr. Castille said UHV received good coverage concerning the UHV news conference from Channel 25 and there was a good article in the Victoria Advocate. At the news conference, it was announced that the UHV Jaguars will host the all-NAIA Claud Jacobs/Victoria Country Club Collegiate Invitational Golf Tournament which in the past has been solely a women’s collegiate tournament. The event will now include both a men’s and women’s division. It will also utilize two of Victoria’s three golf courses. The men’s tournament will be played at Victoria Country Club, while the women’s event will move to The Club at Colony Creek. This year’s tournament is schedule for February 16-18, 2013. It is expected to attract more than 30 top men's and women's teams from throughout the US and from Canada as well. For many teams in cold-weather climes, this will be their first tournament of the year, and they will be bringing family, guests and friends with them to Victoria for this inaugural event.

RN to BSN Programs in The Woodlands

--The UHV School of Nursing is now offering their Registered Nurse to BSN program in The Woodlands. Dr. Denise Neill is the RN to BSN program director. To date there are 21 students registered to start the new program in the Woodlands at Lone Star College University Center in Montgomery. An agreement has been developed that allows any Lone Star student achieving an Associate Degree in Nursing to automatically be admitted to UHV’s RN to BSN program. Dr. Castille said the news release on this new program by Paula Cobler and Jeremy Shapiro was very good.


--UHV now has signage at both Riverside Stadium and the Skeeters’ field in Sugar Land. UHV will host the Texas Collegiate League All Star Game on July 9. "UHV Night at the Generals" will be Thursday, July 12 — free tickets will be offered to UHV faculty, staff, and students as part of this promotion.

B. Academic Affairs — Dr. Jeff Cass

Dr. Cass reported UHV will be adding some courses in Katy in business, education and arts & sciences, such as computer science, criminal justice, psychology, and biology. Thanks to Student Affairs, UHV now has continuous enrollment and is looking at ways to enhance our enrollment standards. Online summer freshmen courses are being added for the first time ever. Dr. Cass has requested an 8-year plan for adding programs and projection numbers for immediate program additions for the fall that may lead to certificate programs, and then enroll them in a masters’ program. Dr. Cass said basically UHV does not have a long-term strategic plan and that he and Dr. Rice will be working on this. He reported that Dr. Castille, Mr. Beran, Dr. Fox Dr. Neill, and he attended the SACS training in Georgia. Dr. Rice is now located in the Academic Affairs office and will be helping Dr. Fox with the compliance portion of SACS.

C. Facilities & Finance Updates — Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran reported that Jaguar Court will be completed by August 1st. The stairs are being redone and the laundry room has been completed. UHV will be seeking approval on June 21st in Austin for the Regional Economic Development building. Remodeling of Brazos Hall will start on Monday in Sugar Land. Before a purchase offer can be made for the 2 apartments across from campus, UHV must get 2 appraisals. The sophomore housing project will be ready for occupancy by next July. Mr. Beran said he is working on closing the budget, and then will work on the Legislative Appropriation Request which is due to the Legislative Budget Board in August. Since UHV has received approval from the Board of Regents for the Kresta Boats and Motors building and property on Ben Wilson, it is now headed to the Coordinating Board for their approval.

D. Enrollment — Chari Norgard

Ms. Norgard announced that the registrar continues to send out enrollment information and is sending daily reports to Dr. Cass. This year’s summer headcount is 2,337 compared to 2,281 at this time last year. Semester Credit Hours (SCH) are 14,381 compared to 14,428 last year. The current fall headcount is 2,284 with SCH at 20,492. Ms. Norgard said the 400+ students who are TSI incomplete in math have been mailed a letter and have been contacted by phone to let them know about Jaguar Prep. Currently we have approximately 15 students who may be interested. A second round of calling is proceeding. Ms. Norgard said that summer school is just not in a lot of the students’ plans, but feels that summer II may be doable, Summer I is a little more difficult. UHV needs to start in the fall working on next summer. She reported we need to start thinking about the Summer Bridge program and review the financial aid piece since many of our students have difficulty affording college, especially summer school.

E. Other Items

Dean Di Leo said Bev Lowry has accepted the Writer-In-Residence position. There are 5 writers in the fall American Book Review (ABR) lineup. Dean Di Leo said he feels the ABR events feeds in goodwill for the university. Dean Di Leo said the Google Campaign since June 1st has received 834 clicks of inquiry, of which 224 were for the Publishing program and 129 on the MA in Computer Systems. Dean Di Leo thanked Dr. and Mrs. Castille for hosting 2 receptions for the BACH Festival. This is one of UHV’s major vehicles to bring people into their home that other events have not. He closed by saying there is a possible music program in the works.

Dr. Dahlstrom passed out a review on the UH-Sugar Land library services. He reported everything is going well but the review shows that people are requesting the library to be open more. He feels students are really looking for a place to study and to use the copy machine and computers. A brief discussion followed on possible areas of the library for this use but concluded Mr. Dick Phillips is in charge of this campus. A meeting will be arranged to discuss the hours open for the Sugar Land library.

Dr. Neill reported there will be 12 students on campus tomorrow from Pecan Valley for a summer camp in the Simulator Lab. Dr. Neill also thanked Dr. Cass for his assistance in working with the new School of Nursing in The Woodlands. He personally called students who were having difficulty with enrollment and assured them UHV will do what is needed to assist them in the new program.

Dean Niroomand discussed the potential for an agreement with the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission in recruiting Saudi Arabian students who will receive scholarship from their government. Dean Niroomand said UHV already has studies abroad programs in Taiwan and that we can use and build on these study abroad/international programs as a marketing tool for recruiting new students.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton

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