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9:30 A.M., August 22, 2012
President’s Conference Room

Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Akins, Beran, Cass, Castille, Cobler, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Lagal, Litton, Mehan, Mundy, Norgard, Rice, Smith, Tart, Walyuchow, and West

Absent: Niroomand

School Representative: Jane Mims, School of Business Administration

Visitor: Dr. Denee Thomas

I. Organization Business

--Dean Tart moved and Ms. West seconded to approve the minutes of August 8, 2012 as written.

II. Business

A. President’s Report–Dr. Phil Castille

Deans Meeting

Dr. Castille reported that he, Dr. Cass, and the academic deans met in Sugar Land for the August 21st Deans meeting at the UHSL campus. They felt the meeting was very productive and this also provided an opportunity to tour the buildings at UHSL and also tour the Houston Community College Katy Campus.

Dean Di Leo expressed his appreciation for the president attending this meeting.

Dean Tart said Dr. Castille’s presence at the UHSL campus means a lot to faculty members.

There was a discussion on the internal renovations and signage needed to assist students and guests to the buildings.

Houston Community College (HCC) Meeting

Following the Deans meeting, Dr. Castille, Dr. Cass and the academic deans went to HCC-Katy campus and met with Dr. Zac Hodges, HCC President. Dr. Castille said Dr. Hodges welcomed them and challenged the deans to come up with programs that HCC students want and need. He is willing to offer ITV classes but wants face-to-face classes in Katy. He offered office space for advising, offices, financial aid, etc.

Ms. Mims brought to everyone’s attention that international students with F-1 status cannot take classes there yet, adjudication will be submitted.

B. Academic Affairs Updates–Dr. Jeff Cass


Dr. Cass announced freshmen enrollment crossed the 300 threshold, and UHV might hit 600 onsite students. There are 35 beds remaining to be filled to completely fill up both dorms. There are 13 Victoria College students currently staying in the dorm and 5 VISD teachers that are temporarily residing in the dorm.

Ms. Norgard said huge thanks should go to Dr. Thomas, her staff and the remote and local recruiters for a fantastic job in recruiting freshmen.

Dr. Thomas thanked the administration for their support and staff’s assistance.

“Zapping” of Students

There was a brief discussion on the “zapping” of students–when they are “zapped” and when to begin late registration. Everyone was reminded there are state laws that must be followed concerning this.

Provost Agenda Item

Dr. Cass said he will address the issue of there not being a mobile apt for UHS and seek approval for each campus to post their own mobile apt. There is a need for an app for registration.


--The UHV School of Nursing received a generous grant of $300,000 from the Robert Wood Johnson Grant. This grant will provide national exposure for the university since they were the only nursing program in the state of Texas to receive this award.

--Interviews continue this week for the Associate Director of Alumni Relations.

--The search for the Associate Director of Assessment, that will assist Dr. Jill Fox, will commence shortly.

C. Enrollment Updates–Chari Norgard

Enrollment Figures

--4,295 (97.9% of budgeted headcount) compared to this time last year 4,200

--1,647 graduate headcount --2,648 undergraduate headcount --37,888 (103.9% of budgeted semester credit hours), last year 36,554
--10,171 graduate SCH --27,717 undergraduate SCH


--1,023 new--313 graduate
--32 post-baccalaureate
--3,272 returning/former students
--95 returning freshmen in 2011, compared to 56 in 2010

There was a discussion on possible reasons graduate enrollment was down a little this semester those noted were the economy, the recruiting of freshmen vs. graduate students, and the need for more offerings–conclusion, it could be multiple factors.

Jaguar Journey

Ms. Norgard concluded by reminding everyone of the Jaguar Journey orientation scheduled for all students for August 24-26. On Sunday, there will be a Hot Topics violence awareness presentation at the Victoria Fine Arts Center at 3:00 p.m. One of the presenters has given permission for the presentation to be videotaped and included in the online training that is being developed for our online students and for those students who cannot attend this important presentation.

D. Facilities & Finance Updates–Wayne Beran

Campus Security

Thanks to the Department of Justice (DOJ) grant, a sworn peace officer has been partially funded. The UHS Chief of Police is willing to provide a police officer with the rank of sergeant here at UHV. When questioned about the need for our own police force, Mr. Beran said UHV will need to establish their own security force when enrollment gets to around 4-5,000 students.

Tuition Revenue Bonds (TRBs)

The System office requested that each campus pick their top 2 items in their TRBs. UHV did not feel their request for $88M, mainly for downward expansion, could be divided–ours is a cohesive 1 piece that cannot stand alone. The chancellor has given her approval for UHV’s TRBs to go forward as 1 piece, now it will go to the Legislative Budget Board.

E. Other Items

Mr. Walyuchow encouraged everyone to attend the soccer picnic at the Cage on Saturday. The Jaguar mascot, jaX, will make its first appearance at the half-time of the Men’s Game. The game times are Women at 4:00 p.m. and Men at 6:00 p.m. Currently UHV’s Women’s soccer team is 3rd in conference with the Men’s team in 5th.

Ms. Mundy reminded everyone of the upcoming convocation on 8/30/12.

Dr. Castille said convocation will kick off UHV’s 40th Anniversary, with Chancellor Khator in attendance. August 30th will start with convocation, where lunch will be served and anniversary T-shirts given away, followed by a “Called” Cabinet meeting, and a ground breaking for Jaguar Suites. Dr. Castille requested we have a good attendance. He said his President’s Update letter will go out this week.

Dean Di Leo thanked the School of Arts & Sciences’ faculty and staff members for accommodating the many needs of our students. Arts & Sciences has the largest individual class sizes in its history as well as the most students and semester credit hours ever. Faculty and staff are taking on more than ever--and their efforts are appreciated. He also expressed his appreciation for Carolyn Fritz’s help in finding classrooms to meet our growing enrollment.

Dr. Mehan requested help, on the behalf of Dr. Akins, for next Friday, August 31st, 4-7:00 p.m. with the Community of Readers. All freshmen seminar are going to attend. Volunteer staff will be able to claim comp time.

Dr. Neill said there is a need to consider scheduling meeting rooms for university curriculum committee and Faculty Senate meetings as ITV space is currently very limited with the ITV rooms being used for F2F classes in Victoria. The curriculum committees are small groups and could probably be scheduled in ITV conference rooms.

Ms. Mims asked if a goal had been set for freshmen for 2013, response at least 20% increase growth rate for next fall (360 freshmen).

Ms. West announced a Student Life letter had been sent out that invited all new students to the Department of Justice Seminar at the Victoria Fine Arts Center on Sunday.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton

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