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9:30 a.m., Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Beran, Dahlstrom, Devick-Fry, M. Harrison, Mundy, LaBrecque, Norgard, Ruschhaupt, Rice, D. Smith, L. Smith, Tart, Walyuchow

Absent: Ferguson, Di Leo, Niroomand, Rossow

Marketing Representative: Ellis

Guest: Val Walden

I. Organizational Business

-- Dean Tart moved and Dr. Dahlstrom seconded to approve the minutes of January 26, 2011 as presented.

Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

Academic Efforts Underway–Dr. Suzanne LaBrecque

Dr. LaBrecque announced that Dean Jeffrey Di Leo has been appointed to the prestigious MLA (Modern Language Association) Delegate Assembly; in the “Teaching” division in the “Teaching as a Profession” delegate seat. The next Research Workshop is scheduled for March 25th in Sugar Land. By February 7th, the Assessment Workshops were completed for the faculty coordinators of the various academic units. Faculty members are now completing assessment plans for various academic units in time for the SACS Fifth-Year Interim Report on Institutional Effectiveness. Dr. LaBrecque reported the Texas Council of Chief Academic Officers retreat in Austin was very successful in spite of a sobering budget presentation by Dallas Representative Dan Branch. Dr. George Mehaffy of AASCU (American Association of State College and Universities) gave a strong motivating presentation titled “Navigating in Turbulent Times: Finding Our Way in a NEW Century.” Faculty supported the new instructional evaluation form that will go to the Faculty Senate for approval at their February 11th meeting. The UHS presidents have agreed to a Nursing Consortium with UHV as lead for the RN to BSN program. It will begin 2014 with Dean Tart as the administrator for the entire System.

Dr. Smith said this Nursing Consortium is an important vote of confidence in UHV and Dean Tart. UHV already is a major player and holds a major presence in the Fort Bend area.

Internal Audit–Val Walden

UHV Comptroller Val Walden reported UHV is in very good shape following the UHS Internal Audit for 2010-2011 with only 4 action items noted. The noted items were found in Cost Center Management and Payroll. Ms. Walden stressed the need for timely review of cost center verifications and the depositing of receipts of a $100 or more in 1 days time. Travel Requests (TRs) must be dated and submitted prior to travel; international travel TRs need to be submitted 30 days in advance. Ms. Walden noted there is a SAM (System Administrative Memoranda) Policy that states travel reimbursement payments are only reimbursable for up to 60 days after travel.

It was requested that possibly modules could be established that would allow new employees, or employees that need a refresher, assistance with different functions such as for the handling of money or travel.

Food/Table Charges

There has been some confusion lately on fund usage for sponsorships where a unit is purchasing a table at a function. Since tuition funds cannot be used for food, a portion will need to be divided out for the meal cost ($15/$20) per plate, paid out of discretionary funds and the remainder of the cost can be paid out of the M&O cost centers. This applies for employees, students and/or donors. It was pointed out that tables with employees interacting with community members need to be very clear and concise in their benefit/purpose statement.

Ms. Walden also clarified that business meals attended by only UHV employees are considered an inappropriate use of funds, even if paid with discretionary funds, per SAM (System Administrative Memorandum) Policy. An exception, with prior approval by a higher authority, to this would be for on campus conferences or workshops where proceedings are expedited by serving meals if a clear justification is provided. Students’ meals can be paid by M&O funds if the event is primarily (50%) geared toward students. Ms. Walden said she would be sending out this information to staff members.

A question concerning using the Jaguar Card for purchasing food for guests when dining at Jaguar Hall was brought to the table. Mr. Beran and Ms. Walden said not to use the Jaguar Card for this purpose since it would be very difficult to track the usage.

UHV Website Design–John Ellis

Marketing Director John Ellis discussed the proposed UHV website redesign with cabinet members. He explained that a consultant had been hired last year to assess and provide feedback and guidance regarding the university's website. A committee consisting of Wayne Beran, Jeffrey Di Leo, Joe Ferguson and John Ellis was formed to address the consultant's findings and suggestions. Mr. Ellis explained that the goal of the redesign is to improve the user experience. He also indicated that the process of updating UHV's website will take at least 7 months. Mr. Ellis passed out a redesign process timeframe.

Inception and Business Requirements Phase-February 1st to 28th

  • Functional Definition Phase-March 1st to 31st
  • Development-April 1st to May 20th
  • Testing-May 21st to August 14th
  • Go Live-August 15th

When asked about individual pages on the new website, Mr. Ellis said it would carry on the characteristics of the home and secondary pages. He explained that as developed the information would be shared as they go through the process. Mr. Ellis said Hendrix College's website (http://www.hendrix.edu/) is being used as an inspiration. A nice feature of the site, is the ability for the user to see navigation that is specific to them - potential students, faculty, staff, etc. Mr. Ellis closed by saying UHV's website is one of our most important marketing tools. We want users to enjoy a positive experience while visiting us online.

An area that was requested to be addressed in the design of the new website was the development of a 'printer friendly version' to assist with the printing of web pages.

Financial & Jaguar Hall Updates–Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran discussed Jaguar Hall noting even though there is a deficit in dorm usage, 162 rooms occupied out of the 230, the food services is running a low surplus. Next year sophomores will be housed in apartments. Internal financing will be required to build a second dorm. On the next dorm building, System contractors will be involved but not their architects. Mr. Beran said only 1 response from a nation-wide search was received regarding building and managing the second dorm. That response was from American Campus Community (ACC) but has since dropped out. UHV is hopeful in finding a company that can design, as well as build the second dorm. Even though ACC was not interested in building a dorm for UHV, they will be managing the dorms. The projected completion date of the second dorm will be fall 2012. In the works is a senior vice president position for the American Campus Community that will audit the food services and Jaguar Hall.

Enrollment & Student Success Updates–Chari Norgard

Ms. Norgard reported to date UHV has received 1,130 freshmen and 51 sophomore applications. Out of the freshmen applications, so far 250 freshmen have already been accepted to UHV for fall 2011. At this time last year, UHV had received 473 applications and 91 had been admitted. When asked how students were learning about UHV, Ms. Norgard responded by high school counselors and word of mouth. She said the remote recruiters and marketing has played an important role in reaching prospective students as well. Ms. Norgard requested a meeting to decide on the cutoff of accepting freshmen applications. An AACRO (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers) consultant will be at UHV for 2 days to review the Admissions & Records and Financial Aid offices and to meet with everyone in those offices to look for efficiency measures to increase growth and do more with less. Ms. Norgard provided a Financial Aid snapshot on students receiving financial aid comparing fall 2009, spring 2010, summer 2010 and fall 2010. The total students receiving aid in fall 2009 was 1,774 compared to fall 2010 at 2,293. She said she would be attending the Council of Student Affairs meeting in Austin to finalize a draft letter in opposition to handguns on campus and to talk about the state budget.

Other Item Reports

Ms. Ruschhaupt said the Student Senate would be participating in the upcoming Black History Parade. Senate members are working toward establishing their own Relay for Life team and will be selling cookie grams for Valentine to raise money. The Victoria Advocate interviewed 3 students on their feelings concerning the state budget cuts. Ms. Ruschhaupt also announced that UHV possibly has another chance at having a System Student Regent.

Mr. Walyuchow reported the Jaguar softball team’s opening day will be at Burdge Field this coming Friday. He also reported Athletics will have 50 to 60 new student athletes next year. The Athletics programs will be recruiting from junior colleges in hopes of obtaining senior leadership as well as additional freshmen students.

Dr. Dahlstrom discussed how the proposed state budget could possibly affect the library. There is a library effort to retain funding for TexShare. Dr. Dahlstrom said that the state library has money in this year's budget to cover the funding for TexShare databases through June 2011, but it could be a crisis for the following year. A possible solution would be a consortial arrangement with other academic libraries. Dr. Dahlstrom stated he will be attending the Texas Library Association Legislation Day next week. He also reported that construction on the library is beginning on the Sugar Land campus with plans for completion by fall 2011.

Dean Tart said the patient simulation center is being built.This Thursday and Friday, Dean Tart will be in Austin attending the Deans and Directors meeting. On February 18th there will be a photo opt with Lone Star Community College for the signing of the RN to BSN articulation agreement. The Nursing Spring Forum will be held in Victoria on May 5th. Team Texas will present “Institution of Medicine Recommendations for the Future of Nursing.”

Meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton

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