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9:30 a.m., Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Beran, Di Leo, Ferguson, Devick Fry, M. Harrison, LaBrecque, Mundy, Niroomand, Norgard, Ruschhaupt, Rice, Rossow, D. Smith, L. Smith, Tart, Zafereo, Walyuchow

Absent: Dahlstrom

I. Organizational Business

-- Mr. Zafereo moved and Mr. Ferguson seconded to approve the minutes of September 8, 2010 as presented.
Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

Tracking List–Dr. Don Smith

Dr. Smith provided a sample of a tracking list that would be set up in a folder on the P: drive and accessible only by cabinet members. The idea of a tracking list is to provide a site that cabinet members can update, as needed, and have ready access to keep up with what is going on and coming up across the university. Dr. Smith said items posted should be of institution-wide significance.

Academic Efforts Underway–Dr. Suzanne LaBrecque

Friday, September 17th, 27 faculty (22.5% of full-time UHV faculty), 5 staff and 2 administrators participated in a Grant Proposal Writing Workshop at Brazos Hall in Sugar Land. Julie Norris, retired Director of Research at M.I.T. provided an interesting, detailed workshop outlining both the obvious and subtle aspects of writing a successful grant proposal. Dr. LaBrecque said that all schools were represented at the workshop and follow-up activities are being planned.

Dr. LaBrecque announced UHV’s web pages, required by HB-2504, are 86% in compliance and the remaining 14% are a “work-in-progress.” A 4-part faculty evaluation is being developed with the first part being general for all faculty and used for complying with HB-2504 that states by January a plan for posting end of course faculty evaluations on the university’s website must be developed. There will be 5 questions used by all the schools and faculty are being asked to complete a survey for additional items they think would be helpful in describing faculty as instructors. The second part will include school specific questions while the third and fourth can be program and/or faculty specific questions. Dr. LaBrecque will be sending faculty an email explaining this project and its timeline, as well as a link to a survey about the first part.

Dr. LaBrecque reported that UHV’s Hispanic Serving Institution numbers, as of today, show us as just over 20% overall and 30% for freshmen.

Dr. LaBrecque reminded everyone of the upcoming health care forum on September 27th where Anne Dunkelbery, Associate Director of the Center for Public Policy Priorities, will present on the recent Health Care Reform bill and how it will affect Texans.

Jaguar Hall Update–Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran said he had a good meeting with 10 subcontractors concerning issues that still needed to be addressed concerning Jaguar Hall. He reported the Jaguar Hall dining area is open for business and in a couple of weeks a web page with information about meal plans will be available. Cable TV service will not be available at the dorm until September 30th. He thanked the Information Technology department for working on the dorm wireless connections. The rest of the dorm, offices, meeting rooms, etc. will be completely finished by the end of November. All dorm students will be housed in Jaguar Hall by this Friday. There are still a few issues that need addressing but they are being worked on.

Legislative Appropriation Requests

Mr. Beran congratulated Dr. Smith on his report to the Legislative Budget Board and Governor’s Office staff, at the Legislative Appropriations Hearings.

Accommodation of Student/Enrollment Report–Chari Norgard

Ms. Norgard said it will be great to have all students under one roof once the remaining hotel lodged students move to Jaguar Hall. She announced current enrollment is pretty stable and that the registrar will be sending out a report. There were 67 students zapped but as in the past, they are being contacted for assistance. Ms. Norgard announced that originally, Jaguar Hall was scheduled to be closed during the winter break and spring break but due to some students, working part-time employment, the dorm will remain open with limited services. Food services are to still be addressed. Ms. Norgard announced a few students, 12 freshmen and 2 graduates, have been identified as “students at risk” by faculty and she will be touching base and working with these students to find out what the problem is. Students will be taking the CSI and BESSE surveys in the near future.

Development Report–Mark Zafereo

Mr. Zafereo said the University Advancement office is working on a new letter for the new year. So far, the FY 2011 “One for All – All for One” campaign has raised $15,000. Mr. Zafereo said their office is looking for ideas for grants and if the deans have needs to contact them and they would work with donors for assistance.

Ms. Mundy announced members of the Greater Texas Foundation came to UHV for a visit.

Other Item Reports

Dean Di Leo saidhe expects very high attendance at the September 23rd ABR Reading Series with Diana Lopez, new UHV faculty member. Finding a location for these events is getting more difficult due to the limited seating in Alcorn Auditorium. When asked about Community of Readers, Dean Di Leo said this is an all freshmen initiative for retention purposes and is all faculty driven. Dean Di Leo thanked Ms. Norgard and the university for the funding awarded to some graduate students whose papers had been accepted at a national conference.

Dean Niroomand announced the School of Business Administration (SBA) will host 6 research seminars, the first two being this Friday Sept. 24, 2010 at the UHSSL campus. The Seminar Series will allow 6- SBA faculty members to present their current research. These seminars will also provide feedback that will assist the faculty members with the next phase of their research. Dean Niroomand encouraged everyone to attend and to invite others. He thanked Paula Cobler for the news release.

Dean Rossow reported on Monday the new class for freshmen, The Art of Teaching, held its first meeting at Howell Middle School with 40 students. The school graciously provided access to a room where UHV students will learn to arrange, decorate, etc. as part of their training to become teachers.

Ms. Smith said her office had received several inquiries checking to see if UHV has a dress code for staff. After a brief discussion by cabinet members, although there is no written staff dress requirement; staff members are expected to dress in business professional clothing Monday through Thursday, with Friday being a more casual dress day. Jaguar attire is encouraged on Friday in support of our athletic programs. Casual dress is also allowed in-between semesters. It was mentioned that some staff members, such as some of the IT staff, might need to wear jeans on days other than Fridays because of their specific job requirements. There may be other exceptions that might require occasional casual wear that department heads have the authority to approve. Ms. Smith noted that she had checked with the other UHS campuses and none of the other campuses has a written dress code policy. During this discussion, it was noted that employees need to be encouraged to participate in wearing their ID badges. It was requested that Ms. Smith send out an email reminding everyone that the (unwritten) policy is still in effect.

Ms. Smith announced she will also be sending out a reminder to staff that Fitness Release hours cannot be banked and cannot be used in conjunction with sick or vacation leave.

Mr. Ferguson announced the ID card readers are having to be replaced and new ID card will be issued.

Mr. Walyuchow said due to the rain the soccer games are postponed. The softball games have been scheduled–8 home dates and a late April tournament. The first-year men and women’s golf teams finished in second place. Mr. Walyuchow complimented the inaugural golf program.

Ms. Mundy announced 120 donors met with their student they had backed at the Golf Scholarship Luncheon. She thanked Claud and Mary Virginia Jacobs for their continued support of the UHV golf program.

Mr. Harrison reported that Staff Council met on September 16th with guest speaker Lindsey Koch. Staff Council is working on trying to find a creative way to interact with students.

Dr. Fry
said the next Faculty Senate meeting will be on October 1st.

Ms. Ruschhaupt announced the Student Senate is working on a team sport charity event for October 16th in support of breast cancer research.

In closing, Mr. Zafereo brought up the possible need of funding for small loans for students. Mr. Walyuchow said TDECU has short term $500 student loans. This item will need further discussion.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:50 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton