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President's Office

9:30 a.m., Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Meeting Minutes

Present: Barr, Beran, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Hudson, LaBrecque, Norgard, Rossow, Schnebly, L. Smith, Tart

Absent: Garino, Niroomand, Rice

OUA Representative: Mundy

I. Organizational Business

Mr. Ferguson moved and Dr. Dahlstrom seconded to approve the minutes of March 10, 2010 as presented.

Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

Dr. Hudson —

  • Announced UHV will be presenting their budget to the chancellor on April 6th. The Budget Committee, after a few tweaks, will still be holding onto everything that was discussed at the March 10th meeting;
  • Thanked those that have contributed to the Campaign Victoria and noted the community has been very responsive;
  • Served on a SACS on-site visitation team at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and that Dr. LaBrecque had also just returned from serving on a SACS team at Fort Valley State University in Georgia.

— A briefing seminar will be scheduled about these visits in preparation for UHV’s future SACS review.

III. Roundtable

Dr. LaBrecque announced the American Association of Colleges of Nursing named Dr. Kathryn Tart as the Nursing Advocate of the year. Dr. Tart received the first Nursing Advocate award and is the only dean out of 646 programs to receive this honor. The Victoria College has initiated a meeting with UHV to work on a Title V grant together. The UHV SACS 5th-year Report was received on March 15, at 9:40 a.m. Dr. LaBrecque noted that UHV will be proud of the report and thanked Holly Verhasselt and the faculty who served on the committee for a fantastic job.

Dean Tart reported part 1 of a 3 part workshop will be held at the Sugar Land campus on Nursing Simulation: What should it be? on April 10th. Another event scheduled at the Sugar Land campus will be on May 1st, where Dr. Tart will open the Women's Health Symposium for Prime Living Magazine and Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital. Matagorda Hospital has contacted the School of Nursing about partnering with the university on writing a Higher Education Coordinating Board grant for a RN-BSN cohort from the hospital that can be sustainable.

Ms. Smith told cabinet members of a new user friendly UHS Retirement Manager System that will allow access to ORP accounts and Tax Deferred Annuity's online. At the next meeting of cabinet Ms. Smith will be bringing a draft of the Summer Flex plan for review. It was requested that a draft be circulated ahead of time so cabinet will be ready to vote on this item. An anonymous suggestion to the Feedback Solutions box was that all offices should be open on Friday afternoon.

Ms. Norgard reported that Career Services has been working on a list of 900 + businesses received from the Chamber of Commerce, of which 500 have useable email addresses, checking the need of full and part-time employment needs. So far 70+ are interested and 134 definitely want part-time and interns. This appears to be a great opportunity for UHV; for these businesses are especially needing quality employees with customer service experience. The areas having shown the most interest include health care, real estate, and restaurants. As of today, total applications are at 741 with 211 freshmen and 29 sophomores having been accepted. Applications slowed down a little due to Spring Break. A lot of phone calls have been made where help was given to students needing to complete their applications, as well as assistance with new applications. Ms. Norgard said Marketing had reported web traffic is up, over a 1,000 hits every month with a lot coming through Google searches. With 26 confirmed student RSVPs, plus their guests, Ms. Norgard announced there could be a possible attendance of 70-75 people attending our first Jaguar Day activities. There will be an April tour of 200 high schools students from Madison High School visiting UHV. Next week there will be a group of AVID students from San Antonio coming for a tour. Ms. Norgard has been meeting with the American Campus Community (ACC) on Jaguar Hall dorm management and 6 RA (Resident Assistants) positions will need to be filled. In early April, ACC will be advertising to fill these positions with current UHV students and also students at Victoria College. ACC will also be hiring a General Manager, but may just move some of their current people around in their operation.


Dr. Hudson said UHV needs to develop an extracurricular transcript.

Mr. Beran suggested possibly running the employment through SBDC since this will be advantageous for SBDC's performance measures and for SBDC's funding.

Mr. Ferguson suggested that staff be made aware early enough that any accrued vacation hours that will not carry forward to the next year must be used prior to August.

Dean Rossow reported meeting with Dr. Pat Vandervoort, The Victoria College Vice President of Instruction, and Dr. Thomas Cox to discuss establishing a faculty apprenticeship. This apprenticeship will be for those VC faculty and staff that want a higher education. He will be meeting with an administration team at Wharton County Junior College on April 6th to discuss something similar. Dean Rossow is resurrecting a similar program with Austin Community College called Faculty Apprentice Program. The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs (CACREP) is going well and faculty teams have been assigned to address those areas the CACREP agency would like to see changed. Dean Rossow is working on a brochure to display the School of Education and Human Developments faculty members' publications and accomplishments. He is currently talking with Texas A&M Kingsville about a joint doctoral program. Dean Rossow will be making a presentation in Denton on campus searches in higher education law. He is also developing a summer institute to be included in Victoria Independent School District's teacher's orientation this summer.

Dr. Schnebly reported the Faculty Senate has not met since the last cabinet meeting. She announced Dr. LaBrecque had attended the spring senate retreat held at the Northside Education Center in El Campo.

Dr. Dahlstrom announced The Victoria College will go to a 4-day work week for the summer. The library hours will be the same as last summer: Monday –Thursday, 7:45 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.;
Friday, 7:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.; Saturday – closed; Sunday –1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Dr. Dahlstrom will be attending the UHS Library Directors meeting where he hopes to see a draft of the new Sugar Land library. He also passed out a brochure on the conference Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War, June 24-26 in the Victoria College Auditorium.

Ms. Barr said she had 3 clients this past week that are interested in offering internships for UHV students. There is no new news concerning Staff Council other than the next meeting will be in Sugar Land on April 8th. She thanked Chari Norgard and Robin Cadle for speaking at the last council meeting. Ms. Barr announced she is working with Cuero Independent School District for a fall entrepreneurship class where one component is to write a business plan. She would like to offer a scholarship for 1 course at UHV in this business plan. A brief discussion followed. Ms. Barr requested everyone vote for Cuero as America Coolest Smallest Town at

Ms. Mundy announced new gift donations are at an all time high. Campaign Victoria has increased by $30,000 since the last meeting of cabinet, with $50,000 still needed. She said Alumni Day will be March 27th in conjunction with Jaguar Day. Ms. Mundy announced Dr. Rossow has taken the lead on the Greater Texas Access for Success grant and that their board will be visiting in May. UHV was honored to have members of the Johnson Foundation on-campus for a tour, with UHV receiving a very generous donation to support the new Patient Care Simulation Center.

Mr. Beran reported on Jaguar Hall. Kruger Construction will have 140 rooms completed and ready for incoming freshmen in 4 months. A verbal life safety system will need to be installed in the dorm. Consultants are checking to see if it is feasible to try to save building 2. He reported the Facilities staff members have been working very hard in the kitchen area. The interior design is being completed and will be approved by UHV; and ordering of furniture will need to take place next week. American Campus Communities (ACC), the student housing management company, will have a person on-site by mid April to talk to students. ACC will also be helping with marketing materials and is working on a contract for students. The city has approved sidewalks in front of Jaguar Hall and down Ben Wilson to UHV. Mr. Beran reported the 5% reduction plan is a reality and $1.3 million will be submitted to the Legislative Budget Board over 2 years. Ms. Norgard and Mr. Beran have worked out a way to give Financial Aid awards to UHV's freshmen/sophomores; where they will receive half of their tuition paid for the entire first year. DN3 tuition will be locked in at the beginning rate when the student enrolls if they stay on track. Mr. Beran is also working with the Coordinating Board figures to see how many square feet UHV needs at any given time. UHV's new soccer coach, Adrian Rigby, and Facilities Services is working on the staked off area out front for a possible competition soccer field.

Dean Di Leo announced that ABR's issue on bad books has generated a national discussion. He also announced he will be making a presentation at Penn State next week, and will discuss the issue with their faculty and students. Illinois State Distinguished Professor Curtis White will be the ABR Reading Series next guest speaker on March 25th. He reported the El Paso Centro Victoria event was a hit while promoting their agenda. The School of Arts and Sciences has been working on downward expansion core curriculum.

Mr. Ferguson announced Information Technology (IT) is working through the bugs of Windows 7 before installation begins on university computers. Some printers are not working well with Windows 7 and IT is still working on fixing those problems. Exterior door key cards, which can be attached to key chains, will be available shortly.

Dr. Hudson said his next blog will be on UHV becoming a destination university to benefit the region. He reported the Jaguar ballplayers are having interesting seasons and playing great games; and encouraged everyone to attend. Dr. Hudson noted the Lady Jags achievements have always been top ranked. Dr. Hudson closed the meeting by urging everyone to read and share the "New to UHV" thumbnail sketches on UHV's new students.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:40 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton