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9:30 a.m., Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Present: Ferguson, Hudson, Jaeckle, LaBrecque, Lindley, Natividad, Norgard, Prescott, L. Smith, Tart, Wang

Absent: Beran, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Rice

OUA Representative: Amy Mundy

Guest: Genaro Cortez, Michael Ruland, Marci Wallace

  1. Organizational Business
  2. Ms. Smith moved and Mr. Ferguson seconded to approve the minutes of January 14, 2009, as presented.

    Motion Carried Unanimously

    Dr. Hudson welcomed Dr. Mary Natividad back to the President's Cabinet and thanked her for serving as an interim dean.

  3. Business
  4. Policy F-2, Business Use of Vehicles — Genaro Cortez

    UHV's Safety and Risk Manager, Genaro Cortez, reviewed the requested changes to the policy on business use of vehicles. After reviewing the policy, a clarification was requested on some of the changes. The policy will be reposted and brought back to cabinet for approval.

    Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Alcohol and Other Drug Report — Genaro Cortez

    The federally mandated institutional compliance report on drug and alcohol prevention was presented by Mr. Cortez. The 1989 Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act requires institutions to abide by the regulations to be eligible to receive funds and financial assistance for federally funded or guaranteed student loan programs. The 2008 Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, as amended, included a revised student eligibility provision. It stated that a student is ineligible for federal student aid if convicted, under federal or state law, of any offense involving the possession or sale of a controlled substance during a period of enrollment in which federal student aid was received. The period of ineligibility begins on the date of conviction and lasts until the end of a statutorily specified period. The student may regain eligibility early by completing a drug rehabilitation program or if the conviction is overturned. The biennial report will be posted on the Business Services web site.

    Sustainability Efforts - Michael Ruland

    Facilities Director Michael Ruland unveiled the UHV "Go Green" web site,, with the assistance of Web Services Manager Marci Wallace. Mr. Ruland discussed UHV's goals and challenges for sustainability, noting the ACUPCC and GREEN logo are now on the university's web site. Discussion of the goals led to a few suggested changes, but overall the web site was well received by cabinet members. Mr. Ruland is working on a program for recycling that will be hosted in the near future. UHV Jaguar "Go Green" bags were distributed to cabinet members.

    Dr. Hudson thanked Mr. Ruland and the committee members for their efforts on behalf of the university.

  5. Roundtable Discussion
  6. Mr. Ferguson reported that the university suffered a major failure on our main email server last week. The outage was caused by a failure of the mother board on that server. A previous outage 3 years ago was due to a disk drive failure. Steps have been taken to provide redundant processors, disk drives, and power supplies to avoid this type of outage in the future. Some email was lost and some bounced back to the sender. Student email was not affected by this outage. Mr. Ferguson also reported that IT is diligently working on resolving disconnect problems we are having with the VPN (virtual private network) service between the Victoria and Sugar Land campuses.

    Dean Tart shared with cabinet an agenda on the upcoming Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education visit on March 2-4, 2009. She stressed the importance of this visit noting that nursing students must come from an accredited university. Dean Tart requested in preparation of the accreditation visit that everyone review the School of Nursing's mission statement.

    The mission of the School of Nursing (SoN) is to provide innovative and flexible programs for entering or advancing a career in nursing. The SoN is committed to serving the educational needs and advancing quality of life while enhancing the economic, cultural life and health of the communities served. The SoN expands knowledge through scholarship, leadership, and life-long learning and through service that benefits multiple communities while promoting the image and growth of the profession.

    Ms. Prescott stated UHV had hosted the University System Executive Staff Council (USESC) meeting by ITV last week. Anna Celum will be president of the USESC next year. She reported the tuition sharing agreements between campuses is still on the agenda. She also reported there are some interesting agenda items on the next meeting's agenda.

    Ms. Lindley discussed the upcoming March 19 Student Organization Day where the University of Houston System at Cinco Ranch international students will be taking a bus trip to Victoria to watch the Jaguar softball and baseball games. The Student Senate will have 1 community event and 1 fund raising event in April.

    Dr. Hudson congratulated Kristen Lindley on being 1 of the 2 finalists for the UHS Student Regent position, noting her paperwork has been sent to the governor for review.

    Ms. Mundy reported that we are at 60% of our annual fundraising goal; if pledges are included it would bring us to the 100% mark. She apprised cabinet that a collaboration with the Sugar Land and UH System development staff has been formed in order to address the fundraising needs of all campuses. Ms. Mundy announced a February 12, University of Houston Alumni Association-Victoria Chapter endowment luncheon and the March 30 Jaguar Invitational Golf Tournament.

    Dr. Jaeckle announced there was a Faculty Senate Executive Committee luncheon on February 11 with Dr. Hudson and Dr. LaBrecque; and an upcoming Faculty Senate retreat on February 27 in El Campo. Dr. Schnebly and he will be attending the February 20 University Faculties Executive Committee (UFEC) meeting. There have been only 2 UHV faculty members that have registered for the upcoming ACE Conference. Dr. Du will be attending the spring meeting of the state-wide Faculty Senate organization on March 6. Dr. Jaeckle briefly discussed the new world trend that all faculty members are not going to be tenure track and what it means for UHV and the Senate.

    Dean Natividad reported she has been working on finishing the budget for the School of Education and Human Development (SoEHD), meeting with the faculty and staff, preparing for the TEA visit in March, and addressing school web site updates.

    Ms. Smith acknowledged the accomplishment of this year's Employee Recognition Luncheon and thanked her staff for their efforts. The ePARs are a success and have been well received.

    Ms. Norgard provided enrollment stats as of 2/11/09, of 3,268 headcount and 25,212 semester credit hours.

    Dean Wang reported the School of Business Administration has had an enrollment increase over last spring of 21% for undergraduate and 8% graduate. He is working on getting things in order for the AACSB 5-year reaffirmation, with 3 visits in April.

    Dr. LaBrecque announced Assessment Consultant Dr. Marilee Bresciani's visit is to help UHV in preparation of the upcoming SACS 5-year report. Dr. Bresciani will be the guest speaker at the faculty retreat in El Campo on February 13. Dr. LaBrecque reported the SoEHD Dean Search Committee has been selected, with Dr. Di Leo serving as chair, and 5 faculty members (4 from within and 1 external). Dr. LaBrecque also reported she had attended the American Association of Colleges and Universities National meeting; noting the main topic was civic engagement. Dr. Verhasselt will be providing feedback on the Carnegie Classification at an upcoming cabinet meeting. UHV's Progress Report Card was approved at the December Board of Regents meeting and we are now in the process of applying our data.

    Dr. Hudson reported Dr. John Antel was approved at the February 17 Board of Regents meeting as the new University of Houston Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor of the University of Houston System. On February 4, Dr. Hudson testified at the Senate Budget Hearings in Austin. He apprised cabinet that UHV has absorbed the 2.5% budget cut passed down by the governor. Dr. Hudson also announced that a bill has been filed in the House of Representatives and believes that a Senate bill will also be filed for UHV's downward expansion. On Saturday, February 14, there will be a tailgate prior for faculty and staff prior to the Jaguar softball game. Dr. Hudson expressed his congratulations to Ms. Cobler and the Public Relations staff on the nice article concerning the communications division getting the word out about UHV.

    Meeting adjourned: 11:50 a.m.
    Submitted by: Kathy Walton