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9:30 a.m., Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Present: Beran, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Hudson, Jaeckle, LaBrecque, Lindley, Norgard, Rice, L. Smith, Stansell, Tart, Wang

Absent: Prescott

OUA Representative: Robin Cadle

Guest: Vic Padelford, Ash Walyuchow

  1. Organizational Business
  2. Dr. Rice moved and Ms. Smith seconded to approve the minutes of December 10, 2008, as presented.

    Motion Carried Unanimously

  3. Business
  4. Update on International Programs — Vic Padelford

    Mr. Padelford spoke of the creation of CELDA, a UH System led consortium, and significantly the first system-wide consortium in Texas for which UHV has provided primary leadership. He shared brochures on CELDA’s first full semester study abroad offerings for the 2009 fall and 2010 spring semesters, in Granada, Spain and Cuernavaca, Mexico. Statistics on which CELDA strives to improve include the fact that Texas is number 37th in the nation for students sent abroad. State-wide statistics on sending students abroad is 1.34%, with UHS at .84%. Mr. Padelford spoke of UHV's Global Proficiency Certificate (GPC) and the certificate of Spanish for Professionals, noting they are available to all students pursuing a degree at UHV and interested in preparing for comprehensive internationalization. He discussed the TREK Research Study Program, a clinical research study of an investigational patch to prevent or lessen the effects of travelers' diarrhea. The UHV led TREK program allows program participants to travel to Mexico or Guatemala for free. There is also considerable interest by UHV international students in study abroad. Their only restriction to their participation in study abroad programs is that they must have multiple entry visas, and travelers must have 6 months left on their U.S. visa.

    Athletics Update — Ash Walyuchow

    Athletic Director Ash Walyuchow provided samples of the various Jaguar attire and items the Athletic Department Store has for sale and encouraged everyone to support the UHV Jaguars by wearing Friday Jaguar attire. He announced UHV's first home baseball game of the season is scheduled for January 30 against Northwood University, and the first softball game is on February 14 with the Lady Jags playing against UT Brownsville.

  5. Roundtable Discussion
  6. Dr. Hudson touched on the various issues discussed at the cabinet retreat, where we are, where we thought we would be and change in legislature leadership. He reminder cabinet members of the upcoming February 11, Victoria Day at the Capitol in Austin, where the city’s opportunities for the future will be discussed with downward expansion being the number 1 item.

    Dr. LaBrecque announced Dr. John Antel, Dean of the UH College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, was selected as the new University of Houston Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor of the University of Houston System. She also announced that Dr. Farhang Niroomand has accepted the School of Business Administration Dean position. She stated a press release was to be released today. Dr. LaBrecque expressed her appreciation to Dean Wang for his work and leadership in the SoBA and noted that he will continue to serve as interim dean until July 1.

    Dean Wang reported the School of Business Administration’s enrollment growth at this time last year at 20.52% and this year is at 14%. He announced the SoBA is considering moving out of the Texas Principals Excellence Program (TxPEP) in the third year if our partner, APQC, can handle it. If UHV must participate, the school will let Chad Abston be the coordinator and Stephanie Solansky the consultant to minimize the use of our resources. Either way, will help UHV. Since the drastic increase of students and a shortage of six faculty members in SoBA, 8 faculty members will teach a fourth course in spring for balancing the participating the ratio required by the AACSB for faculty and adjunct instructors. These people will have one course release time for the summer. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) visiting team is scheduled to visit UHV on April 13-14 and the new dean will participate.

    Ms. Norgard announced that Trudy Wortham was out due to jury duty and if help was needed on registration to contact Linda Parr or her. UHV is going to try to capitalize on the System-wide approach in locating interpreters for ADA requirements. The new student orientation that had been scheduled for the spring was cancelled due to lack of participation. Discussion followed on ways to appeal to students to attend orientation. Ms. Norgard announced a virtual UHV student orientation is being considered.

    Ms. Smith reminded everyone about the February 3 Employee Recognition Luncheon and requested that forms for those being recognized be returned. She stated the transition to electronic PARs was well received.

    Dean Di Leo reported SoAS enrollment is up by 10.5% from this time last spring, noting the next 2 weeks are important for growth. There was a brief discussion of the benefits/ disadvantages on placing clips on “YouTube,” followed by a discussion on timely web content. Dean Di Leo announced $15,000 in fundraising from various sources. Marjorie Perloff, Reading Series guest speaker, is one of the most important people in Humanities today and is coming to observe at what we do and speak on January 22.

    Robin Cadle announced in addition to the SoAS fundraising we have an additional $16,000 since the last cabinet meeting; $10,000 is from the John McGovern Foundation for a Robert J Mitchell Math and Science Endowment and $6,000 from various donors.

    Dr. Jaeckle passed.

    Dr. Dahlstrom announced The Victoria College will be going to a 4-day work week this summer but it probably will not any impact on the library hours.

    Mr. Beran reported he had met with the provost and deans and the enrollment projection for next year is 5% minimum base and shoot for 7%. He reported he has been researching housing, dorm/apartment style housing, and has 3 locations located. He shared a handout from Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, with revenue estimates for the upcoming 2010-11 biennium.

    Ms. Lindley announced the Student Senate had lost 2 members for the spring due to family issues. All presidents of student organizations are working toward a student organization newsletter. There are plans for these organizations to participate together as a unit in more community events and Fiesta Day. Ms. Lindley also announced there are plans for the UHSCR 20 Chinese students to come to Victoria for a student organization day to see a softball and baseball game.

    Dean Tart reported the SoN will be submitting the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) self study this week. The CCNE site visit is scheduled for March 2-4. There will be a meeting with the Lone Star Community College nursing directors in The Woodlands on Friday to promote the RN-BSN and MSN Bridge program. She announced she is working with Austin Community College to begin a RS-BSN cohort in summer 2009.

    Dean Stansell announced that Dr. Teresa LeSage has submitted a research grant proposal to the National Science Foundation for funding in the amount of $3,445,621.92 over the next five years. The grant will enable a study of whether there are significant achievement differences between demographic subgroups in science achievement among elementary and middle school students after experiencing science content with the use of high quality science activities and technology-enhanced instruction. The study will involve 4,100 elementary and middle school students and 94 teachers. The student sample is predominantly economically disadvantaged (81%) and Hispanic (65%). Dr. Nora Hutto has submitted a Teacher Quality proposal for funding in the amount of $196,000. The grant involves faculty from UHV, Rice, UT-Arlington and Abilene Christian and is titled “Integrated Science for Middle School Teachers.” Dr. Roy Foley has also submitted a Teach Quality Grant proposal for funding in the amount of $73,521 for enhancement of content knowledge of elementary and middle school science teachers.

    Dr. Rice reported UHV had partnered with DeTar Healthcare System in their “Healthy Woman” expo. She noted that a wide age range of 400 women had attended the expo program. Dr. Rice announced an open invitation to the opening and tour at The Victoria College Health Sciences Center ribbon cutting on January 26.

    Mr. Ferguson passed out copies of the 2008-2009 University of Houston Student, Faculty and Staff Telephone Directory noting this was the last production of the hard copies, everything will be online after this. He also distributed an ITV faculty feedback survey, stating that 13 out of 25 faculty responded on issues, policy issues and non-issues on the delivery of ITV classes. One item faculty requested was training on the equipment; so from this survey, starting this semester, an Information Technology (IT) staff member will meet with the faculty member to go over the ITV system and answer any questions. IT will also have one of their staff remain in the faculty member’s class for the first 30 minutes of their first 2 class sessions in order to assist in any questions once the faculty member starts using the system.

    Dr. Hudson noted since time did not permit discussion on the follow-up of the Cabinet Retreat this item will be carried forward to the next meeting.

    Meeting adjourned: 12:10 p.m.
    Submitted by: Kathy Walton