9:30 a.m., Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Meeting Minutes 


Present:  Beran, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, R. Faulk, Ferguson, Hudson, LaBrecque, Lindley, Neill, Norgard, Prescott, Ramamoorthy, Rice, L. Smith, Stansell, Wang

 Absent: Phillips  

I.          Organizational Business 

--Dr. LaBrecque moved and Mr. Ferguson seconded to approve the minutes of July 23, 2008, as presented.
Motion Carried Unanimously

--Dr. Hudson welcomed Denise Prescott, the new Chair of the Staff Council, to cabinet.

II.       Business 

A.     Texas Department of State Health Services—Dr. Hudson 

UHV received a letter from the Texas Department of State Health Services requesting a designee be selected to serve as the wellness liaison for UHV to work with the statewide wellness coordinator in creating and developing a model wellness program for state agencies. Dr. Hudson shared a copy of the letter with cabinet and briefly discussed the purpose of the liaison. HR Director Laura Smith was selected to serve in this capacity.    

B.      Mission Statement—Dr. LaBrecque

Cabinet approved the following as UHV’s new mission statement: 

The University of Houston-Victoria provides excellent, accessible educational programs; expands knowledge; enhances economic and cultural life; and engages in global, community and environmentally responsible activities.  

Dr. Ramamoorthy moved and Dean Stansell seconded to approve the new mission statement.
Motion Carried Unanimously

C.    Stationary Options—Mr. Ellis 

Mr. Ellis announced since UHV’s contract for our current stationary/business cards has ended, he proposed new art work for the new contract. There was a discussion on when to change, what to do with the current stationary and colors. It was decided that UHV would continue with the current stationary through fall and the topic will be added to the January cabinet retreat agenda. 

III. Roundtable 

Mr. Ferguson provided a handout on the Sugar Land fiber project. A new fiber path plan had to be established due to future plans for part of the original route. Plans for the fiber path are now to follow along the freeway, at an additional $23,000 cost to bury the cable and for the extra distance, bringing the project cost to $132,620. The project will not be ready by the beginning of the fall semester but will be in place by October.     

Dr. Rice reported follow-up downward expansion reports have been provided to the consultant and UHS. Dr. Burkee and the Education faculty continue to promote the Higher Education Certificate program. Dr. Rice announced she had 3 copies of the Arkansas Review, a Journal of Delta Studies, that contains a short story by Dr. Hudson titled “Time Shed” that she would share. She provided insight on one of her student’s research papers that dealt with how students have changed with the gaming age.

Dean Stansell stated the School of Education and Human Development recruiters and faculty will attend an Open House at Cinco Ranch this evening. He noted this is one of 11 events the recruiters will attend before the beginning of fall classes. For the past 5 months, a faculty committee has been gathering input from students, alumni and employers of their graduates about programs they see as desirable for the school to add. The committee will report early this fall, with recommendations of programs that are both feasible and likely to attract students. He reported a separate committee is developing a plan for a Master’s degree in adult education and will also report early in the fall. This summer the SoEHD have added 108 new students, which helped them increase enrollment by 8% over summer 2007. So far this fall, they have added 84 more new students. The SoEHD’s 2nd Annual Friday Fractions and More Math camp was a big success, with approximately 75 area elementary students and a number of UHV education students involved. Parents and teachers have already asked about next year’s camp. 

Ms. Prescott reported that Staff Council is working with Laura Smith on the Fitness Release Program and announced a forthcoming request will be to look into a 4-day work week. 

Ms. Lindley announced Student Senate has been preparing the back-to-school bags. This year’s bags are environment friendly shopping bags and will be distributed to all campuses on August 25. Senate members continue to work with Ms. Norgard on the new student orientation.  

Dr. Ramamoorthy reported that the at-large elections for the various committees have been completed and names forwarded to the Deans/Provost. The School representatives for these committees must be elected during the school meetings to be held by the last week of August so that the committees can start functioning. As of August 15, Dr. Dan Jaeckle will take over as President of the Faculty Senate and today’s meeting is his last meeting as a member of the cabinet.    

Dr. Hudson thanked Dr. Ramamoorthy for the quality of service he had contributed this year in his role as President of the Faculty Senate. 

Dr. Dahlstrom reported the Library has been interviewing candidates and has another interview in a couple of weeks and hope to have a person in place by the beginning of school. He also reported that as a result of recommendations by the Provost’s Research Advisory Committee, the Library has developed a Guide to Faculty Publishing. He announced the link to the new web site will be distributed this week. The Center for Nonprofit Leadership used to serve as a cooperative library resource center for foundations; the Library has been contacted to serve in this capacity by the beginning of the fall semester. August 20 the newly renovated media center will host an open house. Dr. Dahlstrom noted the library’s contract with the city on the automation system will end after the first of the year.  

Ms. Smith reminded cabinet the summer’s benefit enrollment deadline is August 22. She reported the Corporate Cup sign-up kick-off party was well attended, with more spirit and involvement. She announced there will be some changes in the Corporate Cup events this year.  

Dean Di Leo announced summer enrollment growth for the School of Arts and Sciences’ was 13%; fall enrollment has a projected growth of 10%. He reported the SoAS have 5 international agreements, with 4 in the signing stages. Dean Di Leo also announced UH had a news release about 2 of UHV’s Psychology faculty members, Anitra Shelton-Quinn and Trina Gordon, serving as volunteer counselors at the UH Camp Elizabeth summer program, aimed to break the cycle of crime, boost self-esteem of young girls that have parents or other relatives in prison. The fall 2008 ABR Reading Series guests speakers are: Kim Herzinger, Ruben Martinez, Mark Doty, and Antonya Nelson. 

Mr. Beran shared a copy of the Legislative Appropriation Requests (LAR) administrator’s statement with cabinet members that outlined UHV’s requests for: 

Dr. Neill reported the School of Nursing has hired Angela Wills as a new Sugar Land faculty member. She announced SoN has received 25 completed and 13 incomplete applications for SoN’s second degree program. The SoN will host a Nursing Forum on August 7.  

Ms. Norgard announced new student orientation sessions will be held in Victoria on August 22, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.; in Sugar Land on August 23, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.; and in Cinco Ranch on August 23, 1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Student Services, security, faculty/student interaction and how to get involved are a few of the topics to be discussed at the orientation sessions. Campus tours will also be provided on each campus. Funded by a College Readiness Grant, new students will also receive a free back pack and pizza. To date there are 406 new students already registered and enrolled for classes. She also provided an update on the Goodman Corporation's work with the Victoria Regional Transit study for the 7-county region. Ms. Norgard noted some key set up and drop off points in Victoria are going to be established; and as more information is provided she will bring back to cabinet for further discussion. Student Solutions is receiving a 1,000 calls a week most concerning the status of a students' application or financial aid. As calls are received, Student Solutions not only trys to assist the caller but to educate them as well as to how to use the To Do Lists in PeopleSoft.  

Dean Wang reported the School of Business Administration has reached 98% of their goal for credit hours and 56% for admission rate. Currently SoBA has 243 students registered for the fall. Important dates, there will be an August 8 Chinese student orientation and an August 14 reception for the Dean's Advisory Council. On international efforts, the SoBA is working on partnership projects with 2 India universities; as well as with the U.S. China Federation to possibly train their executives.  

Dr. LaBrecque said she had just returned from the IUT Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, with over 200 participants where she had the opportunity to invite several international scholars to come and visit UHV. She also reported the deans are working on preliminary authority forms that demonstrate the need for programs in new areas. Thanks to the Provost’s 2007-2008 Research Advisory Committee’s recommendation, there will be an Office of Research link up and running before August 25. She announced there will be an assessment retreat for Deans and Faculty Senate Executive Committee on August 29 and an all university assessment retreat in September.  

Dr. Hudson expressed his appreciation to Genaro Cortez, Greg Fanneli and Michael Ruland on the successful State Office of Risk Management audit. UHV received commendations and compliments from the SORM audit team. He provided an update on the UHS consultant’s recommendations on downward expansion. Noting a decision had been made to create a panel of community members headed by Regent Welcome Wilson and VC board president Mr. Ron Walker to host community meetings to examine the need for higher education for our community.  

Meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.
Submitted by Kathy Walton