9:30 A.M. Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Beran, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, R. Faulk, Ferguson, Hudson, LaBrecque, Neill, Norgard, Ramamoorthy, Rice, L. Smith, Stansell, White

Absent:   Bullock, Phillips

I.   Organizational Business

Dr. Ramamoorthy moved and Dean Stansell seconded to approve the minutes of January 23, 2008 as presented.
Motion Carried Unanimously 

II. Business

A.  Update on Athletics--Ash Walyuchow

Ash Walyuchow, Interim Athletic Director, provided the cabinet with an update on UHV’s athletic programs, noting both the baseball and softball teams are off to a great start.  The teams have received great news coverage and good crowds for the games.  Tickets sales have been impressive, with $2,000 walk-up sales at the last baseball game.  He also noted Jaguar merchandise is selling out.  Mr. Walyuchow stated some fans are upgrading from general admission to season tickets.  He urged everyone to watch the KAVU “Meet the Jaguars” where academic and personal information on a UHV Jaguar player is discussed. Mr. Walyuchow reported Mr. Claud Jacobs and he is working on a “Yoakum Day” for the March 16 Jaguar game.

Dr. Hudson noted the Jaguar ball games are providing another venue to talk to people about UHV.  He also said he had asked Mr. Walyuchow to do a feasibility study on expanding UHV sports.

B.  “Kalamazoo Project”--Dr. Margaret Rice

Dr. Rice explained the Kalamazoo Promise is an initiative by the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan that guarantees a 4-year paid tuition scholarship at a public college to those students who attend and graduate from Kalamazoo Public Schools.  Dr. Rice provided a draft handout showing what the cost would be to provide up to 4 terms of community college tuition and fees for Victoria graduates, an amount that equals less than 1% of the City of Victoria’s budget.  

III. Roundtable

Dr. Hudson furnished cabinet members with a copy of the Chamber of Commerce’s UHV 4-Year Expansion Survey results.  He also announced after receiving feedback from a preliminary meeting he had appointed a Downward Expansion Steering Committee.  Members are Wayne Beran, Joe Dahlstrom, Jeffrey Di Leo, Dick Phillips, and Margaret Rice.  He has requested Randy Faulk, Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, and Delores White to either serve on the committee or appoint an appropriate person from their respective organizations.  Members of the committee have been requested to establish a draft comprehensive, visionary, and persuasive plan with a soft internal deadline of March 31.  Dr. Rice will chair this committee.  Dr. Hudson expressed his thanks to all that was involved in the employee luncheon, noting an excellent day with the largest turn out ever for this event.

Dr. LaBrecque announced she had just returned from attending the UHS Provost Council and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) where both the System and AASCU have committed to the Voluntary System of Accountability.  Dr. LaBrecque stated we need to immediately start focusing on assessment of student learning outcomes and the continuous improvement of our academic programs.  She noted faculty representatives from the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Education and Human Development will be attending the Annual Assessment Conference at Texas A&M University to assist with the development of an academic plan to assess student learning.  Dr. LaBrecque stated the School of Business Administration already has in place assessment plans due to the AACSB accreditation and the School of Nursing also had assessment plans in place due to the Board of Nursing Examiners.

Ms. Norgard announced she has plans to attend a conference on outcome-based assessment for student affairs.  She reported that for the first time at the Sugar Land campus, the Academic Center is offering face-to-face tutoring and that Career Services had conducted a resume’ writing workshop.  Ms. Norgard stated Career Services offered free shuttle service to the Texas Job Fair in Houston for UHV students.  She also reported Student and Academic Services hosted a trio group of Title V Coastal Bend College students on campus.  

Ms. Smith acknowledged the wonderful turnout for the Employee Service Awards, noting the turnout was so great they ran out of food.  She also stated she was working on an applicant tracking system where search committees will be able to retrieve data for the searches through the web.  Search committee members will be provided training once this process goes live.   

Dean Di Leo reported the School of Arts and Sciences SCH growth is up 14.4% over this time last year.  The programs with major growth are English up 37%, Criminal Justice up 44%, and MS-Counseling up by 41%.  With the successful spring enrollment behind them, the school is now starting to market courses for the 8-week Intrasession.  Dean Di Leo noted there was a packed auditorium for the last ABR Reading Series guest, Thomas Williams, and a wonderful turnout for the private reception at the Nave Museum.  The next ABR guest will be David Oshinsky on February 28.  Dean Di Leo reported something new coming to Arts and Sciences for the Publishing program; Fiction Collection 2, a small independent, non-profit press.  

Dr. Ramamoorthy reported he had attended the February 8 UFEC meeting where the chancellor suggested that UHV focus more on global and international markets with our online programs.  He also stated a consultant has been hired by the chancellor regarding structure of the System.  The Faculty Senate approved the Alternate Nursing program at their last meeting and has sent some recommended changes to the provost.

Dr. Dahlstrom announced he will be attending the UHS Library Directors meeting at UHSCR next Monday. 

Mr. Faulk stated the Staff Council is drafting a resolution letter for the downward expansion.  He also reported the staff was enthusiastic with Chancellor Khator’s visit.

Dr. Hudson requested Mr. Faulk check on whether any formal action needs to be taken concerning staff summer flex schedules.

Ms. White noted the Student Senate officers are packing and getting ready for their trip to the American Student Government Association Conference in New York.  She noted the Student Senate will have a meeting today where they will discuss, April election of officers and making plans for the May Fiesta. 

Dr. Neill reported as of this week the School of Nursing has a full complement of faculty members.  She stated the MSN program has been approved by the Coordinating Board and the school will start offering this program the second Intrasession.  The Victoria College grant is in progress with 12 students in teaching, 8 in Victoria and 4 in Sugar Land.  She stated she had met with the dean of Allied Health at Austin Community College (ACC) and they are extremely interested in the RN to MSN program.  Coastal Bend College is opening an LVN to RN program.  Dr. Neill will be working with their director to recruit students into UHV’s BSN and MSN programs.  Dr. Neill also reported at the end of the month she will have recommendations for the community advisory board members for both the UHV and UHSSL campuses.  She stated she has a meeting next week with the new director of Nursing at Citizens Hospital.  Nursing has hired a new person to fill the Web Developer and simulations specialist for Sugar Land and is in the process of hiring a WebCT support person who will be based in Victoria.  Dr. Neill reported Nursing faculty are working, in connection with Dr. Don Smith, on health related programs and with the approval and addition of these programs will present a name change for the school.     

Mr. Beran reported the federal funding grant for the new building requires 27% minority and 9% women HUB vendors be used.  The new Economic Development Center Building contract was awarded to Perkins + Will and Rawley McCoy architectural firms.  Mr. Beran said hopefully we will get started in 2-3 weeks on designing the floor space.  He stated a meeting has been called to discuss the 3rd floor remodeling in University Center due to bids coming in high.  Budget requests for next year are $3.5 million, 15% over budget.  Currently $2.2 million has been identified.  Mr. Beran discussed other options that could possibly provide additional funding.

Dean Stansell reported the School of Education and Human Development has developed a draft of the design of the new EC-6 program, as mandated by the state.  The draft has been submitted to the faculty for input and will be reviewed and approved at the School retreat on February 29.  It has not yet been determined whether the new program will require Coordinating Board approval.  When implemented, the EC-6 program will replace the current EC-4 program.  Dean Stansell also stated Dr. Teresa Le Sage has submitted an NSF Grant proposal in the amount of $1,031,294 to study student achievement in science as a result instruction in scientific inquiry, technology, and student-developed electronic science notebooks.
Dr. Roy Foley last week submitted a Teacher Quality Grant proposal entitled “Middle School Science-Earth Science” in the amount of $86,673.  Dr. Foley is working with Drs. De Los Santos, Le Sage, Kohlhaas, and Patton on a $3 million grant proposal to the Greater Texas Foundation for a Master’s program to strengthen the knowledge of math and science teachers.  The Letter of Inquiry was submitted last week, and full proposals are due to the Foundation on June 15.

Dr. Rice shared a good report after visiting Austin Community College.  She indicated she felt they were excited to work with UHV and that they view us as a beneficial partner.  She also reported on a discussion of a possible 3 + 1 partnerships with ACC, similar to the RN to BSN program.

Mr. Ferguson told cabinet members with the help of John McKee a TV camera had been set up at the new Sugar Land building site.  Link: www.sugarland.uh.edu/camera.   This site allows 10 concurrent users at a time and allows up to 5 minutes of viewing before being timed out. 

Dr. Hudson thanked Dr. Stephanie Solansky for the excellent job she did on her presentation about the UHV Texas Principals Excellence Program (TxPEP) at the February Victoria Chamber of Commerce meeting.  He stated the February 27 cabinet meeting will end at 11:00 a.m. in order to allow some cabinet members to view a webinar on Bologna Accord and International Education. UHV once again has been asked for help with the IOMAI project that could result in a possible $1-2 million for us.

Meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton