9:30 A.M. Wednesday, January 9, 2008
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Beran, Bullock, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Hudson, LaBrecque, Norgard, Ramamoorthy, Rice, L. Smith, White

Absent:   R. Faulk, Phillips, Stansell

I.   Organizational Business

Minutes were approved with a correction to members present.
Motion Carried Unanimously

II.   Business

A.   New Faculty Application Form--Ms. Laura Smith

Ms. Smith provided cabinet with a copy of the new UHV Faculty Application form.  This form is one page and incorporates two questions dealing with criminal offenses with the second question being added to be in compliance for Title IV funding.  Both questions have been reviewed and approved by legal.  
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense (other than a traffic violation) including DWI/DUI or received deferred adjudication?  (Listed criminal offenses will not necessarily bar you from employment with the University of Houston-Victoria).  If yes, describe in detail, including dates, criminal offenses, location (city and state) and disposition.

Have you ever been convicted or pled nolo contendere or guilty, to a crime involving the acquisition, use, or expenditure of Federal, State, or local government funds; or have been administratively determined to have committed fraud or any other material violation of law involving Federal, State, or local government funds?

Cabinet members discussed at length and in detail these questions.  The HR office will monitor the second question and if a “yes” is noted the application will not be forwarded to the search committee for review.  Ms. Smith will orient the search committees on the new process.  The Faculty Application form was approved and will immediately become a requirement in applying for a job at UHV.  The staff form will also contain these questions.   

B.  Enrollment--Ms. Chari Norgard

Ms. Norgard updated cabinet on enrollment by passing out two handouts.  The first, Spring 2008 Enrollment handout contained: spring 2008 headcount and semester credit hours compared to spring 2007, and headcount by career, gender, ethnicity, school, and major; and the Application Status Report contained: applications summary, accepted, enrolled, incomplete, denied, and by gender. 
Ms. Norgard informed cabinet that in their endeavor to establish a “one stop shop” for registration, Student and Academic Services personnel had been receiving all incoming calls related to spring admission, allowing Admissions and Financial Aid offices to devote their time to application processing.  Their goal is to address student questions, identify any problems students have with the enrollment process, and develop solutions to address those issues without requiring students to talk to multiple people in different offices.   

III. Roundtable

Mr. Ferguson had no report.

Dr. Rice
reminded everyone of the upcoming Cabinet Retreat and the need to submit their 5-year vision statements.  She announced she is currently working on a draft outline for the February 1 new chancellor visit to UHV.  Current plans have Chancellor Renu Khator visiting with cabinet, Faculty Senate, Staff Council, Student Senate, community leaders and media.  Dr. Rice noted Dr. Khator’s office has requested we select 3 university or community activities for Dr. Khator to visit in her first 100 days in office.  Dr. Rice also noted she has been working with Austin Community College on clarification of the “Try UHV Scholarships” for 10 faculty/staff and 20 students.   

Mr. Beran
reminded cabinet members of the upcoming budget hearing scheduled for January 29 and 30.  He reported 5 architectural firms made presentations for the new Economic Development Center Building in Victoria.  UHV has made a recommendation on an architectural firm to the System and System will make the final decision.  Mr. Beran stated Ms. Toni Wyer, Comptroller, will present travel policies at the January 23 cabinet meeting.  

Ms. White said the first meeting of the Student Senate is scheduled for January 16 where meeting and election dates will be scheduled.

Dr. Dahlstrom reported the library will be closed on Thursday, January 10, due to additional electrical outlets and a panel being installed on the second floor of the library.

Dean Di Leo reported enrollment for the School of Arts and Sciences was looking good with the ratio of online to face-to-face classes being  7 to 1.  He noted UHV had received excellent coverage on the television and the newspaper concerning the new Spanish courses being offered this spring.  He encouraged faculty and staff to take advantage of this opportunity.  Dean Di Leo noted he had sent out a call to the Society for Critical Exchange to participate in presenting papers at the annual convention at the Modern Language Association annual convention.  The spring 2008 American Book Review Reading Series presenters are - Thomas Williams, January 24; David M. Oshinsky, February 28; Lance Olsen, April 3; and Farnoosh Moshiri, April 24.  Dean Di Leo stated an ABR fund raising event is being planned at the Nave Museum by the community members.

Dr. Ramamoorthy
said the Faculty Senate has a meeting scheduled for next week.

Ms. Smith
reported the reclassification requests have been sent to the compensation consultant for review.  The Employee Awards ceremony was briefly discussed on whether the traditional way this event has been handled be altered.  With UHV’s growth, the recognizing of those employees with 5, 10, 15, and 20 + years has become rather long.  It was decided 5 year recipients would be recognized by name and presented an award, information on 10 and 15 year recipients would be collected as in the past but edited down for presenting, bios would only be used for those with 20 + years of service.  

Ms. Norgard had no additional report.

Dean Bullock reported enrollment in the School of Business Administration is up by 19% over this time last year.  New programs in SoBA, Enrollment in the MS Economic Development and Entrepreneurship is up to 42 students and the Global MBA has 59 students.  The China programs are starting to pay off with 3 students scheduled for this spring and 50 students scheduled for next fall.  Dean Bullock noted BusinessWeek Magazine is going global.

Dr. LaBrecque apprised the cabinet that Dr. Jeanette Hartshorn has resigned her position as Director of Nursing.  Dr. Hartshorn will report to President Hudson and serve as a consultant for Allied Health.  A search for the Dean of Nursing will be chaired by Dean Charles Bullock.  In the interim, Dr. Denise Neill will serve as co-director for Victoria and Dr. Linda Dune will be the co-director for the Sugar Land campus until August 31, 2008.  Dr. Neill’s interim role will also include serving as a member of the President’s Cabinet.  Dr. LaBrecque also reported UHV’s School of Nursing was approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in December.  She informed cabinet Nursing is in the process of hiring two new faculty members for the spring semester.  The masters and the Alternate Entry BSN programs will begin this summer.    

Dr. Hudson noted he had a good meeting with the Nursing faculty and they were to be commended on their interest in the transition and working together in their support of UHV’s Nursing program.  He reiterated his thanks to everyone for their work at the fall commencement stating Senator Cornyn’s newsletter had coverage of the December 9 UHV commencement service.  Dr. Hudson noted we need to make a decision on the tuition issue as soon as possible.  He announced he had agreed to lead another SACS on-site visit and is serving on a state-wide committee on transition issues. 

Dr. Hudson reminded cabinet members back in July he had requested cabinet supervisors provide him with how they share internal communications and urged those that had not done so to please submit them to Dr. Rice.

During the cabinet meeting a discussion ensued on students being zapped for nonpayment.  It was recommended to delay the zap date, like last semester, for an additional week.  Cabinet agreed to the delay and decided to take under advisement, to see if there was a financial impact by moving the payment date to the last Friday of the first week of classes. 

Meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton