President's Cabinet Minutes

9:00 a.m., Wednesday, August 8, 2007
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Beran, Dahlstrom, R. Faulk, Hudson, LaBrecque, Phillips, Rice, Smith, Stansell, White

Absent:  Bullock, Di Leo, Ferguson, Gunasekera, Hartshorn

I.  Organizational Business

Dr. Stansell moved and Dr. Dahlstrom seconded to approve the minutes of the July 25 meeting as written.
Motion carried unanimously

II. Business

A.  Procedures for Obtaining Information Requested by UHS Regents

Dr. Hudson shared a memo from Interim Chancellor Rudley concerning communication between System, university administrators, and members of the Board of Regents. This memo states if anyone other than the chancellor or his office receives a request from a regent or the Board office, that person is to notify Sandra Gates, in the Chancellor’s office, as soon as possible of the request.  This procedure was initiated to eliminate duplicated efforts and to ensure accurate information is provided.  Once notified, Ms. Gates will provide the requested information to ensure the response is appropriate and timely.   

B.     Employees’ Use of UHV Facilities for Prayer

Dr. LaBrecque reported UHS Legal Affairs has responded to a request for legal analysis on whether to allow employees to form a Rosary Group to conduct prayer meetings and whether UHV should allow online postings of religious messages on  Per Legal Affairs Vice Chancellor Dona Hamilton’s memo, UHV should not prevent the Rosary Group from conducting prayer meetings as long as they are conducted in the designated free speech areas, the outdoor patio or the UHV student organization room. Legal also advised that UHV should not restrict the online postings due to possibly being accused of engaging in impermissible viewpoint discrimination.

III. Roundtable Discussion

Dr. Hudson
announced there would be a luncheon today to discuss the downward expansion of UHV with Interim UHS Chancellor John Rudley, UHS Regent Morgan Dunn O’Connor, The Victoria College President Jimmy Goodson, and President of The Victoria College Board Kay McHaney.  At the luncheon a draft joint resolution would be prepared to share with the media.  Dr. Hudson encouraged cabinet members to provide any and all input to him or to The Victoria College. He also encouraged anyone interested in community issues to attend the 7:30 a.m., Tuesday morning, Victoria Partnership meetings held at 700 Main Street.  Dr. Hudson also announced the BOR had approved UHV’s budget for 2008 and that we got everything we asked for. Official approval of the budget will be at the August 16 Board of Regents meeting.   It was announced that the University of Houston-Clear Lake has a new provost, Dr. Carl Stockton.  Dr. Hudson announced our next Special Items request will be for a DNA Lab.  With our success for this year’s Special Items request approved, we are going to try to repeat with a focus on the DNA Lab. At the last BOR meeting it was announced the Chancellor’s Search is on target and the goal continues to be to have someone in place by January.  

Dr. Rice
announced the new President’s Regional Advisory Board (PRAB) members—

--Ron Hyde, a South Texas businessman from Kenedy, who is co-founder and president of  Texas Air Patrol; the general partner in Greater Texas Equities and CEO of several credit unions;

--Arlene Marshall, president of Calhoun County Economic Development in Port Lavaca;

--Janet Leatherwood, vice-president and chief nursing officer of Methodist Sugar Land Hospital; and,

--Charles Darcy, Chief Operating Officer of DeTar Healthcare System and Administrator of DeTar Hospital North in Victoria.

Dr. Rice reported she is still checking on the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment.  She also announced Victoria’s convocation is scheduled for September 6.

Dr. Stansell
reported he had met with Ed Hugetz, UH Associate Vice Chancellor of Planning/University Outreach; John Antel, Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; and Bob Wimpelberg, UH Dean of Education; Dr. LaBrecque; and Dr. Di Leo on the delivery of courses in Sugar Land. The group agreed to consider offering UH's specialized 4-8 programs as well as UHV's 4-8 Generalist program, and to work together on the delivery of courses after reviewing the curricula of both campuses for the 4-8 and 8-12 certification programs.  Dr. LaBrecque will write up the agreement to be reviewed at the next Provost Council meeting. Dr. Stansell noted at the Open House at Cinco Ranch the only faculty members in attendance were UHV’s and all of our Cinco Ranch faculty were present.

Dr. Hudson
welcomed Randy Faulk back to the Cabinet as the new Chair of the Staff Council for 2008.

Mr. Faulk
announced the officers of the Staff Council for the upcoming year.

            --Vice Chair, Denise Prescott

            --Secretary, Vangie Kolesar

            --Exempt Representative, June Cernosek

            --Nonexempt Representative, Shirley Jung

He also reported there will be a UHS Staff Executive Council meeting on August 16. 

Ms. White
shared with the cabinet there is a business meeting of the Student Senate scheduled for August 15 where they will assemble 200 school packets for distribution at all UHV campuses.  She reported invitations had been sent to the different units requesting information to be included in the packets.  A special election has been scheduled for the first week of September to finish filling the 8 remaining open positions on the Student Senate. 

Mr. Phillips
updated cabinet on the relocation of April Bagwell to Austin.  The relocation will take place sometime in early fall with recruitment assignments being made through the deans.  Mr. Phillips said an email had been sent to cabinet members inviting them to attend the August 22 Houston Astros vs. the Washington Nationals game where our Coach Terry Puhl will throw out the first pitch and UHV’s new athletic logo will be featured on the big screen.  UHV will have one bus leaving for Houston around 3:00 p.m. and returning around midnight.  Seating will be limited on the bus but he encouraged everyone to attend.   Additional discounted tickets can be purchased.  Mr. Phillips noted it would soon be time for the kick off of the annual Friends of the University campaign, and he asked that all Cabinet members consider participating to the extent they could as 100% Cabinet participation sends a compelling message to other prospective donors.  Faculty/staff participation has been integral to the 60% increase in giving to the university achieved so far this year.

Dr. Dahlstrom
indicated the movers will be on campus Thursday to move the Media Collection.

Mr. Beran
shared the following on the relocation of offices—

            --Media Collections will move to the Library

            --LEAD will move into two classrooms on the first floor of University West

--Athletics Department will move into LEAD’s area on the first floor of University Center

            --Marketing will temporarily move in with the Athletics Department

--Office of University Advancement, Human Resources and Training and Continuing Education, and Marketing will all move into the remodeled Media Collections old area

--American Book Review will move into the Human Resources vacated area, and the ABR Library will move into the Training and CE location

      --The current OUA area will convert back to a conference room with interactive TV.

Mr. Beran reported that UHSSL marketing is not working and that UHV will partner with UH and Joe Pogge this fall in revamping the marketing strategies. He also shared a handout on the UHV Mandatory Training Schedule that noted as of September 1 all UHV employees will be required to participate in online training.  Completion of required training classes will be monitored.   Mr. Beran provided cabinet with an update on the upcoming year’s budget, acknowledging we are a very healthy growing institution with a budget of $32 million up by $6,702,646.  Due to time constraints, Mr. Beran briefly covered the Annual Strategic Plan for 2007-2008.   

Ms. Smith announced they were verifying the accuracy of the budget into the HR PeopleSoft System for the upcoming year.  She also announced August 9 there will be a Corporate Cup Kickoff Party and August 17 will be the deadline for summer enrollment to make changes to your benefits.

Dr. LaBrecque said UHV has hired 8 new faculty members for FY 08, some of the faculty positions were replacements and some were new hires. She also reported there will be a Deans and Faculty Senate Executive Committee Retreat on August 31.

IV. New PeopleSoft System

Sandy Frieden, Executive Director of PeopleSoft Student Admin Implementation/Change Management, and Craig Ness, PeopleSoft Manager and Executive Director of Academic Budgets and Administration, provided a quick overview concerning the new PeopleSoft system.  Dr. Frieden discussed faculty concerns.  She reported that the login screen on PeopleSoft system has a helpful links list on the left side of the screen with a number to call for help, the Faculty Center Demo, and a Student Center Demo.  The Faculty Center Demo provides a step-by-step online demo on email, rosters, how to submit grades, etc.  For those faculty members that would prefer to train in-person with hands on there will be training in November.  Dr. Frieden will provide a handout of the Faculty Center Demo that will be shared with faculty members and the UHV Admissions and Records office is also developing a step-by-step handout sheet to assist students with the PeopleSoft system.  Mr. Ness indicated where we are going with PeopleSoft and identified passwords are the largest complaints, followed by familiarization with the system.  He also reported we are on target and they are working on getting everyone access to the queries that need them. 

The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton