President's Cabinet Minutes

9:30 a.m., Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Optional Meeting Minutes


Present:  Dahlstrom, Ferguson, Hartshorn, Hudson, Phillips, Rice

Guests:   Kazmir, Puhl, Walyuchow

I.   Business

Mr. Walyuchow shared with the group a preview of our Jaguars Athletics Logo.  He explained who was involved, the process taken, the designs, and the logo. 

A.     Who was Involved

-Pogge Marketing, who was responsible for Houston Texans logo

B.  Process

-Five local designers submitted minimum of five elements each, 2 icons, two fonts, and one combined icon and font.

-Allowed for the possibility of combining elements from designers

            -All design submissions are UHV property

C.     Designers

-Were allowed three weeks to submit their ideas

-Were not constrained to UHV colors

D.     Jaguar Logo

-After review by Pogge Marketing, athletic coaches, and Student Senate there was one designer’s icon and font that was unanimously selected         

- UHV’s official colors are violet, red, and gold; athletics will emphasize red and gold  

E.  Next Step

-To come up with merchandising items, caps and trinkets, and create a backdrop with the Jaguar and UHV logos

-Uniforms will follow with the design and unveiling in the fall

F.  Roll Out

      Will be in two phases:

·        Victoria, August 21
-Press conference in the Multipurpose Room
-August 22 morning radio appearance of Coach Lambeth

·        Houston, August 22
-Midafternoon press conference at Minute Maid Park prior to the Astros vs. Nationals game
-Coach Puhl will throw out the first pitch of the Astros game
-Coach Puhl also appears on Astros radio and TV broadcasts
-August 23 Coach Puhl to appear on Houston area radio as a follow-up

II. Discussion

--Dr. Hudson complemented the logo process and expressed his appreciation for the professionalism and the speed in which it was undertaken. 

--There was some discussion on the omission of the color purple in the logo and Mr. Walyuchow explained that marketing said UHV did not have a strong identity with the color purple.  He also said it is common for athletic programs to expand the basic color pallet.

--Dr. Hudson noted he would like to see UHV organize a student/community event for the August 22 game.

--Coach Puhl announced that the Astros Caravan would visit UHV in January.  Two or three of the current players will make presentations. 

-- It was announced that currently we have signed 24 players with 3 from Victoria, 2 from Cuero, 2 from Wharton, and 1 international player from Venezuela.  Dr. Hudson noted it was fair to say that these students would not be attending UHV if it wasn’t for our new athletic program.  Mr. Walyuchow reported that we have had students as far away as Canada and California that are interested in our program.  He also said we have received 60 high school freshmen hits on our web site.

--Future items for discussion will cover:  housing, currently we have 40 students that need housing, scheduling, and tickets.

Submitted by:  K. Walton