President's Cabinet Minutes

9:30 a.m., Wednesday, May 9, 2007
Meeting Minutes


Present:  Bean, Bullock, Dahlstrom, Ferguson, Gunasekera, Hudson, LaBrecque, Ochoa, Pantel, Phillips, Rice, Smith, Stansell

Absent:  Di Leo, Hartshorn

I.  Organizational Business

Dr. Bullock moved and Mr. Phillips seconded to approve the minutes of April 25, 2007 as presented.
Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

A.  Insights Discovery—Kori Wilson

Ms. Wilson presented an overview to the cabinet on the Insights Discovery System which is based on a psychological types theory.   This system offers a range of programs and workshops that will enable each individual to understand their own personality, to identify other personality types, and to adapt to various communication needs.  Insights provides advice on people development issues, including—personal effectiveness, team dynamics, culture analysis, and transformational leadership.

B.     American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment—Dr. Margaret Rice

Dr. Rice reported that President Hudson has been invited to participate in a leadership role, along with other presidents and chancellors of colleges and universities, in addressing the fight against global warming.  The American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment are requesting colleges and universities provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to address these challenges in planning for the future.  There would be commitments each institution would be required to follow.  It was noted that if UHV decides to follow through with this endeavor it would be one of the first institutions in the state of Texas to do so.

Dr. Hudson requested feedback concerning this item to be shared with Dr. Rice.

C.     Summer Flex Schedule—Karen Pantel

Ms. Pantel reported back, at Dr. Hudson’s request, as to whether Admissions had received any negative feedback on closing at noon last summer.  She reported that Admissions had not received any negative feedback concerning the early closure.  Ms. Pantel also reported that UHSSL and UHSCR will not participate in the UHV’s Summer Flex Schedule.  It was requested that Admissions start back a week earlier than the other units.

Dr. Dahlstrom reported the library hours will be a little different in that the library will close at 1:00 p.m. on Fridays.

Permission was granted to disperse the 2007 Summer Flex Schedule.

D.  Faculty Council Report—Dr. Richard Gunasekera

Dr. Gunasekera announced that the Faculty Senate had invited Dr. Don Birx to present at one of their meetings and shared a handout of the presentation titled “Influencing the Advancement of Research.” He also briefly reviewed a handout titled “A Test of Leadership, Charting the Future of U.S. Higher Education.”  Dr. Gunasekera read to the cabinet members a Faculty Research Resolution that had been passed by the Faculty Council.  Discussion followed concerning research institutions and research grants.  Dr. Gunasekera also shared with President Hudson and Provost LaBrecque a copy of another Faculty Council Resolution dealing with evaluations and conditions of employment. 


 UHV Faculty Council Meeting, May 4, 2007, Research Resolution:

The UHV faculty senate resolve that as UHV moves forwards towards becoming a research institution, and as faculty are called upon to do more research, that faculty members be provided with incentives to carry out research in all possible and acceptable methods, especially according to the following mechanisms followed by other sister institutions in the system:

·        UHV set up a research institute foundation (or use the current UH System Foundation) for faculty to submit a grant, where the faculty member will be a consultant to the foundation (faculty are allowed to consult 1 day a week and earn approximately 2 months pay at UH).

·        Where the faculty member serves as co-PI or a consultant outside of the area they are in

·        Where UHV makes a policy that allows for an overload for faculty working on grant proposals and/or research grant.

UHV Faculty Council Resolutions, May 4, 2007:

UHV Faculty Council resolves that changes in evaluations or any changes in conditions of employment should not be retroactive but the faculty should have adequate notice and adequate time to meet the standards of the changes. 
Nags Ramamoorthy/Mary Natividad

 Motion:  Faculty Council affirms that the scope of the grievance committee includes all faculty related appeals including P&T. 
 Mel Damodaran/Bud Fairlamb Passed Unanimously

Second reading of the motion at next meeting.  President of faculty council to present this proposal to the provost & president. 
E.  Policy C-29, Employee-Time and Effort Reporting

Policy C-29, Employee-Time and Effort Reporting had been tabled at the last cabinet meeting at Dr. Gunasekera’s request.  This policy is to establish time and effort reporting by UHV employees’ in accordance with state and federal laws.  Dr. Gunasekera reported there were no modifications or changes requested by the Faculty Senate.  Dr. LaBrecque moved to pass Policy C-29, as presented, and was seconded by Dr. Stansell.  No objections.

III. Roundtable Discussion

Mr. Ferguson
announced the LEARN contract has cleared legal and the work will begin on the bandwidth project next week. He also reported a computer had been stolen from the University Center Computer Lab.  Mr. Ferguson noted there had also been a loss of hard drives and that drives are now being locked down.  Mr. Ferguson announced that UHV had been trying out an anti-spam hardware and is getting ready to try a different hardware before going to the Budget Committee with a recommendation.

Dr. Rice
reminded cabinet of the May 12 UHV Commencement with Professor Andrei Codrescu as guest speaker.  Dr. Rice announced a good visit with Austin Community College concerning the online Adult Education Certification.  She indicated that UHV plans to continue to enrich this partnership.  Dr. Rice touched on a possible BAAS articulation program with Citizens Medical Center Radiology Technology Education department and the School of Arts and Sciences.  Dr. Rice reminded cabinet of the invitation by Joe Bean from Victoria Advocate for faculty to write guest columns when issues in their particular fields are in the news.

Dr. Stansell reported a good meeting with Austin Community College and announced the first online course would be offered in spring of 2008.  A possible doctoral program for the School of Education and Human Development in Adult Education is being considered.  He also announced the Reading position has been filled.

Mr. Ochoa
announced a great turnout for the Fiesta Day in spite of the weather.  He also announced a Faculty and Staff Appreciation Breakfast were being hosted by the Student Senate to express their gratitude for service and support.  Mr. Ochoa reported the last meeting of the year for the Student Senate will be held at UHSSL.  He also announced that Delores White will take over as Student Senate President and that this would be his last cabinet meeting.  He thanked Dr. Hudson for including the Student Senate representative on the cabinet and thanked the cabinet for their kindness for making his first experience with a board an enjoyable, learning experience. 

Dr. Hudson thanked Mr. Ochoa for the outstanding job he has done in his role as the Student Senate President.

Mr. Phillips
provided the following updates—

§         The UH/UTSA baseball game raised approximately $20,000 for athletics and 

§         The upcoming UHV Jaguar Invitational and Celebrity Roast and golf tournament is
  expected to raise $30,000 or more for athletics

§         We have received $70,000 from the Greater Texas Foundation and have opportunity
for more

§         We have received a $5,000 pledge to the American Book Review from the O’Connor and Hewitt Foundation

Dr. Dahlstrom reported he had attended the American Library Association Legislative Day in Washington, D.C., where he attended the Association of College and Research Libraries luncheon and program.

Dr. Bullock reported summer enrollment growth at 10% above projection and 22% ahead of last year for the School of Business Administration.  He also stated new student enrollment has doubled and the school will be opening new sections to accommodate this growth. 

Mr. Beran
announced that Wharton County Junior College is on board with the lease rate of the new building at UHSSL and he is currently working with legal on the issue.  He reported there has not been an agreement on the library ground lease swap with Fort Bend Junior College.   He also advised the cabinet that more than likely we will not make the 15-month build out as predicted, that it now appears the move in date for the new UHSSL building will be in December.  Mr. Beran said UHV now has a marketing consultant on board for a year.  The consultant will be at UHV for six months, and then allow UHV to work on its own for four months, then return to UHV for two months to do an evaluation. 

Ms. Pantel
reminded cabinet that the Summer Flex Schedule would start on May 16.  She also reminded everyone that UHV was hosting the University System Staff Executive Council (USSEC) meeting in conjunction with the Board of Regents meeting on May 17.  She noted that Mr. Charles Henry, USSEC Chair, had extended an invitation to all the campus presidents to meet with USSEC members prior to the BOR meeting. 

Ms. Smith
reported that the compensation consultant had completed the classification reviews.  She will now start working on the market study of the review.

Dr. LaBrecque
reported that by spring 2008 the University of Houston- Downtown would no longer be offering classes at the UHSSL campus.  Dr. LaBrecque noted she has a meeting scheduled with the UHSSL staff and that it was important that we have a strong united front during this transitional period and that every student be supported to finish their degree.  She also mentioned with this change that UHV and UH both want to be the lead institution for the Education degree program.  Dr. LaBrecque noted there will be a big shift in marketing to help develop this site.  Dr. LaBrecque announced that she was making a recommendation to President Hudson that Dr. Jeffrey Di Leo be hired as the dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, effective fall 2007.  She indicated that this had been a thorough and thoughtful process and that everyone’s input mattered, that with the exception of Dean Stansell all dean hires have been internal hires.  Dr. Hudson indicated he appreciated Dr. LaBrecque’s recommendation and that he would take it under consideration.

Dr. Hudson,
when asked about the chancellor search as to who would serve as interim chancellor, reported he had not heard any rumors and that the consultant would make a recommendation on the interim period.  Dr. Hudson also expressed kudos to Dr. Di Leo for managing to obtain Professor Andrei Codrescu as UHV’s commencement speaker.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton