President's Cabinet Minutes

9:30 a.m., Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Meeting Minutes


Present:  Di Leo, Gunasekera, Hartshorn, Hudson, LaBrecque, Ochoa, Pantel, Phillips, Rice, Smith, Stansell

Absent:  Beran, Bullock, Dahlstrom, Ferguson

I.  Organizational Business

Karen Pantel moved that the minutes of February 28, 2007 be approved as written and Laura Smith seconded.
Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

     Electronic Voucher Approvals by Managers—Toni Wyer, Debbie Jozwiak, Vangie Kolesar

Ms. Wyer announced that June 1 is the implementation date for the online approval of PeopleSoft vouchers.

Ms. Jozwiak provided information and an overview of the steps administrators will take to initiate the new electronic voucher approval. Highlights covered:

--The new online approval can be accessed remotely  
--An email is generated when a voucher is sent to the manager notifying them a voucher needs approval
--Managers will have to log into the password protected area to approve the vouchers
--Vouchers with multiple cost centers will still require signed paper copies; otherwise no paper is involved in the electronic voucher approval process 

Ms. Jozwiak urged everyone to use ProCards as much as possible to eliminate the need for multiple vouchers.

With the new approval process there is the option to “Approve,” “Deny,” or “Recycle.”  Dr. Hudson reminded everyone to insure the integrity of the “Comments” section when denying or recycling vouchers.

B.  Discussion and/or Approval of Policy C-29, Employee-Time and Effort Reporting—Angela Hartmann

Ms. Hartmann announced due to audit findings a section pertaining to sponsored projects was being implemented and shared copies of the current policy, with changes noted, and the newly revised policy.  She stated that UHV is the only campus without time and effort reporting.  In order to adhere to current UH policies and fulfill the need of UHV requirements this new policy reflects UHD’s policy.  

Dr. Richard Gunasekera requested to have this policy addressed at a later date in order for Faculty Senate to have time to review the document. This item will be brought back to the table for action at the April 25 meeting.

C. Assessment Survey Presentation

The Survey Committee was specifically organized to assess the effectiveness of UHV’s marketing and recruiting initiatives by reviewing, revising, and/or developing student and alumni surveys.  Members of the Assessment Committee, Marci Wallace, Andria Young, Sarah May, Harry Bashaw, Carolyn Fritz, Tong-Ai Zhang, and Holly Verhasselt, were present to address any comments, questions, or suggestions concerning the assessment surveys. The committee’s recommendation consisted of four survey instruments:  New Student Survey, with the concentration on student incoming services, employment information, marketing and recruiting vehicles; Graduation/Exit Survey, which pays attention to the effectiveness of various services, advising, career planning and placement; Opinion Survey, which deals with current student services and class preferences; and an Alumni Survey, focuses on alumni services and the value of an UHV degree.  All surveys will be offered online or by paper and pencil. 

Cabinet decided not to use the term "assessment" and it was noted that these surveys are not to take the place of the individual assessments used by the schools. 

Discussion centered on the fact that UHV has not participated in a national survey since 2002.  It was agreed that since measuring engagement is one aspect of SACS, that UHV will participate in a national survey once every three to five years. 

The cabinet agreed to move forward with the surveys, starting fall 2007 with the New Student Survey.  The Opinion Survey will be distributed by mid fall 2007, with the Graduation/Exit Survey by December 2007.  The Alumni Survey will be distributed a year after graduation. 

Institutional Research will house all survey data results.  In the planning stage is a shared network that would provide survey results.

Dr. Hudson and the cabinet members thanked the committee for their hard work and dedication in this endeavor.

III. Roundtable Discussion

Dr. Hudson reported he had attended a tuition meeting on the main campus where the Board of Regents approved tuition increases up to 7.9%.  He addressed the roll students’ play in supporting tuition increases, noting that a significant percent of their tuition goes to faculty and staff salaries. He encouraged faculty support for student organizations and commencements.  Dr. Hudson also announced the MITC discussions are still on track and that it is a work in progress.  He brought to the cabinet’s attention that he would be attending the Board of Regents Retreat on April 22-23.  Dr. Hudson indicated that one topic to be discussed will be performance based funding.  He noted that performance evaluations will gradually be phased in as part of an accountability issue and funded research will have to be demonstrated.  Dr. Hudson reminded cabinet of the Sugar Land Groundbreaking ceremonies on April 20.  He also updated the cabinet on the departure of Chancellor Gogue and indicated the Board of Regents will hire a consultant search firm to conduct the search as well as give recommendation for the interim.  The goal is to fill the position by January 2008.  One issue being discussed by the BOR was creating a true chancellor/president format in lieu of the current format.  Dr. Hudson assured the cabinet that UHV will be represented on the search, in that he had recommended Dr. Richard Gunasekera, UFEC President and UHV Faculty Senate President, to serve on the search committee.  Dr. Hudson noted that UHV’s major strategic incentives are moving forward and Chancellor Gouge’s leaving is not going to cause us a problem.

Dr. Rice handed out a copy of a letter from Joe Bean, of the Victoria Advocate, announcing they are renaming their Editorial page to the Viewpoints page.   Mr. Bean is the Editor of the Viewpoints and Books Pages and has invited faculty to write guest columns when issues in their particular fields are in the news.  Dr. Rice shared an article from The Southern Regional Education Board on “Making the Grade: Online Education in the United States” and pointed out that the article indicated that online learning has yet to peak and that these programs continue to grow.  (This article can be downloaded from  Dr. Rice also shared excerpts from Sean A. Fanelli’s “Bringing the Community College Baccalaureate into Focus” article from the Winter 2007, The Presidency, The American Council on Education’s Magazine for Higher Education Leaders.  Dr. Hudson indicated this is already happening in Texas. The discussion that followed centered on what evidence we are going to have to provide students when they ask why they should get a degree from UHV when they could pay less for a baccalaureate degree from a community college.  

 Dr. Stansell announced the School of Education and Human Development have four faculty vacancies, with one position filled, an offer extended, and possible candidates for the other two positions.  Dr. Stansell also updated the cabinet on the math recruiting.  Currently La Joya ISD has 20 students enrolled and Katy ISD have 21 applications, with a number of applications for the online Master Mathematics Teacher program, as well as some applications for the M.Ed. program.       

Dr. Hartshorn reported an ad hoc committee has been formed to meet with faculty to assist with furthering their research.  She also announced they are several grant proposals out.

Mr. Ochoa
announced Student Senate elections will be held next week.  He also encouraged cabinet members to attend the Fiesta Day celebration, on April 25. Entertainment for this event will be the Memorial High School Ballet Folklorico, with special guest the Wayanay Inkas from San Antonio.

Mr. Phillips updated the cabinet that we have acquired $34 million, one million short of our “Building Futures Together” campaign goal.  He also noted that UHV would be realigning their goals to include the American Book Review and the Athletic program.

Dr. Di Leo announced the two new Arts and Sciences programs, Spanish and Digital Gaming, are going through the curricula process.  He also reported he had attended the 2007 Association of Intercollegiate Athletics National Convention in Kansas City, KS, as UHV’s faculty representative.  Dr. Di Leo reminded cabinet that Raymond Federman, winner of the American Book Review, will be our April speaker for the American Book Review Reading Series and that the 21st Annual Martin De Leon Symposium on the Humanities will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2007.  Dr. Di Leo announced that Psi Chi, national honor society for psychology students, is back in operations.  He also stated the London Study Abroad Program consortium is full with about 80 students.

Ms. Pantel
announced the last Staff Council meeting had 26 in attendance.  She also encouraged people to use the Master Calendar when scheduling meetings to ensure there are no conflicting appointments. Ms. Pantel also reported that Staff Council had voted to continue the Summer Flex Schedule.  This item will be discussed further at the next cabinet meeting.  Travel cards were briefly discussed but this item was tabled for future discussion.  Ms. Pantel also reminded cabinet that come and go PASS Workshops were scheduled for April 12. 

Ms. Smith announced compensation reviews are underway, with the market study to follow.  She stated the consultant is making process with the classification reviews; additional information may be needed, but is hopeful to have this information completed by the following week.  Cabinet members were also reminded that evaluations have been moved to fall instead of spring to be consistent with fiscal year and to assist with the budget review process.

Dr. Gunasekera
thanked the president and provost for their support of the first UFEC International Education Conference.  He also announced there had been a few Faculty Senate election issues but they had been taken care of.  The next Faculty Senate meeting is scheduled for April 27 and the next Faculty Council meeting will be May 4. 

Dr. LaBrecque
announced with the schools taking on more and Chari Norgard working on recruiting and retention, she had invited Dr. Joneel Harris, retired University of North Texas Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, to visit UHV.  Dr. Harris will provide input on how student services could work more efficiently and effectively on recruiting and retaining students.  She will also share her experience in PeopleSoft to advice on what we are doing well and what we can improve on. Dr. LaBrecque also reported that the Academic Council is working on ways to handling appeals and how to streamline the appeal process.  She also announced the Provost Council agreed, pending the second reading, to place UHV’s Nursing Master’s Degree Proposal on the agenda for the May 17 Board of Regents meeting, which is being held in Victoria.  

Dr. Hudson
announced we had 92 people turn out for the March 29 “Off the Clock” event at the Rosebud.  He thanked Dr. Stansell and noted the great faculty turn out.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton