President's Cabinet Minutes

9:30 a.m., Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Meeting Minutes


Present:  Bullock, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Gunasekera, Hartshorn, Hudson, LaBrecque, Ochoa, Rice, Smith, Stansell

Absent:  Beran, Pantel, Phillips

I.  Organizational Business

Dr. Suzanne LaBrecque moved that the minutes of February 14, 2007 be approved as written and Dr. Jeanette Hartshorn seconded.
Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

     Tuition and Fees—Tim Hudson

Dr. Hudson shared with the cabinet that he will present to the President’s Regional Advisory Board on March 6 at UHSSL on tuition and fee rates. He also announced that there is a Special Called Board of Regents meeting on April 3 on tuition.

Dr. LaBrecque stated that UHV’s tuition is low and below state average and that Texas is low by national status.

B.     Faculty Practice—Jeanette Hartshorn

Dr. Hartshorn presented a PowerPoint presentation titled “Faculty Practice,” which included a faculty model that integrated teaching, research, and practice.  In keeping with this model, she discussed her current role at UHV, her clinical operations, and telemedicine.

III. Roundtable Discussion

Mr. Ferguson announced the current bandwidth, with the addition of the 2 T1’s, is better than before, with the nursing videos now still buffering but not disconnecting.  He also noted that we are still on track to bring in high speed bandwidth by the end of April.

Dr. Rice noted a follow-up to the calendar report presented, at the last cabinet meeting:  A memo to university presidents from Raymund A. Paredes, Commission of Higher Education, stated that in response to concerns over recent legislation that has changed the official starting date of the fall term for secondary schools in Texas, he is allowing up to a ten day variance from the current Common Calendar start date for Fall 2008--institutions of higher education may begin their fall semesters on any date between August 25 and September 3 in 2008.  Dr. Rice also encouraged cabinet members to continue providing interest stories about our students.

Dr. Stansell furnished a report on the State Board for Educator Certification for 2005 indicating UHV with a 99% pass rate.  This pass rate places UHV in Quartile I among Texas universities.  He reported that it appears the 2006 pass rate will be close to the 2005 pass rate. In preparation for this test, Dr. Stansell stated that the SoEHD have their own test and provide tutoring and remediation.  He also noted that students are allowed to take the certification exam as many times as needed.

Mr. Ochoa announced that the Student Senate now has representation from UHSSL and UHSCR.  He also shared with the cabinet that he had received a letter from Representative Hochberg in support of HB 956.  He explained this seven point HB addresses reducing the cost of college textbooks.  A few points Mr. Ochoa mentioned concerning the house bill was consideration of the cost of textbooks, only those textbooks used in a course would be required purchases, consideration of the use of open access publications, and textbooks will have a three-year life. 

Dr. Hartshorn indicated that Dr. Richard Gunasekera and Dr. Siva Somasundaram’s National Institute of Health Grant had been approved. 

Dr. Di Leo
announced the two SoAS open houses hosted in Victoria and Sugar Land were well received.  Dr. Di Leo shared that he is hopeful to hear next week on the gaming proposal and that the Arts and Science faculty members were excited about the Spanish proposal.  Currently the Spanish proposal is under review by the Undergraduate Affairs Committee.  Dr. Di Leo urged everyone to attend the UHV/ABR Reading Series on March 8 with Angela Ball. 

Dr. Dahlstrom provided a handout on Victoria College Enrollment from 1999 to 2006 and reported that the headcount numbers were based on majors and that some may be part-time students.  He indicated more information would be provided on those Victoria College students that transfer and where they go.

Dr. Gunasekera advised cabinet of the Senate meeting for March 2 and noted that the Senate meets three times a semester. Dr. Gunasekera suggested that qualified administrators also teach a course (i.e., Deans, VPs, President) in their field so that they too will have a real feel for 21st century’s teaching including an online presence on WebCT.  This way an administrator can also get to know the student body in this small institution first hand.  At least administrators, who do not teach at all, can plan to give a series of seminars in a related topic in a given course to achieve the above goals.  Dr. Gunasekera would be willing to work with the deans and registrar to create such courses for teaching for the administrators.  Another goal would be to increase SCHs and class offerings at UHV.

Dr. LaBrecque mentioned that some administrators are already teaching, that deans already teach at least one course per year.

Dr. Bullock reported SoBA has 101 applications for the summer versus 37 last year at this time.  He also announced that we now have 10 students in the Mexico program, and we hope to recruit up to 20 additional students through our recruiting trip in April.  We are still waiting on program approval from the government. Dr. Bullock announced he had recently presented at the Southwest Business Deans meeting in San Antonio on staff and faculty strategies. 

President Hudson complimented the SoBA on their applicants for open positions, stating they were solid candidates and commended the school for requiring Spanish with publications as a requirement.

Ms. Smith
reminded the cabinet that performance evaluations and reclassification requests were due.  She announced the PeopleSoft HR upgrade was to be up and running by March 5.

Dr. LaBrecque
reported on enrollment for spring 2007, stating we were up significantly in student credit hours from last spring and what we had budgeted.  She thanked those that were involved with the Intrasession and reminded the cabinet that even small numbers make a big difference.  Dr. LaBrecque also mentioned that Dr. Linda Hayes, Assistant Professor in the School of Business Administration, was working with the provost and deans to assess distributed learning needs and how instructional support services need to be structured to better serve faculty, staff, and students.  This project is to be completed in five months, March thru July 2007. 

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton