President's Cabinet Minutes

9:30 A.M., Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Meeting Minutes


Present: Beran, Bullock, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Gunasekera, Hartshorn, Hudson, LaBrecque, Ochoa, Phillips, Smith, Stansell

Absent:  Pantel, Rice

I.  Organizational Business

Dr. Di Leo moved and Dr. Bullock seconded to approve the minutes of January 10, 2007 as presented.
Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

     “Off the Clock”—Sarah May

Ms. May reminded the cabinet that the next “Off the Clock” event will be hosted at Greek Brothers on January 24.  Dr. Hudson encouraged everyone to bring a guest to create UHV awareness.

Ms. May also announced that on February 17, UHV will be taking one bus to a UH basketball game at the Hoffeineiz Pavilion, for a 5:00 p.m. game against the University of Alabama Blazers.  Students and alumni will have priority seating. 

B.  Colony Creek Country Club Employee Discount—Dick Phillips and Laura Smith

At no cost to the university, Mr. Phillips and Ms. Smith are working with Colony Creek Country Club on employee discount corporate memberships. Current normal full memberships are $156.96 a month; with the discount UHV employees would have full membership privileges for $119.08 a month.  The discount membership includes all right and privileges associated with being a full member; including golf course, restaurant, club house, swimming pool, and driving range.

Dr. Gunasekera requested a similar arrangement be researched for the Sugar Land area.

C.     Perkins Grants—John Stansell

Dr. Stansell indicated some of the SoEHD faculty members were wondering why UHV no longer participated in the Federal Perkins Loan program.  Mr. Beran reported that the university liquidated the program in 2002.  The reason for liquidation was due to the small allocation of funds and the high default rate. 

D.  Higher Education Issues—Tim Hudson

Dr. Hudson announced he had attended a meeting in Austin where for the first time all public university presidents had a meeting with the House Chair.  Senator Judith Zaffirini and Representative Geanie Morrison said base bill includes funding for TRBs.  Dr. Hudson indicated he had worked with the group of presidents on accountability based funding.  He also noted he had pushed for merit funding and allocations rather than allowing legislators to award funding without a demonstrated track-record.

Dr. Hudson reported Ed Hugetz, Grover Campbell, and Donald Birx are working on federal dollars earmarked for a UHV DNA lab. 

III. Roundtable Discussion

Mr. Ferguson announced that he and Mr. Beran will be working with KAVU and CP&L on securing a lease on space for a small telecomm hut and pole space for the external fiber run to the campus.  Otherwise, the bandwidth upgrade project is on track.  Some bad news is that the 2 new T1's that were to be installed by first class day have been delayed due to the holidays and other events.  We're working with DIR and AT&T to get those installed as soon as possible.

Dr. Stansell reported Stephanie Hall the first of three Counseling candidates was on campus for interviews. He also announced Dr. Marty Munoz had resigned and had accepted a position in Colorado at a private institution.   Dr. Stansell also noted he was working with the school districts to enhance teacher education in preventing teaching from succumbing to first year issues and pressures.

Mr. Beran reminded the cabinet that institutional compliance on HUB vendors is still an ongoing issue and that the total numbers of HUBs we use are relatively small in number.  He indicated the System is working on a site to pull vendors together to make it easier to find vendors around this area of the state. Due to the challenging paperwork required to become a HUB vendor, UHV’s Business Services office can assist to make the process easier.  He also shared news on the UHV appropriations bill.  Our tuition revenue bond is at the level we requested.  Mr. Beran announced the ready to occupy deadline for the new Sugar Land building is fall 2008. 

Dr. Hudson thanked Mr. Beran for the good job and the amount of time he has devoted to the new Sugar Land building.  He also reminded the cabinet that currently we have raised $4.8 million toward a $5 million goal.  In spite of this huge accomplishment we are still short $200,000 of our goal for the general building. 

Mr. Phillips shared the following dates:

--February 20, UH System Day in Austin

--February 27, Development Training (Grenzebach representative, Kudless)

--February 28, Victoria Day in Austin

--April 24, UH baseball game with a UHV family tailgating event

Mr. Phillips also shared a sample of a Gift Planning Quick Guide e-brochure and announced there will be a nursing promotion in an upcoming Texas Monthly.    

Mr. Ochoa
had no report to share.

Ms. Hartshorn
updated cabinet on nursing enrollment figures, 15 Victoria and 12 in Sugar Land.

Dr. Dahlstrom announced there is a Texas Library Association Legislative Day in Austin but that he felt the Victoria Day was the most positive in that we would be helping the city and the region.  Dr. Dahlstrom also pointed out that any community agenda items you would like representatives of Victoria to know about should be shared with Mr. Phillips. 

Dr. Bullock
announced that the MBA program was up 14.26%, the BBA was up 9%, and overall up 14% versus 2006.   He also discussed the potential partnership with China on the Global MBA program where students would take 24 hours in China and 30 hours over here.  He touched on the issue of residential halls for the international students. Also noted was the potential problem of the short term visa needed for these students.  During the discussion on residential halls it was also brought to the table the need for athletics and possible Peace Corp housing.

Dr. Di Leo
reported enrollment was good, currently 500 hours are unpaid but when this comes in the School of Arts and Sciences will be up 11%.  He also announced two new programs, Spanish and Digital Gaming, are going to be unveiled at the February 2 Arts and Sciences’ faculty meeting.  Dr. Di Leo reminded the cabinet that Justin Cronin was the first speaker in our speaker series that would include four speakers in the spring.  Andrei Codrescu will be giving the graduate address at the spring commencement and will also be a speaker for the American Book Review.  The widow of the American Book Review has committed $25,000 to the Friends of the American Book Review and UHV will match that amount.

Ms. Smith
reminded the cabinet that the upcoming performance appraisals are due by February 28.  She also shared a copy of the Victoria Independent School District 2007-08 calendar.  Discussion followed on House Bill 1 and how it would affect teachers and students pursuing higher education.  Possible consideration of a 2 ½-3 week intra-session before the January Martin Luther King holiday was also discussed.

Dr. Gunasekera
announced that the Biology Department has a shared research assistant with his collaborator from MD Anderson.  Once Dr. Hartshorn is able to get her a volunteer title she will be working in our laboratories.  Dr. Gunasekera reported he had brought students from Sugar Land to Victoria for his lab class.  Dr. Gunasekera also mentioned faculty members were being invited to Kemah Boardwalk in Clear Lake for a faculty gathering after the UFEC meeting at UHCL on March 30, 2007.

Dr. LaBrecque
reported having attended the Texas Chief Academic Officers Retreat concerning initiatives on higher education.  She shared that the promotion and tenure letters had been sent to Dr. Hudson for his review.  She also noted the deans were working on the SWOT Analysis to fit in UHS documents.  Dr. LaBrecque updated the cabinet that the International Committee is working on sponsoring a meeting and speaker to talk about Fulbright Scholarships and encouraged faculty to attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton