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Student Directory Information Requests by External Agencies

Section: Index D:  Student Services
Subject: D-10  Student Directory Information Requests by External Agencies


The Texas Public Information Act (the "Act") entitles individuals to information about the affairs of government in Texas and the official acts of public officials and employees in Texas, unless otherwise expressly provided by law. A Texas Public Information Act request is a request for public information that is maintained by a Texas governmental agency, such as the University of Houston System and any of its component institutions (e.g., the University of Houston ("UH"), the University of Houston-Downtown ("UHD"), the University of Houston-Clear Lake ("UHCL"), and the University of Houston-Victoria ("UHV")).

The university honors student directory information requests by external agencies. Student listings will include specifically requested information as long as such requests fall within the Texas Public Information Act (*) guidelines and student public information as designated in the UH-Victoria catalog (*). Students who have requested that no directory information be released will not be included in the listings.

* For more information:  Texas Public Information Act requests

Student Directory Information (UHV Course Catalog / Registration and Student Records)


The following procedure will be followed for student directory information requests:

  1. Your request should be in writing and should include the following information:
    1. Your name and mailing address (so we can send you a response)
    2. Your phone number (so we can contact you with questions about how to respond to your request)
    3. A list or description of the specific information you are interested in obtaining, including time periods. Try to be as specific as possible about the information you are seeking. Please also specify which component institution (e.g., UH, UHD, UHCL, UHV) you are seeking the information from.
  2. Your request should be sent to the University of Houston System’s Public Information Act Officer via mail, fax, e-mail, or in person as follows:
    1. By e-mail to
    2. By Fax to (713)743-0726 (Attention: Public Information Act Officer)
    3. By mail to 125 E Cullen Building, Houston, Texas 77204-2021 (Attention: Public Information Act Officer)
    4. To deliver in person:
      Business Services
      University West Building
      Suite 107C
      Victoria, TX 77901
  3. Because a timeline is triggered when the written request is received, the request must be forwarded the same day to the appropriate administrator:
    1. Administrative related - forward to the Director of Business Services.
    2. Academic related - forward to the Provost.
  4. The Provost's Office or the Department of Business Services, as appropriate, will then forward the written request immediately to the UHS Office of General Counsel. Hardcopy requests should be faxed or electronically scanned and transmitted to General Counsel or, if not practical, sent via overnight mail to General Counsel. Requests should include the "Request for OGC Advice" form as a cover letter.
  5. Once the Office of the General Counsel receives the request, that office will coordinate the release of any requested information and will determine whether the information is to be released, or whether it falls within an exception to the Open Records Act. If an exception is claimed, the Office of General Counsel must request an opinion from the Attorney General of Texas within 10 business days of the original receipt of the request by the University.
  6. Charges to the requestor for recovery of costs (i.e. duplication of copies, computer resource charges, personal charges, etc.) if any, for providing the requested information will be determined by the General Counsel, in consultation with campus officials using the cost guidelines in the Texas Public Information Act.


Approved by:

Signature Obtained
Robert K. Glenn, Ph.D.


Next Review Date:   January 2027   (5 years)
Origination:   Office of the Registrar and Student Records



If there are any comments and/or questions regarding this policy, please contact the Registrar.