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Sexual Assault Response Team

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Subject: Sexual Assault Response Team


UHV is committed to providing a learning environment that is conducive for students to develop to their fullest potential. The Sexual  Misconduct Response Team is part of the University’s overall efforts to reduce sexual misconduct on campus and respond to incidents that occur.


SMRT, or Sexual  Misconduct Response Team, is a response team composed of representatives from university departments/ offices to quickly respond to cases of sexual misconduct while providing appropriate services to all parties involved. SMRT will assess situations involving reported sexual assaults and coordinate the support services of the University to achieve a comprehensive response.

The Sexual  Misconduct Response Team serves as a resource for faculty, staff, and students to address the needs of students who have experienced sexual assault directly or indirectly.

Committee Composition

The team reports to the Title IX Coordinator.

The committee is chaired by the  Title IX Coordinator and core members include:

  • Title IX Coordinator and/or Assistant Coordinator, Deputy Title IX Coordinators
  • Counselor/ Confidential Advisor
  • Director of Residence Life
  • Director of Student Life and Services
  • Police Sergeant

The committee may consult with the University of Houston System General Counsel and with the University of Houston Equal Opportunity Services Office. Other University officials may be asked to serve on the committee as needed.

Operations and Procedure Guidelines For Case Management

All incidents of sexual  misconduct shall be immediately reported to the Title IX Office.

When a sexual assault is reported to SMRT an emergency team meeting will be called.

The team will discuss the university and community resources available that may serve the student who has experienced sexual misconduct. The team will also discuss the potential impact on the campus community and an appropriate university response.

If the accused individual is a UHV student who is identified, the Sexual  Misconduct Response Team will also discuss the university and community resources available that may best serve the accused student.

The team will develop a case management plan to:

  • Quickly and effectively respond to the needs of the victim and identified accused students
  • Minimize the re-traumatization of a victim
  • Provide consistent and effective responses across organizations
  • Provide a more coordinated use of available resources
  • Provide clear and accessible processes and information for victims and identified accused students to utilize
  • Provide services to secondary victims, such as family, friends, and roommates

The team may meet with affected members of the University community.

Following a report of sexual  misconduct and subsequent team recommendation, the team will meet to debrief and evaluate the outcome of the situation.

University Communication Regarding the Sexual Misconduct Response Team

At the beginning of each semester, the  Title IX Coordinator will send a notice to faculty and staff through appropriate communication channels, introducing the team and explaining its purpose.

Case Information and Confidentiality Procedures

Case information is considered student information and will be maintained in accordance with the university’s Student Records/ FERPA Policy.


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