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Missing Student Notification

Section: Student Services
Index: D-11


The University of Houston-Victoria takes student safety very seriously. The University has established a policy and procedure designed to identify and assist UHV students who reside in on-campus housing and who have been reported missing for more than 24 hours. This policy ensures our compliance with The Higher Education Opportunity Act (P.L. 110-315) of 2008.


The UHV missing student policy covers residential students who have been determined to have been missing for 24 hours. Residential students are students enrolled at the University of Houston- Victoria who reside in university-owned housing.


This policy does not preclude implementing these procedures in less than 24 hours if circumstances warrant a faster implementation.


Approved By:

Signature Obtained 7/14/2023
Robert K. Glenn, Ph.D. 

Next Review Date: July 2026 (3 Years)
Origination: Student Affairs



Missing Student Notification

To expediate the notification, please submit notification of any missing student through our Student Conduct-Incident Reporting form. Upon submission, this form is immediately sent to relevant staff and University Police. The student's designated contact will be contacted as well.

The form can be found at: Missing Student Notification Form

Before completing this form identifying a possible missing student, please consider whether you believe the student is a threat to themselves or others. If so, contact Campus Security immediately. Complete the form after you have contacted Security.

Please provide as much information as possible. Below you will find suggested information that will help us locate the missing student.

  1. Name of Possible Missing Resident
  2. Cell Phone Number of the Student if you have it
  3. How long do you think the student has been missing?
  4. If you know, where was the student supposed to have been? (Visiting a friend, visiting family, attending class, traveling on a trip, etc.)
  5. When was the student supposed to have returned?
  6. What have you done, if anything, to locate the student?
  7. Other people you have contacted (provide any information you know):
  8. Name Phone Email Address
  9. Other information that you think would be helpful for us to know
  10. Your name
  11. Your cell phone number