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Condolences and Congratulations

Section: General Index: A-28


A standard congratulatory card will be used for marriages, births, honors, promotions, or other such happy occasions, as appropriate.

Flowers at a cost not to exceed $50 within the City of Victoria or $75 outside the City of Victoria, including delivery charges, may also be purchased from Unit of Excellence funds if:  

Flowers for any other purpose, such as in recognition of personal events (birthdays, weddings, births, anniversaries, etc.), or from any other University funds, are not allowed expenditures.  Although individual employees or groups of employees are free to extend any expressions they consider appropriate on given occasions, it would not seem justifiable to expend University funds for expressions of condolences or congratulations beyond what is indicated above. There may be some exceptions, as recommended by division heads and approved by the President.


Each division or department is responsible for ordering a standard arrangement of flowers on behalf of the President and University for employees in their area who have lost a family member (refer to index C-1 bereavement leave).



For any comments and/or questions regarding this policy, you may contact Kathy Walton, Executive Administrative Assistant to the President, Dr. Bob Glenn.



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Signature Obtained                September 24, 2019
Robert K. Glenn, Ph.D.           Date

Next Review Date:  September 24, 2024
Origination:            Office of the President