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Alcoholic Beverage Use on Campus

Section: General Index: A-41


The possession, consumption or distribution of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the campus or as part of any university activity unless for an approved sponsored event where alcoholic beverages may be legally distributed. Departments, student organizations, community or other groups desiring to sell, serve or consume any type of alcoholic beverage on campus must obtain authorization in advance by use of an Alcohol Beverage Use Application (Application). The serving of alcohol shall be under the direct supervision of a licensed and insured Provider.

The possession, consumption or distribution of alcoholic beverages either on the premises or within student residency facilities is prohibited. Hosting of an approved student event where alcohol will be served should be at venues other than residence halls.

Sponsors and Providers should be cognizant of vicarious liability and the consequences should a liability civil suit be filed when a person attending an event and consuming alcoholic beverages is involved in an incident resulting in personal injury and/or death. Consequences ranging from denial of future requests, disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct, employee disciplinary actions, and civil or criminal liability are possible.

While this policy does not require the filing of an Application by organizations when alcoholic beverages will be served at their events off campus, all members of the university community are encouraged to consider this policy as a guideline for responsible behavior. University faculty and staff are reminded that as state employees, alcoholic beverages may not be consumed during the time they are fulfilling their duties on campus including any break between activities such as lunch break.


Provider - The purveyor, licensed and permitted as required, who will be providing and serving alcoholic beverages on behalf of the sponsoring host.

Sponsor or Sponsoring Host – The individual, group or other entity hosting the event where alcoholic beverages will be provided. Examples: The university may host a community event; an employee may sponsor a student group, etc.

Campus – For purposes of this policy, the term “campus” includes all properties, grounds and facilities owned, controlled, managed, or leased by the university.

Alcoholic Beverages That May Be Distributed

Alcoholic beverages including beer, wine, and mixed drinks containing hard liquors may be served on campus for pre-approved events providing the permitting and licensing requirements of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) are met.

Events That Qualify for Alcoholic Beverages

Who May Serve Alcoholic Beverages at Campus Events

The following groups may arrange for the serving of alcoholic beverages at campus approved events if the Provider meets licensing or permit requirements of the TABC and provides evidence of insurance:

Alcohol Beverage Use Application

An Alcohol Beverage Use Application (Attachment A) should be submitted at least fifteen (15) business days and approved within ten (10) business days of the event. Signatures indicate an acknowledgement of the responsibilities of parties and their acceptance of university policies and procedures regarding the possession, consumption and distribution of alcoholic beverages.

  1. Alcohol Use Form 
  2. Approval – Alcohol Beverage Use Applications must be approved by
    1. The Associate Vice President for Student Affairs for campus events involving students or
    2. The Provost or Vice President for Administration & Finance if the event is for a university department, a civic or community event or other event group or
    3. The President for any event
  3. Exceptions – Alcohol Beverage Use Application exceptions must be approved by
    1. The President or
    2. The Provost or Vice President for Administration & Finance.
  1. An authorized copy of the Application shall be provided to both Provider and Sponsor.

Responsibilities of the Parties – (Also included within the Application)

Parties shall abide by Texas laws and university regulations governing the possession, consumption or distribution of alcoholic beverages, including the specific provisions below:

  1. Advertising shall not promote the irresponsible use of alcohol. Publicity shall not advertise alcohol as a main attraction of the event.
  2. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited except pursuant to a valid license or permit for cash sales issued by the TABC. Exchanging any consideration for alcoholic beverage service constitutes a sale. “Consideration” includes money, or tickets, tokens or chits which have been issued in exchange for money or anything else of value. Cash bars, “donation” bars, admission charges, door or cover charges are considered sale operations.
  3. Server Requirements:
    1. All Sellers/Servers must be TABC certified
    2. Sellers/Servers are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages during the event.
    3. Sellers/Servers are required to verify legal age in accordance with TABC guidelines. Legal age drinkers may be further identified by the use of a hand stamp, wristband, or other ID.
    4. Sellers/Servers shall refuse service to any person who appears to be intoxicated, incites a verbal or physical altercation or who lacks proper identification for proof of age. The sponsoring host reserves the right to take appropriate action to resolve the situation, including contacting security, law enforcement or suspending the serving of alcoholic beverages.
  4. Non-alcoholic beverages shall be made available while alcoholic beverages are being provided. If alcoholic beverages are being distributed free, then nonalcoholic beverages other than water must be available at no charge;
  5. When alcohol is being served, food items in reasonable quantities for the number of persons expected to attend shall be made available either free or at reasonable cost.
  6. Alcoholic beverages cannot be brought into or out of events by patrons.
  7. If the event is open to the public or student population, signage with a minimum of 3” letters shall be posted in the serving area stating “NOTICE – No drinking under 21” or words to that effect.
  8. The Provider will be required to provide a certificate of insurance including General Liability and Liquor Liability coverage in the amounts specified, as indicated on the Application.
  9. The Sponsor shall arrange for campus security for the duration of the event if the event is opens to the public or if it includes students. Security should arrive 30 minutes prior to the event and stay until 30 minutes after the event. Security may be scheduled through the Campus Police office and will be at the expense of the host.
  10. A sponsoring faculty or staff member shall be present for the duration of any student event when alcoholic beverages are being served. Names of these faculty/staff members must be included on the Alcohol Beverage Use Application. Sponsoring individuals must be 21 years of age or older if alcohol is being served.
  11. The serving of alcoholic beverages shall not begin earlier than 5PM for an event scheduled on a Monday-Friday when the university is open. The serving of alcoholic beverages must stop at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the end of any event.
  12. All alcoholic beverages must be removed from the premises upon event conclusion.

Insurance Requirements

The Provider will be required to provide a certificate of insurance including General Liability and Liquor Liability coverage in the amounts specified, if indicated on the Application. The Provider shall deliver the following to the Business Services Department, upon Application approval, at least 5 business days prior to the event:

Space and Facilities Use

Space and facilities for the event must be reserved through the appropriate university channels. Refer to policy H-1, Facilities and Grounds Usage for reservation procedures. If it is anticipated that alcoholic beverages will be served, it is recommended that reservation space be confirmed first.

TABC Certified Alcoholic Beverage Handlers

The university requires that all sellers/servers of alcoholic beverages be certified as sellers/servers by the TABC. It is the Provider’s responsibility to insure certification papers are current and available for inspection.


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