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Athletic Program Per Diem

Section: Student Services Index: B-16


Per diem cash funds may be issued for daily meal expense for student athletes, coaches and staff members for specific events on an individual or group basis depending on travel circumstances. Issuance of per diem funds will require:

Procedures for issuance of athletic program per diem cash shall comply with UHV Policy B-6, Cash Funds and Cash Handling.

All employees are obligated to report any suspected irregularity in the handling of cash (including the receipt or suspected receipt of counterfeit currency) in accordance with SAM 01.C.04, Reporting/Investigating Fraudulent Acts. Reports can be made in several ways as noted on the UHV Institutional Compliance website.


Per Diem Cash: For the purpose of this policy per diem cash is defined as U.S. currency distributed to student athletes, coaches and staff members for daily meal expense while traveling to out of town locations for the purpose of participating in athletic competition.

Trip Coordinator/Cash Custodian: For purposes of this policy, in addition to any athletic coordinating duties, this is the person having the fiduciary responsibility to receive, monitor, and safeguard cash received or maintained for athletic team travel purposes.


Request for and Disbursement of Funds

Student Athlete Per Diem Request (Attachment A) form shall be completed fourteen days in advance of anticipated need and approved by the Trip Coordinator/Cash Custodian and the Athletic Department Director. A purchase voucher for the amount requested will be prepared and will contain the following information:

The voucher will be approved in workflow by the Athletic Department Director or designee and will be paid by check made payable to the Trip Coordinator/Cash Custodian at the University’s address.  The check must be endorsed and cashed by the Trip Coordinator/Cash Custodian. 

Responsibilities’ of the Trip Coordinator/Cash Custodian:

Responsibilities of the coach:

Responsibilities of the student athletes, coaches and staff members who receive per diem cash for their use:

Distribution and Receipt of Cash

Procedures for distribution to student athletes, coaches and staff members and receipt of cash are as follows:

Compliance with Cash Handling Policies and Procedure

Any UHV employee who does not comply with the responsibilities outlined in this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination and possible criminal prosecution if fraud is involved.

Reporting of Suspicious Activities, Irregularities in Cash Handling or Suspected Fraud

Any employee (including a student employee) who is aware of or suspects any irregularity in the handling of University cash or fraudulent activities shall:

Reporting of Cash Shortages

Cash shortages or overages will be tracked by the Trip Coordinator/Cash Custodian and reported in the following manner:



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Raymond V. Morgan, Jr., Ph.D.

Originating Department:  Athletics
Next Review Date:  February, 2021