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Workplace Environmental and Recycling Policy

Section: General Index: H-8

Subject: Workplace Recycling And Environmental Policy


The University has a special responsibility and role as a community leader and major regional consumer of environmental resources, to set positive examples of management and conservation within this area. This policy includes the implementation of both mandatory and voluntary practices to reduce landfill waste, further recycling, conserve energy and reduce the usage of natural resources.Accordingly, the university will purchase products, supplies, and services that further this goal.

All departments and schools will comply with purchasing preferences for recycled, remanufactured, environmentally sensitive products and services and other practices established here.

The University encourages employee recommendations and suggestions to improve this program.



The following items are to be recycled, whenever possible (other classes of recyclables may be added if markets develop):

Where to Recycle - Place cans, white copy paper, and newsprint in specially marked containers for each recyclable in each building. When disposing shredded paper, telephone directories, cardboard, or batteries notify Facilities Services for collection.

Primary collections containers will be emptied by Facilities Services staff on a regular basis and delivered to a campus holding location or a to recycling center (see below). Individual desk side containers are to be emptied by each employee to relieve the burden on custodial staff.

Disposition of Funds

Recycling revenues, if any, are to be deposited with the UHV cashier to the Recycling Center cost center. Revenues will be used for the purchase of education materials to promote campus recycling and conservation.

Energy Conservation

Thermostat Settings

Air Conditioning - No lower than 75 degrees

Heating - No higher than 68 degrees

Office Lighting

Computer Terminals and Other Electrical Appliances



Campus Recycling Coordinator – Purchasing Assistant, Business Services. The Recycling Coordinator is an additional duty assignment. In addition to regular assigned duties, the coordinator will:

Campus Environmental Services Coordinator – Director of Facilities Services. The Environmental Recycling Coordinator is an additional duty assignment. In addition to regular assigned duties, the coordinator will:

Employee Guidelines

Each member of the campus community must assume personal responsibility for recycling of designated wastes and are encouraged to:

Printing, Publication and Other Purchasing Practices Required of All Employees Who Make Purchasing Decisions or Have Account Signature Authority

UHV Sponsored Events and Daily Activities

Other Green Building Practices


Signature obtained
Raymond V. Morgan, Jr., Ph.D.
Interim President


Next review: November 2021
Origination: Facilities Services