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Building Oversight and Appearance

Section: General Index  H-11

Subject:  Building Oversight And Appearance


Buildings at the University of Houston-Victoria are to be kept safe, clean and aesthetically pleasing while allowing utilization in a professional manner reflective of a university environment.

The Facilities Services Director has primary responsibility for the maintenance, upkeep, cleanliness, appearance, and regulatory compliance for all facilities administratively managed by the University of Houston-Victoria.


Academic Facility – In this policy, any facility not used as a student residential unit.

Residential Facility – Any facility whose primary purpose is student residency.


Notices, Decorations and Postings

  1. Approval for hanging pictures, pamphlets, posters and other décor in main corridors of all academic facilities should be obtained from Facilities Services . Approvals for notices, decorations or postings in student residency facilities shall be obtained from the Director of Residence Life and University Commons (Residence Life). Violations or concerns should be reported to the respective offices.
  2. Posting of Notices - UHV Administrative Policy and Procedure D-8, Posting of Notices, will apply to the posting of student notices in all facilities.
  3. Regardless of the type of facility, entry doors and windows should not be used to display notices. Exceptions include emergency contact, building hours of operation or emergency campus or facility closure.

Display Cases and Bulletin Boards

  1. Display cases can be assigned to specific departments. Those respective departments will maintain the display cases, keeping the cases professional in appearance, up-to-date and rotated at reasonable intervals.
  2. New/replacement display cases or bulletin boards should be of similar style and quality.
  3. Facilities Services will maintain unassigned bulletin boards which may be used for faculty, staff or student displays in academic facilities; Residency Life will maintain unassigned boards in residency facilities.

Directory Boards

  1. Directory boards will generally be located near first floor entrances.
  2. Facilities Services will install directory boards provided in campus building; updated directory boards are provided by Marketing. Residence Life will maintain in residency facilities.
  3. Directory boards should be of similar style and quality.

Pamphlet Racks

  1. Materials in racks should be kept up-to-date, adequately supplied and neat in appearance.
  2. Racks should be of similar style and quality in each facility.


  1. Consideration of safety should be paramount in use and placement of easels.
  2. Easels should be movable and not be permanent in placement.

Hallway Furniture

  1. Safety and accessibility shall be the primary consideration used in placement of furniture or other decor in hallways.
  2. Furniture should not be moved unless approval is obtained, either from Facilities Services or Residence Life, as appropriate.

Approved by:

Signature Obtained 11/30/2021
Robert K. Glenn, Ph.D.

Next Review Date:  November 2026 (5 years)
Origination:             Facilities Services




If there are any comments and/or questions regarding this policy, please contact the Director of Facilities.