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Reporting Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Employees and students are encouraged to report fraud, waste or other concerns suggestive of dishonest or illegal activities. Concerns regarding troubling or threatening employee or student behavior should also be reported. Reports can be made in several ways:

Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline

Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline is a third party incident reporting system. This secure system is intended to provide a comfortable environment for reporting as well as complete anonymity if that is your preference. This web page is hosted on Convercent secure servers and is not part of the University of Houston System website or intranet. This reporting system supplements UHS SAM 01.C.04 Reporting/Investigating Fraudulent Acts and UHV Policy C-8, Employee Code of Conduct, which also address the confidential reporting of fraud and other noncompliance.

Why do we have this program?

This program is intended to build trust and enable dialogue between the university and reporting individuals without requiring identity disclosure, if that is the preference. This is a part of our overall campus Institutional Compliance program to promote and support a culture of compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to build compliance consciousness into the daily activities of university employees.

The State of Texas has a significant interest in uncovering fraud and regulatory abuse. Governor Executive Order, RP36, relating to preventing, detecting and eliminating fraud and waste recommends as a best practice that state agencies and universities have a way for employees to report fraud or other compliance issues anonymously. Universities and colleges, including UHV, have adopted pro-active measures to help mitigate the risks of litigation, fines, unfavorable publicity and other liabilities associated with fraud and other illegal activities. 

How do I submit a report through Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline?

Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline provides two options. Regardless of which option is selected, you will not be required to provide any personally identifiable information unless you choose to:

  1. You may log on to Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline from any computer with internet access to create and submit a report by following the simple format.
  1. You may also call a toll-free number, (866) 843-4379, if you would prefer to speak to someone confidentially; call and a representative trained in reporting will take your call and interview you in detail about your concern.

What happens after I submit a report through Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline?

Upon submission of a report, you will be provided with an access number and you will be asked to generate a personal confidential password. Your access number and personal password will enable you to anonymously re-enter the site at any time. You will be able to send and receive messages pertaining to your report and you can participate in any follow-up. You can call a toll-free number, (866) 843-4379 or log on to Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline to check report status. Once your unique access code and password is created, you may continue anonymous dialogue with us through the “check status” message board.

You should know that your report will instantly be forwarded to the appropriate officials within the university and an acknowledgement will be provided the next business day. Your report is not publicly available at any time and will only be seen by approved campus personnel. Upon receiving your report, the University will determine what action to take.

What types of things should I report?

Report activities such as theft, kickbacks, misuse of grant funds, misuse of state resources, falsification of documents, conflicts of interest, violations of laws or regulations or dishonest activities.

Personal dissatisfaction should not be reported through Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline. Complaints about wages work hours, performance evaluations, merit raises, grades and so forth, should be addressed with the appropriate department or school. 

What if I only suspect something is wrong?

The University's Institutional Compliance program encourages employees and students to make good faith reports including factual information of suspected fraud or violations of laws or other concerns suggestive of dishonest or illegal activities. All reports will be investigated.

What legal protection do I have when I make a report?

The university is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and anonymity of all individuals who make such reports to the extent allowed by law. Pursuant to federal and state laws and university policy, all employees of the University of Houston System have the right to report suspected compliance failures. Employees who report compliance failures in good faith will be protected from retaliation. Anyone who retaliates against an employee who reports a compliance failure shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. If you believe you are experiencing retaliation based on a report you have made, you should do a follow up communication to Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline.

If I have other questions about reporting, who can I talk with?

At UHV, you can email the Campus Compliance Officer or call (361) 570-4107.