Student Expectations/Responsibilities

The Nursing Program adheres to the same policies affecting all students within the University regarding student rights and regulations. These rights and regulations are summarized in the UHV Student Handbook. The handbook is available to all students at registration and other interested persons upon request from the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs.

The Student Grievance Procedure in the UHV Student Handbook clearly defines the channel for receipt and consideration of students' views and grievances. Nursing Program students adhere to the same policy.

All students have the right to seek knowledge, exchange and debate ideas, form opinions, and express their views. However, it is understood that this knowledge of rights should be balanced with a concomitant knowledge of responsibilities.

Once students have been admitted to the Nursing Program, student files are kept in a central location within the Nursing Program Office. Files containing student records are under supervision or locked at all times. Only faculty and other appropriate institutional officials have access to these records.

Name/Address/Phone Change

Students are required to provide the Nursing Program with their current address, phone number, and any name change via, subject line: Student name/address change.

Electronic Records

MyUHV Online Services gives currently enrolled UHV students access to their electronic records. Students can view:

  • Admissions Status
  • Monitor “TO DO” List
  • Manage Financial Aid
  • Register for Courses
  • Make a Payment/Payment Plans
  • Request transcripts
  • Update your address on file
  • Change your preferred name and more

Students can view current course grades in Canvas.

Social Media Guide

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) Social Media Guidelines for Nurses has a video resource to guide nurses and students in the responsible use of social media.

UHV RN to BSN program shares the views and values of the American Nurses Association (ANA) Principles and expects all UHV RN to BSN students to be knowledgeable and comply with these guidelines. Failure to do so will result in immediate dismissal from the program.

Use of Social Media

Social media and other electronic communication use are growing with the numbers of social media outlets, platforms, and applications, (including blogs, social networking sites, video sites, chat-rooms) and forums. Nurses often use electronic media, both personally and professionally. Instances of inappropriate use of electronic media by nurses have been reported to State Boards of Nursing. Federal law reinforces and further defines privacy through the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA regulations are intended to protect patient privacy by defining individual, identifiable information, and establishing how this information may be used, by whom, and under what circumstances.

Potential consequences for inappropriate use of social and electronic media by a nurse are varied. The potential consequences will depend, in part, on the particular nature of the nurse’s conduct.

Reference American Nurses Association. (2011). Principles for social networking and the nurse. Silver Spring, MD: Author.

APA Guidelines

American Psychological Association (APA) is the formal writing style adopted by the Nursing Program. All written assignments are to demonstrate a professional level of scholarship by adhering to the current American Psychological Association (APA) format. The APA manual contains specifications for research, writing, documenting, and formatting type-written work. Guidelines for writing in APA style may be found in the current publication manual.

Written Assignment Format

Students will follow the instructions for written assignments and discussion boards as well as the grading rubrics provided. Papers are to be computer generated, grammatically correct, and referenced appropriately. Students are required to follow the current APA format as designated in the APA Publication Manual, which serves as the guide for written work. Points may be deducted for work that does not follow the proper format. The exact amount of points deducted will be designated in each assignment rubric.

Writing Assistance

The Student Success Center is available to assist online students. The Center provides writing assistance regarding paper reading/critiquing and tutoring in grammar and usage, mechanics, and sentence structure. Nursing faculty encourage BSN students to seek assistance with any writing issues early in their academic studies.


UHV maintains a university license agreement for an online text matching service called Turnitin. The instructor may use the Turnitin service to determine the originality of student papers. Also, this tool assists students in ensuring they properly cite and reference their work.