Welcome Students!

Embrace your goal of obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at the University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) as the beginning of a journey. A journey that you have started and can complete with your commitment to higher learning and our complete support to your success. We want nurses to excel in our program and their careers as they achieve a BSN degree and beyond.

Dr. Dorothy V. Thomas
Director of Nursing

Congratulations on your decision and dedication to further your academic career at the University of Houston-Victoria (UHV)! The nursing faculty, staff, and administration are committed to your successful transition baccalaureate RN role within your community.

To assist you in the transition role as an RN to BSN online nursing student, we have prepared this Nursing Student Handbook to use as a reference throughout the program. This handbook is a supplement specific to the Nursing Program policies and procedures.Nursing Student Handbook

Dr. Cynthia Hudson
Founding Director, Nursing Program (2016-2020)

The University of Houston-Victoria does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or veteran status. The University subscribes fully to all federal and state legislation and regulations regarding discrimination.

The information contained in the RN to BSN Student Handbook is designed to assist students in successfully navigating the program. The Nursing Program RN to BSN Student Handbook and the Academic Catalog to which it refers are not contracts. The content of this document, policies, and program guidelines, which are described in each, may be changed or eliminated at any time. This handbook makes references to state licensing in the discipline of nursing, and the state Board of Nursing’s requirements are subject to change. The Nursing Program expects nursing students to comply with any and all laws that qualify them for a valid and unencumbered RN license in the state of Texas or other designated state as approved by the program.

NOTE: The handbook will be updated as necessary. Students are notified of changes through announcements by messages sent via email and/or Canvas.

[Amended by NPFC 08/18/2021]