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Bridge Program


Three Year Bridge Program

Graduates of three- year Bachelors degree programs who otherwise satisfy all the international admission requirements for the MS program in Computer Information Systems (MS-CIS) and have the equivalent of a minimum 90 undergraduate semester credit hours, will be admitted as graduate students with the additional requirement that they must complete the Bridge Program.

The Bridge Program will bring their total credit hours to the 120 hours required for a UHV bachelor's degree. Completion of the Bridge program is necessary before the student can enroll in more than 18 graduate hours as required in the MS-CIS, excluding prerequisite and leveling courses.

Each student must satisfy the requirements of Sections 1 and 2 in the following, either by transfer credit or by UHV course work. Students admitted into the Bridge Program must complete courses chosen under advisement from Section 3 to meet the total requirement of 120 semester hours.

Program Requirements

Section 1. Required, 7 semester hours

Professional Writing (ENGL 3430)

Advanced Public Speaking (COMM 3325)

Section 2. Other Program Requirements, 21 semester hours

3 s.h. of Calculus, Discrete Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Operations Research, or Management Science
3 s.h. of Statistics
3 s.h. of Information Systems in Organizations
3 s.h. of Principles of Management
3 s.h. of upper division or graduate Accounting, or 6 s.h. of lower division Principles of Accounting I and II
6 s.h. of programming and data structures using an object-oriented programming language.

Section 3. Selected Courses by Advisement

Any additional courses needed to total a minimum of 120, taken from upper division COSC or MATH courses.


Bridge Program students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average minimum. Courses in which the quality of work is lower than “C” must be repeated. No more than two Cs may be applied toward the Bridge Program.

Courses may be repeated to achieve higher grades; in cases where courses have been repeated, both course grades remain on the transcript, but only the latest grade counts toward the grade point average for the degree.

If a student’s GPA falls below 3.0 during the Bridge program, the student will be placed on academic probation. Students on academic probation will be informed by the Dean of the College of Natural and Applied Science of any conditions for removing the probationary status.


For more information contact Program Advisor Dr. Qi Zhu.