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Essay Information

In essay format, please answer the following questions to be considered for the Mental Health Service Professional Demonstration Grant in collaboration with Katy ISD.

Autobiographical Essay

We would like you to write a short autobiography so we can get to know you as a person more clearly. Write about the qualities that would help make you an excellent graduate student and school psychologist. Describe any educational, work, volunteer, or other experiences that might contribute to your success as a graduate student and a school psychologist. Discuss how those qualities and experiences might contribute or add to the UHV School Psychology program, Katy ISD, and the profession of school psychology. Include any unique or special circumstances in your life or academic career that you might want us to know about when evaluating your application. Are there any challenges you might face while pursuing this career and what resources might you need to be successful in the program and the career?

UHV Katy building

Why School Psychology Essay

Many people choose School Psychology as a career because they are interested in working with kids, helping others, or because they want to contribute to society. Beyond these reasons, please describe your specific reasons and motivations for pursuing a career as a school psychologist. What draws you to school psychology as a profession broadly and to UHV and Katy ISD specifically? What do you already know about the school psychology profession and how does that knowledge relate to your interest in the UHV School Psychology program and Katy ISD? What are your ultimate professional goals as a school psychologist?

Overcoming Challenges Essay

Share a time in your life when you faced a professional or personal challenge and overcame that challenge to successfully meet a goal. Describe the planning, resources, and motivators that assisted you in meeting your goal. We are particularly interested in an accomplishment that requires you to seek resources and/or assistance beyond your own skills and motivation.

Interaction Skills Essay

In your role as a school psychology graduate student and as a school psychologist working in public schools, you are likely to interact with school administrators, staff, students, and parents who have varied personalities and experiences. Describe a time when you had to interact with someone whose personality or experiences were very different from yours. Describe what skills and strengths you would bring to these interactions, along with any challenges you may encounter and how these would be overcome.