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Casey Akins

Casey Akins

Senior Lecturer


Phone: (361) 570-4854

Email: Casey Akins


Casey Akins is a Lecturer in Criminal Justice. She earned her Master of Science in Criminal Justice in 2001 and has been teaching a variety of criminology courses since 2004, including introductory courses, theory, correctional systems, white collar crime, sex crimes, deviance, and senior seminar. Her research interests include deviance, family violence, and sexual violence. She is currently working on a research project that explores the rhetorical strategies used by deviant groups or subcultures to normalize their identity status. While pursuing her PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric, Ms. Akins is also teaching writing courses and researching the methodological use of the archive.

In addition to teaching, Casey has worked with campus violence and alcohol abuse prevention initiatives, various assessment projects, UHV’s First Year Experience, and UHV’s Community of Readers.


Master of Science in Criminal Justice in 2001