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Aaron Deason

Lecturer, Communication


Phone: (361) 570-4567

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Building: University West Room #: 249


After 14 years of being hard core, I left the thug life (EMS) in 2011 and returned to school at age 39 to complete the degree started in 1990.  During the year it took to complete my BS in Speech Communication, I realized I liked the education gig and completed my MA in Communication., but not before my faculty mentors at the University of Texas at Tyler guided (brainwashed) me toward a PhD. In 2014, the original 3 Deasons moved to Indianapolis... .along the journey, we added 4 more ninjas. After 6 years, I completed my PhD in Health Communication at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis in July 2020. My dissertation, I’m Fine: Systemic Affect of Critical Incidents in Emergency Medical Service personnel Communication (fancy shmancy title, right) explores how the “bad” calls and thug life shape EMS communication.  

I use a qualitative lens to focuses on mental health (ie PTSD, depression, anxiety) and communication in Emergency Personnel. My soul is happy when I can translate ideas, methods, and theories from other disciplines for Communication research.  My absolute favorite is using autoethnography to make sense of my career as a full time Paramedic in East Texas (1997-2011) and find ways to improve mental health for EMS, police, and fire services.  I have a touch of PTSD and don't expect me to answer emails 9-10 Wednesdays I have therapy.

I love Dr Pepper and Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies. I spend too much time playing on line games, watching the Tour de France, and finding ways to avoid yard work I promised my wife I'd do 6 months ago.  My superpower is Shins of Steel... I once took a Buick to the shin at 30 mph.  Thanks to my good looks, quick wit, and Southern charm I have been married to Mrs Dr D since 1998 (happily married came when I left EMS in 2011). We have 5 children: Justin and Gypsie (both 22, newly-wed in August 2020), John (21, Senior at Indiana University), Bryan (9), Bryce (8), and Brionna (7)… plus our fur babies Shiner the Dog, Steev our sophisticated cat, and our little Roxxie the abandoned roadside cat.  I am an Eagle Scout (1989) and did mission service in Los Angeles in the early 1990s working primarily with the Samoan peoples. I might be an OG with Park Village Crips.