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The Provost’s Lecture Series is an opportunity for UHV and Victoria to explore and discuss topics of vital importance to diverse, healthy societies as we engage with nationally renowned researchers and scholars. We began our series in the spring 2013 semester with a lecture by Dr. Wesley Hogan who enlightened many of us about Casey Hayden, a woman with Victoria roots who figured prominently in both civil rights and feminist causes. Dr. Hogan was followed by Douglas Foster who gave us an intimate analysis of post-apartheid South Africa after having spent several years in that country getting to know the powerful and the powerless. The Provost’s Lecture Series is concerned broadly with questions of social justice, and we look forward to hosting speakers that engage and educate us about the challenges we all face as we seek to put our democratic ideals into practice.

Jesus Nebot

Jesús Nebot presents:

Illegal Immigration Crisis:  Perspectives and Solutions

 September 26, 2016
12:00 p.m.
University North, Multi-Purpose Room
Presentation and Discussion
Reception Following

Film Screening:  No Turning Back

September 26, 2016
6:30 p.m.
University North, Walker Auditorium
Screening and Discussion

Presidential Election ’16:  It’s Your Time; It’s Your Choice
(A Non-partisan, presentation to engage first time voters)

September 27, 2016
11:30 a.m.
University North Multi-Purpose Room


Jesús Nebot used to be an undocumented immigrant working in the fields during his youth.  He is now a multi-award winning filmmaker, and international speaker with 10 years’ experience, inspiring audiences to pursue their highest dreams and become the solution to some of our greatest human challenges, including illegal immigration.   He has lectured in over 30 American states and 10 other countries around the world.  He became a filmmaker and a speaker to tell stories that would enrich the human spirit and raise awareness about our common humanity.

At the noon presentation you will hear facts about the origin and history of illegal immigration, along with its current economic and social impacts in the U.S; have opportunity to voice your opinions about immigration reform and find out what politicians and newscasters are not telling us about illegal immigration; gain greater understanding for people on all sides of the issue; and, explore effective, comprehensive and long lasting solutions that people can implement in their communities to make a difference.

At the film screening (6:30 p.m.), you will watch a thought-provoking immigration film, inspired by actual events, that promotes cultural understanding.  Jesús Nebot wrote, directed, produced and stars in this humanitarian film, which is distributed by UNIVERSAL, and has won 23 international awards.

At the “Presidential Election ‘16” presentation on September 27, you, as a first time voter, will gain perspective on our constitution and the democratic process.  Nebot uses fun and exciting games to inspire participants to become instruments of positive change.