ITV Faculty Special Requests


This form is for the distribution of materials in ITV classes when the instructor is at another site. For a list of FAQ regarding ITV click here.

Delivery to Technology Services of materials for distribution is the responsibility of the faculty member. All materials must be pre-duplicated and placed in a sealed envelope with this form attached to the front of it. This form must be submitted and the materials delivered to Technology Services at least twenty-four hours before class. If you have any questions please call 361 570-4390 or 4393 or if you are on campus call x4390 or x4393.

STEP 1:Print this form TWICE . Fill out the forms.

Faculty Name: Division:
Contact Phone: Contact Name:
Contact Email: Class Name:
Room & Location that materials need to be delivered.
Date materials need to be delivered.
Time materials need to be delivered.

Method of delivery to Technology Services: by campus mail will drop it off  

Method of returning materials: by campus mail will pick up  

General Information:  Please provide SPECIFIC instructions.

Request: Check all that apply

Deliver Handouts  Collect Evaluations  Collect Homework  Collect Exams

STEP 2: Attach the first print out to the front of a sealed envelope containing the materials and send it to Technology Services and deliver the second print out to the appropriate division secretary.