University of Houston-Victoria

International Programs


Cost of Attendance

The following is the estimated annual cost for international students attending University of Houston-Victoria. The expenses figure is for the 9-month academic year 2018-2019. Summer is not included. Additional resources would be needed to cover Summer costs. UHV annual charges are subject to change.

Estimated Annual Expenses 2018-2019

Undergraduate Expenses
Tuition and Fees * $16,959
Room and Board ** $7,730/$8,502
Mandatory Health Insurance *** (non-athletes) align="right">$2,371
Books and Supplies $1,000
Automatic Scholarship (F, J visa holders only; renewable) ($3,000)
Total Estimated Annual Expenses $25,059/$25,831


Graduate Expenses
ExpenseGraduate ProgramsBusiness Programs
Tuition and Fees* $15,805 $17,155
Room and Board ** $7,730 $7,730
Mandatory Health Insurance *** $2,371 $2,371
Books and Supplies $1,000 $1,000
Automatic Scholarship (F, J visa holders only; renewable) ($3,000) ($3,000)
Total Estimated Annual Expenses $23,906 $25,256

*Tuition and Fees:
Tuition listed above is for 24 credits (per year) for undergraduate students and 18 credits (per year) for graduate students. The fees cover the following: Extended Support Fee, Library Fee, Technology Fee, Student Service Fee, and International Programs Office Fee (add an additional $50 if you are signed to one of our athletic teams for Athletics fees). For more information on tuition and fees visit Student Billing

** Room and Board: The above listed room and board is for on-campus living. All freshman students must live on-campus at Jaguar Hall with a LifeStyle 19 meal plan. If a student wishes to be exempt from this freshman requirement, they must complete the Housing Exemption Request Form. All other students are able to select the most-affordable option for them. Off-campus apartment costs range from $500-$700 per month and students are able to share with a roommate. Houston/Katy area off-campus housing is higher than living in Victoria, TX. Houston/Katy students are encouraged to move to Victoria, TX for affordable options if Houston/Katy is not conducive to their budget. All students must secure housing prior to their arrival to the university. Graduate students are not required to live on-campus. For off-campus apartment options visit Pre-Arrival page. All freshman and sophomore students receive $1,000 off from their Room and Board expenses mentioned above so long as they maintain good academic standing. This waiver is also available to first-time UHV graduate students for their first year.

A $200.00 housing deposit is required in order to secure your on-campus housing assignment. All students are required to have housing accommodations finalized prior to their arrival to the university. 

***Mandatory Health Insurance   Visit the International Student Insurance page for more information and the cost breakdown by semester. The insurance cost for the Fall is $838, and the cost for both Spring and Summer is $1,533. Please consult the International Programs Office if you have additional questions. 

Students are able to apply for the  insurance refund if a student plans to depart from UHV or from the U.S. after May 2019.

International students are eligible to apply for a health insurance waiver; first they must fulfill all the requirements in order for the waiver to be applied. Applying for health insurance waiver will not garantee an automatic waiver. Waiver deadlines are one week prior to the start of the respective semester.

****Personal expenses/Miscellaneous: This estimated cost is not listed above. Student's personal/miscellaneous expenses vary according to the student's spending habits. Students are responsible to know this amount and allocate this amount to their semester/annual budget. 

Program/Course-related additional fees:  Additional fees may apply depending on the course(s) the student has selected. Please be prepared to see additional course-related fees. 

Automatic Scholarship: Automatically offered to all F and J visa holders. Students must fulfill requirements in order to renew the scholarship beyond the first semester. International Merit Scholarship recipients are not eligible to receive the automatic scholarship. For more information visit the International Scholarships Page

Note: If students plan to remain in the U.S. during the summer months, students should anticipate approximately $900 to live on-campus and an additional $1200 for meals, entertainment, and other expenses. 

Students Accompanied by Family
Spouse (Husband/Wife)^ $5,000
Child Under 21 years (per child)^ $5,000

UHV Health insurance coverage is ONLY for the student and will not cover dependents/children.


International students must be prepared to pay the mandatory UHV expenses (tuition and fees, room and board, health insurance, and the international student fee) on or at the time of their arrival to the U.S. Students planning to live on-campus must ensure to make the necessary payments (deposit/down payment) to guarantee a room assignment prior to arrival. Returning international students must make the payment before the assigned deadline date to secure course registration. For more details on Bills, Payments, and Deadlines, please visit Student Billing.

UHV will accept Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card. We strongly encourage students to electronically wire the funds to UHV for safety and convenience. If you plan to transfer funds electronically, please allow 5-7 business days for the funds to arrive to UHV. If you are planning to pay via an international money order, bank draft, or check, make sure it is made out to the “University of Houston-Victoria” and include your full name as it appears on your passport and put your UHV ID in the memo of the check, draft, or money order. All international students must meet the payment obligations listed at the International Student Payment page

Deposit Payments

If students/parents and sponsors are interested in making a deposit (housing, tuition, fees, health insurance, etc.) to the university prior to their arrival, this option is available to all admitted and enrolled international students. We first advise students to connect with their academic advisor to register for courses prior to making the deposit. The academic advisor information is listed and emailed to the student upon admissions. For more information please connect with the International Programs Office.

Wire Transfer

Electronic wire transfer is an option for international students and their families to transfer funds to UHV. If you and/or your sponsor are interested in electronically wiring the funds, please connect with the International Programs Office for wire details. Please be mindful that your bank may charge you additional fees to transfer money to UHV. We strongly encourage you to connect with your bank and learn of all the bank-related fees prior to the transfer. We strongly recommend international students to electronically wire the funds and not carry large sum of cash/check while traveling. For additional questions regarding Student Billing, please connect with the Student Billing Office.

Payment Plans

New and returning international students are eligible to register for payment plans in the Spring and Fall semesters, where you can make payments via installments. Payment plans are not available in the Summer. New international students must meet the minimum payment requirements prior to the payment plan registration.  A $25 one-time registration fee will be charged to register for the payment plan option. Students must follow the payment plan due dates. Missed payment will result in enrollment cancellation. For payment information visit  Student Billing.  Health Insurance Fees are included in the payment plan, however room and board are not included in the payment. Students must make necessary payments to room and board. For more information on payment plans please visit Student Billing Payment Plans.