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Mandatory Steps to Apply as Transfer Student (U.S. transfer and Overseas Transfer)

  1. Apply Texas Application ( Submit a completed online Apply Texas Application for the University of Houston-Victoria Campus. The application process is FREE to apply to UHV.

  2. Official Academic Credentials/Transcripts
    • Secondary Credentials (High School) – Outside the U.S.
      Submit all official secondary school transcripts, mark sheets, and diplomas/certificates. Official academic credentials must be submitted in the original language (s) of issue and with an official English translation. All records submitted to the university becomes the property of the university. You can submit documents online via email to but be prepared to submit official paper version directly from the degree granting authority upon arrival.

      If you have completed 29 credit hours at a college or university, you no longer will have to submit post-secondary, high school transcripts

    • Higher Education Credentials (College/University Level) – Outside the U.S.
      Credits/Courses completed outside of the U.S.  We are excited that you have completed credits/courses prior to your arrival to UHV.  Please note that at UHV we are not able to evaluate International College Credit level coursework.  In order for us to transfer credit to UHV, you will need to submit transcripts to a National Association for Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) member. You should begin the credential evaluation process in a timely manner, as it may take 12-15 days for the evaluation to be completed upon initial submission and sent to UHV.  All evaluations should be Course by Course Analysis and should have verification of Authenticity stated.  When the evaluation is completed please request for the evaluation agency to send an official evaluation along with copies of credentials submitted.

      The Evaluation process cost start at $170.  You will be responsible to pay the fees and complete the evaluation process.  For Temporary Non-Immigrant F-1Visa holders: Once you enroll and begin classes at UHV, UHV can waive $170 from your first semester bill to help defray the cost of recent evaluations.  Please note, you will need to enroll and attend the first semester for this waiver to be applied, not all evaluation agencies qualify, contact our international programs office for exclusions.

      If you have a prior evaluation with another evaluation agency, you may request the evaluation agency to send the official evaluation with verification and supporting credentials for our International Programs Office to review and verify if it meets our admissions requirements. 

    • U.S.  High School Coursework
      If you are a student with U.S. high school transcripts we require you to request the U.S. High School to submit an official transcript sent from the school directly.

    • US College Credits/Coursework
      Please submit all official transcripts directly from the U.S. institution you have attended to the Admissions Office.  Check with your Records Office/Student Billing Office for the steps to request official transcripts.

    • Courses completed at an U.S. institution
      If you have completed 29 credit hours at an U.S. institution, you no longer need to submit post-secondary, high school transcripts. For students with over 29 U.S. credit hours English Proficiency Requirement will be waived as well. 

    • Transfer cumulative GPA must be 2.0 or higher (U.S. transfer and outside the U.S.)

  3. Official Test Scores
    All official test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT etc) must be submitted directly from the testing organizations. UHV is dedicated in providing the most convenient way of score submissions. If you have created testing organization online score profiles, you can submit the username and the password and UHV staff will log, and print the scores online.

    English Proficiency Requirement
    Submit proof of English Proficiency Requirement.
    All EPR submitted scores must be less than 3-years of the issue date. Consult an International Programs advisor to check how you can submit the English Proficiency Requirement.
    • English as a Second Language On-Demand (ESL On-Demand).
      If you do not meet any of above the English Proficiency Requirements, once you are admitted you are able to register for ESL On-Demand and complete the program from your home country to fulfill the English Proficiency Requirement. Email IPO for more details.

To submit official TOEFL, SAT, ACT scores our institutional code 6917.

  1. Admission Eligibility.  An applicant must the following requirements to be eligible for the regular International student admission:
    • Overall high school grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale
    • Minimum score of 18 on the Enhanced American College Test (ACT), OR a minimum score of 860 (Old Test) or 940 (New Test- after March 2016) on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Reasoning Tests [critical reading and math sections]. 

  2. F-1 Student Agreement Form.  Signed and Completed International F1 Student Agreement Form.  You can also find this form on our Forms page link to the left.

  3. Financial Sponsorship.  Submit Letter of Financial Sponsorship along with official bank statements/documents. If you have more than one sponsor, each additional sponsor must complete a separate Letter of Financial Sponsorship Form and submit official bank statements/documents.
    In order for you to receive the I-20 – the immigration document which allows you to obtain F-1 Student visa, you must complete submit the Financial Sponsor Form and accompany the Financial Sponsor Form with a Bank Statement. The Bank Statement must be less than six months from the issue date of $29,000 per year.  You can scan both the Financial Sponsor Form and the Bank Statement to
    Please note:  The documents which we require are for UHV Admissions purposes only. We strongly encourage you to visit your country U.S. Embassy for specific F-1 student documents needed for your U.S. visa interview.

  4. Passport.  Submit a copy of your passport (U.S. visa and current I-94, if available). In order for UHV to issue the immigration document - I-20, we will need a copy of your passport (picture page clearly visible) to ensure that we issue the I-20 for the name which is listed on your passport.

  5. U.S. TransfersCurrent F-1 U.S. transfer students should submit copies of all following documents:
    • Current and previous I-20’s from all U.S. institutions, regardless of credit transfer.
    • Copy of your most recent VISA.
    • Copy of your current I-94 printout.   

  6. *Activate your JagSpace access.  You can check your to-do-list via your MyUHV on-line student self-service and access email via your JagSpaceportal.  Set up all following your first email from UHV post submitting your Apply Texas Application.  Not required to make the Admissions decision, but is required prior to registering for courses.

  7. *Bacterial Meningitis.  Students under the age of 22 must submit proof of immunization prior to registering for courses.  Not required to make the Admissions decision, but is required prior to registering for courses.

    * Will not affect your admissions to the institution. However, you will need to complete the * steps prior to your arrival to UHV and/or course registration. 

If you wish to receive your immigration documents via express mail (FEDEX or DHL) please create an account at eShip Global at to receive your immigration documents within 5-8 business days. You will need a credit card to make the payment. If you are a student with no credit card please visit your local FEDEX/DHL office and make the payment at the local FEDEX/DHL office. Upon completion send our office the tracking number. 

If you wish not to sign-up through express mail to receive your immigration documents, UHV will mail your immigration documents via regular mail. Regular mail can take up to 4-6 weeks to arrive to your home country which can cause U.S. visa delays. During the holiday season additional delay may cause for you to receive your immigration document very late. We strongly encourage you to use the express mail service. 


      International Student Admissions
      C/O International Programs Office
      University of Houston-Victoria
      3007 N. Ben Wilson St.
      University West, Suite 228
      Victoria, TX 77901

To better serve you we can accept most scanned/emailed documents to process your admissions. However, if you are or were enrolled at an U.S. institution all U.S. transcripts MUST be sent directly from the U.S. institutions which you attended.