University of Houston-Victoria

International Programs

International & U.S. Transcripts

Transcripts for institutions attended outside of the U.S.

Secondary Credentials (High School) - Outside the U.S.

Submit all official secondary school transcripts, mark sheets, and diplomas/certificates. These need to indicate the date of graduation. Official academic credentials must be submitted in the original language(s) of issue and with an official English translation. Once submitted, all records become the property of the University of Houston-Victoria and will not be returned.

In order for unofficial or photocopies of transcripts to be accepted as official, they must be attested or certified by one of the following authorities:

  1. Ministry of Education of your country or country where high school is located
  2. Graduating Institution authority, such as Registrar, Principal, Controller of Examination, Vice Rector or Rector. Institution authorities vary and should be sent by highest issuing authority.
  3. EducationUSA centers
  4. Diplomatic Mission Representation in the United States such as Consulate, Chancellery, High Commission or Embassy, when 1-3 not available.

Contact the International Programs Office at for other means of attestation. You can submit documents online via email to however if you are submitting unofficial transcripts for admissions review you are required to bring along the original transcripts along with you at the time of the mandatory orientation.

The university will convert GPA to the U.S. standard once the proper transcripts are submitted.

COVID-19 temporary procedure:
You must submit your official/ unofficial academic transcripts electronically to these can be and not limited to, O/Ls, A/L transcripts, WAEC, NECO, SSC, HSC, IB, KSCE, Edexcel, and other school leaving examinations. The University will convert your academic transcript to the U.S. grade point average. These transcripts must be submitted electronically to along with your UHV ID. You must provide official transcripts within first seven days of your arrival to UHV or enrollment at UHV. These transcripts must be in English and must be legible.

For students who are unable to sit for their national exams due to postponement or cancellation due to COVID-19, please submit your latest final transcript. We will grant you admissions conditionally. Once you arrive to the U.S., you will be given a opportunity to take the UHV Accuplacer Test in lieu of the national exam scores and will be placed in remedial courses according to the grades received in Accuplacer test. For students already with SAT scores the national exam results will be waived due to COVID-19

Higher Education Credentials (College/University) - Outside the U.S.

UHV is not able to evaluate international higher education level coursework or credential in-house. In order for us to transfer credit to UHV and/or verify your Bachelor or Master degree from a international institution, student must submit transcripts to a National Association for Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) member. Of these members, we strongly suggest evaluation agencies such as ECE, IACE, and WES, and we do not recommend FACS, GCE (this is a good organization, but evaluation takes more time to receive to the institution as they do not have an electronic method to send transcripts to institutions), SpanTran, or AES. SpanTran is not able to verify credentials from certain countries, which we require, and AES requires that students ship their original and only diploma, which we do not recommend. Student should begin the credential evaluation process in a timely manner, as it may take 3-6 weeks for the evaluation to be completed and sent to UHV. All evaluations should be Course by Course Analysis. When the evaluation is completed, please request for the evaluation agency to send an official evaluation to the International Programs electronically to International Programs does not require mail in transcripts.

The evaluation process cost starts at $170, although the cost varies by NACES member. You are responsible to pay the fees and complete the evaluation process. All evaluation reports and transcripts MUST be sent directly to the International Programs Office or via email

COVID-19 Temporary Procedure:
If a student is not able to complete the course-by-course evaluation by a NACES institution mentioned above student can follow the following.

  • Submit clear and legible transcripts and English translated clearly legible transcripts to along with your UHV ID. This is in-lieu of the NACES institute course-by-course evaluation. However student must submit the official NACES institute course-by-course evaluation within 60-days of course enrollment at UHV.
    • If a student is seeking F-1 visa to enter the U.S., or planning on change of status to F-1 visa then the student must show proof of application to the NACES institution with pending course-by-course appliication. If the student is granted admissions with pending course-by-course evaluation student must submit official course-by-course evaluation to the International Programs within 90-days of arrival and/or course enrollment at UHV.

Higher Education Credentials (College/University/ English Program) - Completed in the U.S.

If you are a student completing or completed degree and/or course work at an institution in the U.S., we require official transcripts directly sent to Temporary admissions and Degree mapping will be completed with an unofficial transcript. However student must submit official transcript(s) from U.S. institution prior to course enrollment.

Pending Graduation or Pending Course Completion

  • Institutions outside of the U.S.

    If you are a student whose final transcript is pending, please submit your most-recent transcripts along with a letter from your high school/secondary school confirming that you are expected to graduate to UHV International Programs at The letter should include the expected graduation date. If student completed the degree/ university/college level courses at an institution outside of the U.S., student must submit an updated official course-by-course evaluation from the NACES institution mentioned above. Student must submit a final official course-by-course evaluation within 60-days of arrival to the U.S. and/or enrollment of courses at UHV. Students who are able to provide official transcripts upon arrival to the U.S. and/or course enrollment at UHV student must present UHV with the official copy of the final transcript. Failing to submit proof of graduation upon arrival (or a date discussed with the International Programs Office) will result in the cancellation of your admissions and termination of your immigration record.

  • Institutions in the U.S.

    Student must submit an official transcript with pending courses to Once the courses are completed student must submit another official transcript with graduation confirmation or semester completion.

For Temporary Non-Immigrant F-1/J-1 Visa Holders

Once you enroll and begin classes at UHV, UHV will waive up to $170 from your first semester's tuition to help defray the cost of the evaluation if conducted at our request. Evaluations completed prior to your UHV application are not eligible for this waiver. Please note that you will need to enroll and attend the first semester for this scholarship to be applied. Applicants who choose not to enroll at UHV do not receive a waiver or any further compensation.

If you have a prior evaluation with another evaluation agency, you may request the evaluation agency to send the official evaluation with verification and supporting credentials/education documents for our International Programs Office to review and verify if it meets our admissions requirements. We reserve the right to not agree with evaluation agency recommendations if they do not meet our admission standards. Check with your evaluation agency to see if they are able to provide an official evaluation electronically to for faster application review.