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Online Only Majors

At UHV we offer programs completely online for students who are not able to attend face-to-face programs. Whether you live in India or Australia or China or California and want to complete a program at UHV without having to leave home. Take classes in the comfort of your home and your family. You will be able to graduate from an accredited world class program at University of Houston-Victoria (UHV).

Benefits of completing a program fully online:

Lower Costs

Completing an online program can reduce your cost by 50% compared to the traditional method of face-to-face programs. Since you learn online and from the comfort of your own home, you won't need to buy school supplies, pay for room and board or worry about things such as meal plans. Most materials are also available for download, saving money on expensive texts and workbooks. Students will be responsible to pay only for the tuition and fees. If students plan to attend graduation, UHV will issue the student an invitation letter confirming graduation. This letter is necessary to receive your U.S. visa. Attend graduation and have pictures taken with the UHV faculty and president. International students residing out of the U.S. (including Canada and Mexico) will receive a $3000 automatic scholarship towards their semester bill every year. The scholarship is renewable –conditions may apply. Please connect with an International Student Advisor at for more details of your scholarship. 

Less Pressure

Taking a class online means that you can read and learn the material and do the work on your own time. Online courses provide deadlines for assignments, so with proper time management and organization skills, you don't need to worry about how well or efficiently other students are doing in their work.

Flexibility and Comfort

You can complete online classes regardless of external conditions, personal commitments or those unexpected life incidents. Hop online at any time and check out what assignment is due next or what chapters you need to read. With the flexibility of online classes, you can prioritize your time and work on your own pace. Online programs don’t require a dress code, you can wear your favorite lounge wear while having a great time with family. You will never have to miss a family gathering, important family events, Diwali or Lunar new year.

Skill Development

Not only can online courses increase your knowledge in a particular subject area, but they can teach lessons invaluable to other areas of your life. Online classes leave you on your own, without a physical classroom to attend and a teacher  prodding you to get your work done and keep your grades up. Self-discipline and commitment skills go a long way in successfully completing online classes.

Networking Opportunities

Individual instruction does not mean that you will be completely isolated from the students also enrolled in your online class. These courses generally include message boards, which give you the opportunity to discuss your work and make connections with other students -- no matter where they are located. This can prove invaluable as it provides insight and different perspectives on the same assignment. Most importantly, you have full control over the amount of exposure you have to the other students.

Online Only Programs at UHV

School of Arts and Sciences

Applied Arts and Sciences - Communication (B.A.A.S.)
Applied Arts and Sciences - General Business (B.A.A.S.)
Applied Arts and Sciences - Leadership and Enterprise Studies (B.A.A.S.)
Applied Arts and Sciences - Legal Assistance and Administration (B.A.A.S.)
Applied Arts and Sciences - Marketing (B.A.A.S.)
Applied Arts and Sciences - Psychology (B.A.A.S.)

Communication (B.A.)
Communication (B.S.)

Humanities - Creative Writing (B.A.)
Humanities - English (B.A.)
Humanities - History (B.A.)
Psychology (B.A.)
Psychology (B.S.)

Graduate Programs

Computer Information Systems (M.S.)
Interdisciplinary Studies (M.A.I.S.)
Publishing (M.S.)

School of Business Administration

Business Administration - Healthcare Administration (B.B.A.)
Business Administration - Management (B.B.A.)
Business Administration - Supply Chain Management (B.B.A.)
General Business (B.B.A.)
Finance (B.B.A.)
Marketing (B.B.A.)

Graduate Programs

Bridge Global (M.B.A.)
Bridge Strategic (M.B.A.)

School of Education, Health Professions, & Human Development

Graduate Programs

Adult and Higher Education (M.Ed.)
Curriculum and Instruction - Educational Technology (M.Ed.)
Curriculum and Instruction - Elementary Education (M.Ed.)
Special Education (M.Ed.)
Special Education - Applied Behavioral Analysis (M.Ed.)
Special Education - Autism Spectrum Disorders (M.Ed.)

Certificate Programs

Educational Leadership - Administration and Supervision (Superintendent Certification)
Master Reading Teacher Certification
Professional Coaching (Graduate certificate)
Reading Specialist Certification


International students residing outside of the U.S. will receive a $3000 renewable scholarship towards their annual expenses. Students are responsible to maintain 2.5 GPA for undergraduate students and 3.0 for graduate students. International students residing out of the U.S. must register for a minimum of 12 credits (Undergraduate) or 9 credits (Graduate) in order to receive the $3000 renewable scholarship. 


UHV will issue an invitation letter upon graduation for you to obtain the necessary U.S. visa to travel to the U.S. for your graduation. You and your family are invited for a graduation reception upon arrival to the U.S.

Application Process

International students residing outside of the U.S. planning to enroll for a fully online program, must complete the same admissions process as a traditional international student. Please visit our International Student Admissions page for additional information.