University of Houston-Victoria

International Programs


The International Programs Office (IPO) serves as the hub for Internationalization and all aspects on Global Engagement. IPO is committed in providing services and programs that support the growth, development, success, and retention of domestc students, international students and scholars in all aspects of their life in the United States and the world. IPO strives to serve the people of Texas and the world through preeminence in creating, communicating, preserving, and applying knowledge, art, and academic values. IPO strive to develop global leaders and global citizens who will challenge the present and enrich the future. IPO advances and facilitates international engagement at UHV in order to enhance the academic and personal experience of all students. IPO acts as the center for cross-cultural understanding by promoting cultural competence and global awareness. IPO actively works to collaborate with departments, faculty, and staff in a manner that strengthens and broadens Global Awareness of all students at University of Houston-Victoria.

  • Global Learning
    • Provide transformative academic experiences to transform students to globally engaged global citizen 
    • Advises students on global opportunities such as Study Abroad, Internships Abroad and Work Opportunities Abroad. 
    • Collaborates with faculty and staff in Internationalizing the curriculum 
    • Develop cultural awareness by developing cultural programs and activities across campus. 
      • International Education Week, International Cafe series, International Festival 
  • Global Services 
    • Recruits students and scholars from all over the world to UHV 
    • Provide students with cross-cultural understanding and awareness by hosting sessions throughout the academic year. 
    • Provide international students, scholars and international faculty with immigration related advise 
    • Ensures compliance with federal and Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) with reporting requirements. 
    • Assist international students, scholars, international faculty and study abroad students with acclimation to the new environment 
  • Global Research and Development 
    • Build strategic partnerships with institutions and government organizations across the world for multiple academic desciplines. 
    • Faculty and staff exchanges across institutions across the world 
    • Assist faculty and staff with sponsored programs such as Fulbright Program. 
  • Global Awareness and Global Engagement 
    • Campus wide training for students, faculty and staff in global awareness 
    • Cultural Competency Training (free) workshop(s) and certification for students, faculty and staff.