University of Houston-Victoria

Information Technology

Student Accounts

  • Student accounts provide access to various campus resources such as student email, myUHV, Blackboard online courses, on-site access to the computer labs, and off-site access to the UHV/VC library databases.
  • Student accounts are automatically created when students apply for admission.
  • Student accounts stay active while the student is enrolled. If the student does not re-enroll, the account stays active for 13 months after the last semester attended.

Username/User ID

The Student Account uses the student's seven-digit UHV ID as the username or User ID. The UHV ID is assigned by the Admissions Office and is found on the student's admission letter. Students can also determine their UHV ID by clicking on the “Find My User ID” link, and entering the information necessary to verify their identity.


New student accounts are created with pre-expired passwords meaning the student must change the default password to a new password before the account can be used.

The default password is in the format of mmddyyx! where:

  • mm is the two-digit birth month
  • dd is the two-digit birth day
  • yy is the two-digit birth year
  • x is the first character of the last name in lowercase
  • ! (exclamation point - Shift + 1 on the keyboard)
  • For example, if Jane Smith’s date of birth is January 15, 1980, then her initial password is 011580s!

Leading zeros are required for those months or days that are single digit.

Passwords must be at least eight characters long. Please see the Password Guidelines and Changing Your Password documentation.

A password lifetime is 180 days. That means that students are required to change their passwords every 180 days from the date of their last password change.

Note: The system keeps a password history file. Students cannot re-use their previous 24 passwords.