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Human Resources

TRAM Terminology & FAQs

TRAM Role Definitions

Payroll Approver (PA):

The Payroll Approver’s (PA) primary duty is to approve Payable Time. They are also responsible for reviewing the timesheet before the final payroll runs. They make sure that Time Reporters are in the system under the correct Workgroups. They make sure that all Time Approvers have:

  • Reviewed and approved absence requests for all monthly employees each monthly pay period
  • Reviewed and approved absence requests for all biweekly employees weekly
  • Reviewed, adjusted, and approved reported time and leave on the timesheets for all biweekly employees each pay period

The PA has access to approve Reported Time and review/edit timesheets on behalf of the Time Approver.

Time Approver (TA):

A Time Approver (TA) approves Absence Management Requests. They also approve Reported Time for a biweekly Time Reporter or group of Time Reporters. They are responsible for reviewing and editing the biweekly timesheets and cleaning up Exceptions, as well as adding Time Reporters to their hierarchy and maintaining their schedules. Time Approvers review, correct, and approve Reported Time for biweekly employees on a weekly basis and approve/deny Absence Management Requests for biweekly and monthly employees as they are submitted.

Time Reporter (TR):

Time Reporter (TR) – term used for all UHCL employees whether biweekly or monthly (although monthly non-benefits eligible employees do not have to do anything in the system). Monthly Time Reporters request leave through the Absence Management System which, when approved by the TA, loads onto a timesheet. Biweekly Time Reporters load regular hours onto their timesheets by clocking in and out each workday by either webclock (PASS) or TCD (Time Collection Device). Biweekly Time Reporters load leave onto their timesheets through the Absence Management system.

TRAM Vocabulary

Payable Time – the term used to describe the regular hours and leave on a timesheet once the Time Administration Process has been run. This process is run on a schedule and turns Reported Time into Payable Time. The Payable Time must be approved by the Payroll Approver (PA).

Reported Time – the term used to describe the regular hours and leave on a timesheet. No rules have been applied and no processing done on this data.

Time Administration Process – process that turns Reported Time into Payable Time. The process also calculates rules for biweekly Time Reporters such as overtime/comp earned and shift differential, and generates exceptions if errors are found.

Exceptions – items that fall outside the rules that are set up, such as clocking in late or forgetting to clock out.

Absence Management Request – replaces the paper Leave Request in our current system for both biweekly and monthly Time Reporters. In the AM (Absence Management) system, Time Reporters request leave and Time Approvers approve leave. The approved leave is automatically loaded onto the Time Reporter’s timesheet.

Workgroup – a group of Time Reporters who share compensation requirements such as pay frequency and work location. When an employee receives a promotion, demotion, or transfer, they may need to be switched to a different workgroup in Time and Labor.

TCD (Time Collection Device) – one method of clocking in and out for biweekly employees that uses fingerprint recognition to record regular hours worked. The TCD is located in designated areas where the employee is responsible for clocking in by scanning their thumb. Data from the TCD is collected and sent over to payroll to be processed for paychecks.

Web Clock – is the time collection for hourly employees located in P.A.S.S. Hourly employees assigned to the web clock time collecting process are responsible for clocking in and out via the web clock in order to track their hours. Time is transmitted from the web clock punches to payroll to be processed for the paychecks.