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Notice about Insurance - Health and other insurance benefits for employees and retirees are subject to change based on available State funding. The Texas Legislature determines the level of funding for such benefits and has no continuing obligation to provide those benefits beyond each fiscal year. The current outlook for the Group Benefits Program is available in the:

ERS Annual Enrollment: July 9 - July 21, 2018

The Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) has designated the Annual Enrollment period.  The summer enrollment 2-week phase for UHV will begin July 9 and end on July 21, 2018. Each employee enrolled in the ERS group benefit plan will receive a packet some time before July 9 that outlines the benefit plan(s) the employee (and dependents if applicable) are enrolled in, and will also include information regarding any changes and new information that will take place come September 2018.  If you would like to keep the same coverage, do nothing and your coverage will remain the same. If you would like to make changes to your coverage, please login to your ERS account anytime between July 9 - July 21, 2018 to make the changes.  Please contact ERS or the Benefits/HRMS Manager for questions.  Please watch your email for updates about Summer Enrollment.

ERS Dependent Audit

If you're a new employee and are adding dependents, you must complete the dependent eligibility verification. If you add a dependent to health coverage during Summer or Annual Enrollment, or due to a qualifying life event (QLE), you must provide proof to Aon Hewitt, the independent third-party company conducting the dependent verification audit for ERS, that the dependent(s) you are adding is/are eligible for coverage. After adding a dependent(s) to health coverage, Aon Hewitt will notify you by mail and/or email outlining the verification process, and will include the types of documents that will be accepted as proof of eligibility, and due dates to submit the documents. It is a possibility that Aon Hewitt will notify you by email in regards to the dependent audit, so do not ignore any email notices from "Dependent Verification Center". For more information regarding the dependent eligibility process, see the dependent eligibility FAQs.

Changing Your Beneficiaries

You may request to change your life insurance beneficiaries at any time in ERS OnLine. If you do not have Internet access, you can call ERS to request this change. Whenever you request a beneficiary change, ERS will send you a confirmation notice verifying the change. You must sign and return the form to ERS. For your protection, the beneficiary change will not be valid until this form is signed by you, witnessed, and returned to ERS. If you do not change a beneficiary, but add a Social Security number, ERS will send you a confirmation letter, but the confirmation letter will not require a signature or return to ERS.

To change your TRS (Teachers Retirement System) beneficiary, complete the TRS 15 form (Designation of Beneficiary) that can be found on the TRS website, and mail to TRS. You will receive notification in the mail from TRS once your beneficiary information has been updated.

For ORP participants, contact your financial investment company directly to make any changes to your beneficiary information.

Texa$aver (TexaSaver) participants should update beneficiaries by completing the Beneficiary Form found on the Texa$aver website under 457 Forms.

Tex Flex Card Status and submitting receipts

TexFlex members can check the status of their TexFlex card, upload TexFlex receipts, and file a reimbursement claim at any time. Access the TexFlex ADP website to either register or login. Visit the FAQ page to find out the answers to common questions.

You will be notified by email if/when you need to validate any TexFlex card transaction. Email language will look similar to this:

"ADP was unable to automatically validate one or more of your recent TexFlex debit card transactions. The IRS requires ADP to verify that all purchases are eligible. You must submit an itemized receipt or explanation of benefits (EOB) by the date listed on your TexFlex Card Swipe Validation Request Form, to verify your expenses are eligible......."


People Advantage Self Service (P.A.S.S.) is available to all UHV employees, and available up to 3 years after termination date for former employees. Access PASS through the "My UHV Online Services" link found on the UHV Home Page. All employees must be able to access PASS for time and leave reporting purposes, and are encouraged to view their paychecks on a regular basis, and review pay history, sick and vacation accruals. PASS can also be used make updates to personal information such as a change in address, telephone information, direct deposit, emergency contact information, marital status and name if applicable. Employees also have the capability to request a reprint of their W2 for past years up to 2001.

Optional Benefit – AFLAC

The University of Houston System is partnering with Aflac to sponsor several optional benefits plans for System benefits-eligible employees through payroll deduction. These supplemental benefits are in addition to the benefits currently offered by the Employees Retirement System of Texas; however, the cost of each product will be the employee's sole responsibility and will not be supplemented in any way by the university or System. In addition, these supplemental benefits will be available for coverage of domestic partners. The products being offered by Aflac are Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness and Hospital Protection plans. For more details regarding the Aflac products, contact the Benefits/HRMS Manager located in the Human Resources Department

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