University of Houston-Victoria

Human Resources



Alternative Work Request
Used by employees to request work "flex hours" instead of normal work hours.

Application for Family and Medical Leave or Parental Leave
Used for employees to request family, medical or parental leave.

Authorization for Overtime (Non-Exempt Staff) 
Used by non-exempt to request overtime and is attached to the timesheet.

Authorization to Conduct a Criminal History Record Investigation
Completed to request a Criminal History Records Investigation

College Release Program
Used by employees to request release time to attend college courses.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Employee's Self Appraisal Form (Form A)

Exit Clearance Sheet

(FMLA) FML Authorization To Release Information

FML - Employee's Certification of Health Care Provider - WH-380-E
(Employee’s Serious Health Condition)

FML - Family Member's Certification of Health Care Provider - WH-380-F
(Family Member’s Serious Health Condition)

(FMLA) Family, Medical, Parental Leave Request Form
Used to Request Family and Medical Leave/Parental Leave

Feedback and Solutions Box
Intended to provide employees an opportunity to offer feedback and solutions

Identification Badge Request Form
Used to request a new or a replacement ID Badget/Proximity Card.

Job Performance Appraisal Form (Form B)

JAQ Form

JAQ Action Verbs

Job Reclassification Transmittal Form

Leave Request
Used by exempt and non-exempt employees to request leave and is attached to timesheets.

New Employee Checklist

New Employee Reference List

Notice To Employee of Suspension W/O Pay (Example) (html)

PeopleSoft Security Form

Selection Analysis Form
For HR Employees only.

Staff Fitness Release Time Application
Used to apply for the UHV Fitness Release Program

Health Risk Assessment and Physician's Certification
Used to qualify for the UHV eight-hour wellness leave

Written Reprimand (Example) (html)

Formal Complaint Questionnaire (pdf)