University of Houston-Victoria

Human Resources


Employee of the Month 2017

January February March
 ‌‌No Employee Photo Available  Darren Keesee  Donna Lutz
Ramona King Darren Keesee Donna Lutz
April May June
 Mary Field Linda Bagwell ‌  ‌Kathy Walton
Mary Field Linda Bagwell Kathy Walton
July August September
 Ida Jimenez  Denise Prescott Amanda Simper 
Ida Jimenez Denise Prescott Mandy Simper
October November December
Rhiannon Smith ‌ Rigby Adrian ‌  Eliza Fortner
Rhiannon Smith  Adrian Rigby Eliza Fortner

Employee of the Year 2017

Denise Prescott

Denise Prescott