University of Houston-Victoria

Human Resources

Affirmative Action Program

10. Responsibility for Implementation {41 C.F.R. 60-2.17 (a)}

As part of its efforts to ensure equal employment opportunity to all individuals, UHV has designated specific responsibilities to various staff to ensure the AAP focuses on all components of the employment system. To that end, the following have undertaken the responsibilities described below.

Board of Regents

As the System’s governing body, the Board of Regents of the UHS have been charged by the Texas Legislature with a wide range of policy and decision-making authority to carry out the programs and missions of the system. The Board of Regents has ten member including one student trustee. The current Regents of UHS are:

Jarvis Hollingsworth (Chair)             term expires August 2015                   

Tilman J. Fertitta (Vice Chair)          term expires August 2015

Beth Madison                                    term expires August 2015

Spencer D. Armour III                      term expires August 2017

Roger F. Welder                                term expires August 2017

Welcome W. Wilson  (Secretary)       term expires August 2017

Durga D. Agrawal                             term expires August 2019

Paula Mendoza                                 term expires August 2019

Peter K. Taaffe                                  term expires August 2019

Benjamin P. Wells (student)              term expires May 2014

Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Equal Opportunity Services

While the Chancellor of the University of Houston System, Dr. Renu Khator, is ultimately responsible for the success of the equal employment opportunity and affirmative action program for the whole of UHS, the specific person charged with and accountable for UHS’ equal employment opportunity and affirmative action programming is its Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Equal Opportunity Services, Dr. Richard Anthony Baker.  Dr. Baker reports to the Chancellor through the Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs and General Counsel, Dona Hamilton Cornell. The minimal responsibilities of the Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Equal Opportunity Services include the following:

  1. Updating, annually, the UHV Affirmative Action Program.
  2. Performing analysis of the workforce by organizational unit and job group to determine whether or not there are problems with minority and/or female utilization.
  3. Performing analysis of applicant flow, hires, terminations, promotions and other personnel activities to determine whether there are selection disparities.
  4. Performing an analysis of the UHS compensation system to determine whether there are no disparities based on sex or race.
  5. Performing analysis of UHS selection, recruitment, referral and other personnel procedures to determine whether they result in disparities in the employment or advancement of minorities or women.
  6. Developing and implementing monitoring and reporting system with all levels of management and advising top management of program effectiveness.
  7. Submitting recommendations to improve unsatisfactory performance, if it occurs.

Executive Director for Human Resources

As the Director for Human Resources, Laura Smith’s duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. On the nonacademic side, line responsibility for activities affecting equal employment opportunity lies with the Director.  This office is charged with the systems of records and classification (managing PeopleSoft), which is important for the monitoring and evaluation of affirmative action.
  2. Review the qualifications of all employees to ensure equitable opportunity, based on job related employment practices, is given to all for transfers and promotions.
  3. Assist in review and revision of all policies, procedures, and rules to ensure they are not in violation of federal or state laws and regulations.


Implementation of the affirmative action program is the direct responsibility of supervisors at all levels of UHV.  Responsibilities of the supervisors include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Assist in the identification of problem areas and in the establishment of goals and objectives;
  2. Insure that the policies and procedures of UHV’s affirmative action program with respect to hiring, promotion, salary, benefits, training and other conditions of employment are considered and followed with respect to each employee and each applicant for employment under their cognizance;
  3. Prepare and retain the necessary records of all personnel actions, deliberations and judgments in order to document the good-faith efforts of the UHV’s AAP;
  4. Promote active involvement, correspondence or conversation with all appropriate groups to optimize recruiting, hiring, promotion, training and education practices in support of the affirmative action program.
  5. Hold discussions with their respective employees to insure that the affirmative action programs are known and understood; and
  6. Evaluate their respective departments to insure that employees are knowledgeable of the System’s equal employment opportunity policy.