University of Houston-Victoria

Human Resources

Affirmative Action Program

7. Data Sources

EOS in conjunction with UHV will obtain, compile, review, validate and arrange data obtained from internal and external sources for affirmative action analysis, reports and monitoring. EOS will use PeopleSoft, or UHS’ Human Resources Information System database, to obtain employee personnel data for the workforce analysis. This database provides the following data related to affirmative action program analysis: employee name, title, department, race, sex, EEO category, salary, hire date, and employment actions and dates.

All workforce data in this AAP is compiled and analyzed by EOS from the PeopleSoft database. Since that database is an ever changing record, a “snapshot” or frozen file of the analytical data used for the purpose of evaluating the AAP was created on February 4, 2014.  While the snapshot shows a picture of the System’s workforce on that date, the date was chosen because it is the best time period that permits the AAP to be published in a timely manner so that managers are provided with the most current data available to make employment decisions which are mostly done in the fall.