University of Houston-Victoria

Human Resources

Affirmative Action Program

Comparing Incumbency to Availability {41 C.F.R. 60-2.15}

General Description

Pursuant to 41 C.F.R. § 60-2.15, UHV has compared the percentage of minorities and women in each job group with the availability estimates for those job groups. Pursuant to OFCCP Supplementary Information, Section-by-Section Analysis of Comments and Revision § 60-2.15, 165 Fed. Reg. 68021, 68033-68034, UHV has used a two standard deviation test of statistical significance to determine whether the percentage of women or minorities in a job group was less than would be reasonably expected given their availability percentage for that particular job group.


The faculty analysis covers tenure, tenure-track, non-tenure track, including adjunct, visiting faculty.

Figures for women and minorities are reviewed separately and are compared with the appropriate sources. All minority groups have been combined into a single figure.


The staff analysis is calculated by job groups. Each job group consists of job titles that are functionally related and that, when aggregated, are numerous enough to support a comparison with the external labor force figures. For staff positions ranging upward from blue collar through mid-level administrative, technical, and professional positions, the recruitment area is local, that is, Victoria Texas Metro Area. Recruitment for top-level administrative positions is a mix of internal and national.

The detailed analysis (Appendix F) displays the various job groups. The incumbencies of the staff job groups were compared with the availability of their respective U. S. Census Codes and feeder job groups to create a utilization analysis.