University of Houston-Victoria

Human Resources

Affirmative Action Program

Action Oriented Programs

The University of Houston-Victoria tailors its action-oriented programs each year to ensure they are specific to the problems identified.


  1. UHV will continue to place advertisements on job opportunities through local job service offices. The local job service office will be notified concurrent with the placement of a newspaper ad.
  2. Due to the extensive technical education and experience required for some positions, UHV will also continue to place job opportunity announcements in the University’s website and in national newspapers, trade publications, and national association communications when appropriate.
  3. Advertisements and newsletters will always carry the Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action clause.
  4. Minority and female applicants will be considered for all positions for which they are qualified.
  5. Utilization reports are completed by Human Resources. These reports are monitored and notification is issued to the appropriate departments. This process assists in the reduction of underutilization by keeping all campus offices informed, which provides them with current information to promote affirmative action hiring practices. Special attention will be afforded during the plan year to those areas in which underutilization increased.
  6. UHV will continue to encourage all employees to participate in all training, educational, professional development, and mentoring programming available to them and to suggest others that will provide meaningful experiences.
  7. UHV will continue to encourage all employees to participate with and become involved on various councils, boards, seminars, workshops, and other groups designed to bring about equal employment opportunities.
  8. UHV will continue to cooperate with educational institutions in programs designed to assist minority and female graduates to compete in the employment market on a more equitable basis.
  9. UHV will continue to publicize achievements of minority and women employees in local media to encourage the active recruitment of others to its workforce.
  10. UHV will continue to work with all organizations concerned with equal employment opportunity for minorities and women. Presently implemented are the following employee programs:
    1. Free Course Offering for all employees of the UHS. Course offerings, some for college credit, are made available to all individuals as an opportunity to improve their skills and education.
    2. Staff Outreach: Human Resources staff make themselves available to university departments and employees as resources.
    3. Extensive Training Offerings: The Office of Training and Department frequently hosts training workshops for all employees. These workshops cover a wide variety of human resource, information technology, and equal employment issues.
    4. Search Committee Orientation Sessions are provided to inform committee members of System policies and procedures and EEO/AA regulations as positions are being filled. Guidance on the development of the position criteria, recruitment efforts, screening of applications, interview techniques and selection procedures is provided.
    5. Internet: Human Resources has implemented the on-line Internet postings of all available Non-Exempt, Faculty and Exempt job announcements. The on-line Internet postings assist with expanding recruitment efforts by advertising UHV positions worldwide, as well as providing general information regarding employment at the System.
  11. UHV will continue to recruit at several colleges and universities, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic Serving Institutions.
  12. UHV will continue to publish recruiting brochures where minority, female, and disabled members of the workforce are included, as well as in other System literature.
  13. All of the UHS investigators at the EOS possesses law degrees with their background and area of expertise being in equal employment law.
  14. The Office of Equal Opportunity Services (UHS) staff keeps abreast of new regulations through participation the membership with national associations..

Job Specifications/Selection Process

  1. Develop position descriptions that accurately reflect position functions, and are consistent for the same position from one location to another.
  2. Develop job or worker specifications that contain academic, experience, and skill requirements that do not constitute inadvertent discrimination. Develop specifications that are free from bias with regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, disability or veteran status.
  3. Approved position specifications and worker specifications will be made available to all members of management involved in the recruiting, screening, selection, and promotion process. Copies may also be made available to recruiting sources.
  4. UHV will continue to use only worker specifications that include job-related criteria.
  5. UHV will continue to carefully select and counsel all personnel involved in the recruiting, screening, selection, promotion, disciplinary, and related processes to eliminate bias in all personnel actions.
  6. All hires will be reviewed by Human Resources staff to ensure position qualifications are met according to advertised criteria based on approved position specifications.
  7. Salary offers will be reviewed by Human Resources staff to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all employees. Justification will be required when salary offers create inequities.

Job Advancement

  1. UHV will continue to post or announce job opportunities.
  2. UHV will continue to make use of the inventory of our current employee skills, when completed, to determine academic, skill, and experience level of individual employees.
  3. Establish, whenever feasible, formal career counseling programs to include apprenticeships, mentorship, education, aid, job rotation, and similar programs.
  4. Require supervisory personnel to submit justification when apparently qualified minority or female employees are not selected for promotion.
  5. Review seniority practices to ensure such practices are non-discriminatory and do not have discriminatory effect.
  6. UHV will continue to use our formal employee evaluation program. The Performance Evaluation Form is recommended for annual reviews for all employees.
  7. Encourage employees to continue with training and development courses and include them in their career development plan.