University of Houston-Victoria


Room Transfer Procedure

Room transfers are offered to facilitate the development of mutual friendships, similar academic interests, relocation to a more desired area, and to mediate roommate conflicts. Room changes are not to be used as an escape from deal­ing positively with conflict or unreasonable behavior.

All room transfers must be approved by the Director in advance of the move. 

Step by Step Room Transfer Process:

  1. Students wishing to transfer rooms should submit a Transfer Request Form located in the Housing portal.
  2. The DRL Professional staff will then work together to approve or deny transfer requests.
  3. If transfer is denied, the student will be informed by email.
  4. If transfer is approved, the student will be informed by email and must complete their move within 72 hours.
    1. The student will have a check-in packet at the desk of their new assignment and will check into their new space.
    2. The student will move from their old space to their new space within 72 hours.
    3. As soon as they have completed their move, they will contact their old RA who will check them out of their old space by completing a room condition form and collecting the room and mailbox key(s).